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  • Thinking about how you can resist the amazing stay in the UAE? you could've stayed there and cleared off your plans from the long list you've been waiting to explore, but couldn't visit due to time constraints! 
  • You start thinking about how the time passed so quickly and you didn't get enough time to spend in the UAE. Don’t worry, every traveler coming to UAE feels the same. 
  • So, let's discuss the major policy by the UAE Government for the same and then move further. 

Planning to Visit a Foreign Country? Here's How to Apply for a Visa


Airport to Airport Visa Change 

  • So, for removing the issues for the same, UAE Government has implemented this new service according to which the traveler is prevented from leaving UAE and then flying back to his own country and then applying for the new visa.
  • With this Airport to Airport Visa change, you can extend the UAE Visa easily by just leaving to the bordering country for a few hours and then again flying back to UAE. 
  • This will truly help save your time, money, and efforts of course, as you aren't leaving UAE and then flying back to your country and then again coming to UAE after the confirmation of the extension of the UAE Visa. 
  • This process is super easy and hustles free, which will suit you on your trip.
  • You can easily choose your extension for the 30 days or 90 days according to the conditions and needs of your stay in the UAE.

Why Airport to Airport Visa change is implemented?

  • The UAE Government understands this issue that you may be needing the visa extension and you forgot to apply beforehand or any unfortunate situation can occur. 
  • Most of the long term and the short-term visit visas have the requirements for the holders to leave UAE, fly back to their country, and then apply again for the visa extension and then come back to UAE after that. 
  • This complete process was way more expensive and time-consuming which was not good.
  • Due to this A to A visa was implemented by the UAE Government. The procedure of the visa usually takes a day or so and it is a huge time saver and budget-friendly, most beneficial to those travelers who are coming for the business purpose. 

Where does the Exit of Airport to Airport take place?

It most commonly takes place at the Dubai International Airport.

Which visas are renewed under the Airport to Airport Visa Change?

30 Days Tourist Visa or 90 Days long term visas can be renewed. You can either apply for a visa change to Oman or any of the Middle Eastern country which is nearest to the airport by Gulf Air or our agency like UAE Visa Online.

For the visa change on the same day, is there any express service?

  • It is already under the category of express service. The A to A airport exchange Dubai is that express procedure. 
  • It is the one-day service, after the extension payment accordingly.

Can I complete my procedure of Visa Change to Oman by road other than flying somewhere?

  • Yes, you can. This procedure is possible. But it is not available for nationals of Filipino and some other nationals as well.
  • This is easily done and it is also way cheaper than moving to Dubai Airport and then making the procedure.
  • You can take a bus from UAE to Oman and then vice versa after your visa extension is processed. It might take roughly 3-5 days for the same.
  • The land borders can also pose any delay for the same. This may create some issues as well while renewing the visas.

Can I do the visa exchange without exiting the UAE?

Yes, you can easily do the same procedure in the comfort of your place and then apply for UAE visa extension from your home only. 

But it requires more budget because it is a quite expensive procedure.

Are there any eligibility criteria falling for the A to A Visa change?

Yes, the criteria are:

  • You should have a valid UAE visa.

  • You should belong to a good professional backdrop (as the lower professionals aren’t allowed to apply for the service).

What are the types of visa change processes available?

The visa change processes are available like there is the option of visa change to Oman by road which would be more suitable to the Filipino Nationals accordingly.

The nationals who are eligible for the visa-on-arrival for UAE can also apply for the vis change process by the road option.

You can travel to Oman by taking the tourist busses with your visa. 

The other option is the Airport to Airport exit to Oman or Kuwait. For this procedure, you need to fly from Dubai International Airport to Muscat International Airport or the Kuwait International Airport.

  • The UAE visa change by the road option takes 3-5 days.

  • The UAE visa change by A to A option takes 1 day and a maximum of 2 days in some cases.

What is the procedure of UAE Visa change by road?

  • You need to tourist bus from UAE to Oman.

  • After reaching the UAE Border, the UAE immigration officers will stamp the exit seal mentioned in your passport and will take the exit fee of AED 35.

  • Then you will pass through the Oman Border checkpoint where the officials will stamp the in-out seal and you need to pay AED 50 charge for the same.

  • Then you have to share the exit seal with your travel agent.

  • Then you can check in to your hotel in Oman.

  • Then you have to wait for your agent to revert you for the UAE Visa status.

  • If your visa is approved then you will be brought back to UAE border by the bus. 

  • An eye scan will also be performed on you before the officials stamp your passport again.

Which Nationalities are eligible to apply for the UAE Visa change by road?

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Hungary, New Zealand, Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Romania, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, and the USA.

These countries are eligible to apply for visa exchange through the road.

How long does it will take or my UAE visa to get approved?

It can take time from anywhere between 6 hours to 48 hours. If you send the immigration stamp before 8:00 am then there are higher chances to get your UAE Visa quickly.

Which documents do I need for the visa change?

  • A copy of your passport biodata page and the last page.

