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Explained: UAE Airport to Airport Visa Change Process

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Are you considering how you can resist a fantastic stay in the UAE? You could've stayed there and cleared off your plans from the long list you've been waiting to explore but couldn't visit due to time constraints! You start thinking about how time passed so quickly and you didn't get enough time to spend in the UAE. Don't worry; every traveller coming to UAE feels the same. So, let's discuss the central policy of the UAE Government for the same and then move further. 

Airport to Airport Visa Change UAE

  • So, to remove the same issues, UAE Government has implemented this new service. The traveller is prevented from leaving UAE, flying back to his country, and applying for a new visa.
  • With this Airport to Airport Visa change, you can easily extend the UAE Visa by leaving for the bordering country for a few hours and then flying back to UAE again. 
  • This will truly help save your time, money, and efforts, of course, as you aren't leaving UAE and then flying back to your country and then again coming to UAE after the confirmation of the extension of the UAE Visa. 
  • This process is super easy and hustles free, which will suit you on your trip.
  • You can easily choose your extension for 30 days or 60 days according to the conditions and needs of your stay in the UAE.

Why Airport to Airport Visa change implemented?

  • The UAE Government understands that you may need a visa extension and forget to apply beforehand, or any unfortunate situation can occur. 
  • Most long-term and short-term visit visas require the holders to leave UAE, fly back to their country, apply for a visa extension, and then return to UAE afterwards. 
  • This complete process was way more expensive and time-consuming, which was not good.
  • Due to this, an A to A visa was implemented by the UAE Government. The procedure for the visa usually takes a day or so, and it is a huge time saver and budget-friendly, most beneficial to travellers coming for business purposes. 

Where does the Exit from the Airport to the Airport take place?

It most commonly takes place at the Dubai International Airport.

Which visas are renewed under the Airport to Airport Visa Change?

30 Days Tourist Visas or 60 Days long-term visas can be renewed. You can apply for a visa change to Oman or any Middle Eastern country nearest to the Airport by Gulf Air or our agency, like UAE Visa Online.

Is there any express service for the visa change on the same day?

  • It is already under the category of express service. The A to A airport exchange in Dubai is an express procedure. 
  • It is a one-day service after the extension payment accordingly.

Can I complete my procedure for Visa Change to Oman by road other than flying somewhere?

  • Yes, you can. This procedure is possible. But it is not available for nationals of Filipino and some other residents.
  • This is quickly done and way cheaper than moving to Dubai Airport and making the procedure.
  • You can take a bus from UAE to Oman and vice versa after processing your visa extension. It might take roughly 3-5 days for the same.
  • The land borders can also pose any delay for the same. This may create some issues as well while renewing the visas.

Can I do the visa exchange without exiting the UAE?

Yes, you can easily do the same procedure in the comfort of your place and then apply for a UAE visa extension from your home only. 

But it requires more budget because it is quite an expensive procedure.

Are there any eligibility criteria falling for the A to A Visa change?

Yes, the criteria are:

  • You should have a valid UAE visa.

  • It would be best if you belonged to an excellent professional backdrop (as the lower professionals aren't allowed to apply for the service).

What are the types of visa change processes available?

The visa change processes are available. There is the option of a visa change to Oman by road, which would be more suitable for Filipino nationals.

The nationals eligible for the visa-on-arrival for UAE can also apply for the vis change process by the road option.

You can travel to Oman by taking tourist buses with your visa. 

The other option is the Airport to Airport exit to Oman or Kuwait. For this procedure, you must fly from Dubai International Airport to Muscat International Airport or the Kuwait International Airport.

  • The UAE visa change by the road option takes 3-5 days.

  • The UAE visa change by A to A option takes one day and a maximum of 2 days in some cases.

What is the procedure for a UAE Visa change by road?

  • It would be best to take a tourist bus from UAE to Oman.

  • After reaching the UAE Border, the UAE immigration officers will stamp the exit seal mentioned in your passport and take the exit fee of AED 35.

  • Then you will pass through the Oman Border checkpoint, where the officials will stamp the in-out seal, and you need to pay AED 50 charge for the same.

  • Then you have to share the exit seal with your travel agent.

  • Then you can check in to your hotel in Oman.

  • Then it would be best to wait for your agent to revert you for the UAE Visa status.

  • If your visa is approved, then you will be brought back to the UAE border by bus. 

  • An eye scan will also be performed before the officials stamp your passport again.

Which Nationalities are eligible to apply for the UAE Visa change by road?

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Hungary, New Zealand, Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Romania, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, and the USA.

These countries are eligible to apply for visa exchange on the road.

How long will it take or my UAE visa to get approved?

It can take time from anywhere between 6 hours to 48 hours. If you send the immigration stamp before 8:00 am, there are higher chances of getting your UAE Visa quickly.

Which documents do I need for the visa change?

  • A copy of your passport biodata page and the last page.

  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months.

  • Your passport-size coloured photograph with a white background.

  • It should be clear and not blurred.

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