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Top Rated and Delicious Iftar Recipes for Ramadan

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You can call it superbly beautiful or holy of all! Ramadan marks the Islamic Holy month of fasting. And Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of this holy month. During Ramadan, Muslims all across the globe aren’t allowed to consume water or any food substance between the period of sunrise and sunset. The sunrise marks the abstinence from all eating and drinking substances as it is the fasting period. It is followed by offering daily Maghrib prayer. 

Then in the evening the family members and the communities gather at one place to enjoy the lavish meal known as the "Iftar". The Iftar is also supported by many Middle-Eastern Delicacies which are made by people especially with love to celebrate the holy month. If you are visiting UAE during Ramadan then you will get all the delectable recipes made for Iftar. You’ll see Muslim people with their happy families and loved ones having this pious meal together as the offering by their beloved Allah.

Top-rated and Delicious Ramadan Recipes for Iftar

  • Conventionally the Ramadan fast is broken with a glass of water, followed by the consumption of milk, dates, and juice.
  • They believe so, as the sugar-rich milk and the dates provide you instant energy after you fast for the whole day.
  • After this, an array of high-calorie-rich ricepes are consumed and enjoyed completely together with loved ones.
  • It is also said that Prophet Mohammad broke his fast with milk and dates, so that’s why this is followed as the fast-breaking meal.

1. Baklava

  • It is known as the traditional filo, a sweet Turkish pastry that gets its amazing flavor from the chopped nuts and a dollop of honey swirled on the top of it or a sauce.
  • Here, in Dubai, it is available the whole year at the stores, but the traditional form of Baklava is best available at the time of Ramadan.

2. Harees

  • Harees is said to be a traditional Emirati Dish.
  • In comparison to porridge, Harees has coarsely grounded wheat which is cooked slowly with fresh lamb or chicken. 
  • It doesn't look super tempting at look but it truly is delectable and the food which gives you high energy after a long day of fasting in Ramadan.

3. Malouf

  • You can say that Malfouf is truly the typical Middle-Eastern variation given to the stuffed cabbage roll having the tasty filling of rice or bulgur wheat.
  • It also comes in various varieties that have whole cabbage which is stuffed with amazing and tasty fillings that are prepared during the holy month of Ramadan for Iftar.
  • It is truly amazing and enjoyed by all.

4. Harira 

  • Harira is a tasty soup that has its origin in Morocco and it is also considered to be a whole meal. 
  • Harira has tasty ingredients like lamb, lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, rice, onions, herbs, and eggs. Of course, the ingredients with which it is made vary from one region to another. 
  • It is a delicious delicacy that is made only during the Ramadan period of fasting and the holy month or served in the morning after the wedding.

5. Lamb Ouzi

  • Ramadan is the holy month when many animals are slaughtered in the name of Allah, which is mostly for consumption.
  • Lamb Ouzi is also one such dish in which the whole lamb is marinated with various spices and then it is stuffed with an amazing mixture of spiced rice and different nuts. 
  • Lamb Ouzi is also a completely heavy meal in itself. That’s why it is served in the main course of the Iftar.

6. Kousa Manshi 

  • It is also the traditional Middle-Eastern dish also known as the Stuffed Marrow. 
  • It is made with squash or zucchini and is stuffed with lamb or some rice. As many regions claim that this dish has different origins, it remains unclear the part of the origin of Kousa Manshi.
  • In Syria, Kousa Manshi is uniquely garnished with mint and garlic, whereas Cypriots use marrow flowers for the stuffing of Kousa Manshi

7. Umm Ali

  • After the complete meal to end it up on point of Iftar, a delectable sweet dessert is consumed which is Umm Ali. 
  • This sweet dessert is from Egypt and is similar to the Western bread pudding. It is made from coconut, milk, wheat flakes, and phyllo pastry. 
  • Umm Ali is also high in calories which are purely recommended to you after your Ramadan Fasting.

So, this was all about the Iftar Recipes that you can also enjoy when you are visiting UAE during the Ramadan holy month.

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