  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

  • Your passport size colored photograph with a white background.

  • It should be clear and not blurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly the flight takes off from Emirates Terminal 3 to Dubai international airport.

Yes, you can leave the airport during the transit period but it depends on what time is the second flight. If you have enough time to catch your second flight then you can leave the Dubai airport during your transit period.

There are two runways at Dubai international airport.

Yes, there are two options to take a small nap at Dubai airport. The first one is Dubai international hotel and the second one is a sleep and fly lounge to take a rest or you can also spend the entire night over there.

Right now, Sharjah international airport is not connected with Dubai via metro.

You can reach Sharjah international airport either by bus or by private taxi the distance between the two is around 40 km which will take 33 minutes to reach Sharjah international airport.

There are two airports in Dubai. The first one is Dubai international airport and the second is AI Maktoum international airport. Dubai international airport is known as (DXB) and the second airport is AI Maktoum airport which is also known as (DWC).

As per the Dubai rules and regulations holding the hands of a couple are allowed but kissing is not allowed. You can hug your loved ones at Dubai airport. Because when you hug someone, it shows that you are greeting them. But kissing comes under public offense activity.

On terminal 3 the e-gate is installed at Dubai international airport.

The installation of an e-gate at Dubai airport is for the passengers so that the processing time to enter or exit the point can be done within 12- 14 seconds. This is a biometric-based electronic gates system.

All the passengers from India or GCC countries who are traveling to Dubai in 2021 should have a negative covid-19 PCR test certificate from a recognized testing centre and the covid-19 test should not be less than 72 hours before the departure time.

Ahmed bin Saeed AL Maktoum is the owner of Dubai international airport.

From June 23, 2021, onwards Indian citizens are allowed to enter Dubai but only if the person has taken both doses of vaccine for coronavirus.

The electronics devices which have a battery of lithium metal or a lithium-ion are not allowed to keep in the checked baggage. Thus, a person carrying a laptop, cell phone, and the power bank have to keep these personal items in the carry-on bag.

Terminal 3 at Dubai airport is known as Emirate’s terminal. where every emirate flight take-off and land from Gate A, B, and C.

At Dubai international airport they have constructed the rest zone where the tired travellers can take a rest by sitting on a recliner chair and it is located at terminal 3 of the Dubai international airport.

ou can pay your overstay fine by visiting the immigration office or you can also submit the fine at any of the entry points like airport, land borders, or seaports.

Once you reach terminal 3 of Dubai international airport then you will find so many service providers who will provide a rental car service such as spider cards, luxury car rental, Sixt rent a car Dubai airport Terminal 3, etc.

There are a lot of options that you can use your layover time at Dubai international airport such as you can eat your favourite cuisine, avail the body shower and can relax in the airport lounge by using free Wi-Fi and can also start shopping as there are a lot of things that are available at duty-free cost at Dubai international airport and you can also enjoy the sightseeing, you can also avail the spa facility which includes aromatherapy, body massage and you can also hit the gym.

The distance needs to be covered from Dubai international airport to Burj Khalifa is around 10-15 km.

Yes, as per the Dubai rules you can hold hands at Dubai airport because it doesn't come under a public offense.

Yes, Dubai airport has smoking lounges in all the terminals including terminal 1 at gate number D12 then terminal 2 near the departure area, and also terminal 3 at gate number A2, A23, B7, C23, C9, and B 27.

Yes, you can avail the free Wi-Fi at Dubai airport in the network section of your mobile settings you will see the DXB free Wi-Fi or DWC Free Wi-Fi and you can easily connect your device with the Wi-Fi.

You can check-in at Dubai international airport 24 hours before flying. And the boarding gate will open 90 minutes before the flight takes off. And the boarding gate will close exactly 20 minutes before the departure of the flight.

DWC airport is 51.9 km far from Dubai.

DWC airport means Dubai AL Maktoum international airport and DXB is known as Dubai international airport and you can reach from DWC to DXB via taxi which will cost you around 150AED (40.84 USD) and the time duration will be around 53 minutes to reach the Dubai international airport.

Now the parking is not free at Dubai airport there is the various option that you can choose as per your affordability such as:

Short term parking, long term parking, parking at terminal 1, parking at terminal 2.

In short-term parking, you can leave your vehicle for less than 5 hours. And if you are planning to leave your vehicle for more than five hours then you have to opt for long-term parking and the parking at terminal 1 is the premium parking which is located at a distance of 2–3-minute walk from terminal 1. And in the same way parking at terminal 2 is also premium parking but it is located at a distance of 4–5-minute walk from terminal 2.

The Dubai international airport was established by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed AI, he was the ruler of Dubai and the airport was constructed in 1959. The airport was inaugurated in 1960 when the first flight took off from the Dubai airport.

DXB is an airport code so that we can differentiate with the other airports that are based in major cities.

To reach City from Dubai international airport you can catch a red line metro from the airport terminal 1 or 3 and then you can reach downtown Dubai.

Yes, you can carry an airgun at Dubai international airport but you can carry the airgun only in the checked-in baggage.

You can travel from Dubai international airport to Dubai spice souk by Subway, bus, taxi, town car or by foot. If you consider in terms of money then the cheapest option is to travel by bus. It will take around 42 minutes to reach the destination.

If you miss to catch a connecting flight from Dubai and your checked-in luggage has gone forward without you then in that scenario you have to call airline representative and ask them to track your bag and hold them for the period until you reach the final destination

Yes, the Dubai international airport has a facility for baggage storage and that will cost you around 40 AED (10.89 USD). And the baggage storage facility can be availed at terminal 1 and terminal 3.

 No, you cannot take crockery in the hand-carry bag but if you want to carry the crockery then you can carry them in a checked-in bag.

Yes, you can travel to Sharjah airport with a Dubai visa.

No, you can't carry cocaine to Dubai international airport. The things that come under narcotic drugs are either cocaine, heroin, hallucination pills, or poppy seeds. you cannot carry these things with you to Dubai international airport.

Yes, there are options by which you will get help with your luggage at Dubai international airport such as paid porter. The paid porter is a chargeable service in which they will charge you for helping you with the baggage service, it also includes the informative duties and guides the passenger to reach their respective help desk.

The second Option is a trolley. This is a free charge service in which you don't have to pay a single amount of money.

At Dubai Airport, there are now three passenger terminals. A single transit corridor connects Terminals 1 and 3, allowing airside passengers to travel freely between the terminals without going through immigration. Terminal 2, on the other hand, is located on the opposite side of the airport. A shuttle service runs between the terminals for transiting passengers, with a journey time of roughly 20 minutes from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, and 30 minutes from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3.

Yes, you can show an e-ticket at Dubai international airport and if you wish to get a printout of an e-ticket then there are counters at the airport from where you can get the printout of your ticket.

Yes, you can purchase duty-free alcohol at Dubai international airport and can bring it back to India i.e., at Delhi airport but the limit is two bottles not more than that.

No, you cannot carry your MacBook to Dubai international airport during check-in. Because the recalled models that have been sold between September 2015 to February 2017 are banned to carry. Emirates and fly Dubai are the latest airlines to prohibit certain MacBook Pro laptops from being carried on board.

The Dubai-based carriers, on the other hand, go even further than certain airlines, prohibiting laptops from being transported on board unless their batteries have been replaced.

You can check TVs as checked luggage. The TV must, however, be no larger than 55 inches in size. Only 32-inch televisions are allowed in some airports; please check with the airport(s) of your destination(s) for their rules and regulations.

Dubai International Airport is located in the Al Garhoud region of Dubai, 2.5 nautical miles (4.6 km; 2.9 mi) east of the city, and spans 7,200 acres (2,900 hectares) of land.

There are plenty of mobile charging stations in the entire airport so that you can charge your mobile, laptop or any other electronic devices.

Passengers who are scheduled to fly on or after June 24 should report at Dubai Terminal 1. Air India Express flights departing from Dubai will continue to operate out of Dubai's Terminal 2.

The bus ride from Airport Terminal 2, Arrival to Etisalat Metro Station 22 takes approximately 20 minutes and covers a distance of approximately 7 kilometres. The quickest bus usually takes 15 minutes. The Airport Terminal 2 Arrival to Etisalat Metro Station 22 bus service, operated by Dubai RTA Bus, departs from Airport Terminal 2 Arrival and arrives at Etisalat Metro Station 24. 238 buses run weekly, but schedules might change on weekends and holidays, so check beforehand.

There are five flight transfer counters at Terminal 1 of Dubai Airport to assist travellers in transferring to their connecting flight. The following are the desks that are clearly labelled throughout the terminal building.

  • Emirates Airline passengers should use Transfer Desks A and B at Dubai Airport.
  • Other airlines' passengers should use Transfer Desks C and D at Dubai Airport.
  • Passengers departing from Dubai Airport Terminal 2 should go to Dubai Airport Transfer Desk E, which is located on the lower floor.
  • G, H, and J are the alphabetically designated flight transfer desks within Dubai Airport's Emirates Terminal 3.

In Dubai, taxis will be required to supply child car seats. The number of child car seats that must be installed in a vehicle is not specified in the law. The RTA's decision is under the new Federal Traffic Law, which requires children under the age of four to ride in car child seats.

Yes, you can easily get a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi airport and the bus will take around 3 hours 22 minutes to reach the destination.

To save time, visas can be obtained ahead of time. And if you are planning to travel to the UAE. You are one step away from applying for a visa. You can visit our website and we will help you to get approval for your visa with a processing time of 2-3 days.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. If you obtain a visit visa to this country, you may wish to remain in the country after your visa expires. You do not need to return to your home country to obtain a tourist visa extension. You can also modify your visa to one that allows you to work. You can extend your UAE visa by flying to a neighbouring country for a few hours and then flying back to the UAE with the airport-to-airport visa change. It's a straightforward procedure that will save you time and money.

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