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camping in the serene locations of the emirates

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Sunny sky, beaches, deserts are the beautiful things that you can witness in UAE is more than just its glorious shopping arcades and towering skyscrapers. Below the sun, sky, and stars, the lush five-star hotels is a whole new experience. This is the camping beauty of the UAE. Camping in UAE is a fun activity with a number of options and sites for you to choose from, with several sites and sights to explore. A fairy and easy place for people all over the world to pitch their tents, the UAE offers both professional camping sites and some you can take as novices. Here we highlight some basic camping in UAE and the best spots on your journey!

Best Time for Camping in UAE

Camping in the UAE is a great experience for people and local people who go on regular expeditions abroad. Professional camping tours are also available, which you can reserve to experience a full of adventures. From November to December is the camping season. UAE mainly has two kinds of camping excursions - long-term and overnight. Long-term camping is governed by the government and requires a license to go on camping, while campers may camp overnight at any fancy site.

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Best Places for Camping in UAE

UAE offers a variety of camping excursions on the perfect ground. You are welcome to choose from the harshest and most challenging places to the most aesthetic and breezy ones. Determined below are some of the most popular camping sites, depending on your thrill and adventurous nature.

Banana Beach Resort

The Banan Beach Resort is a fun beachfront venue located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, where you can enjoy the riot of colored tents. At a place instagrammable, this could be a distance from conventional camping ideals, be careful. There are a variety of luxuries like bathrooms, BBQ, and Wi-Fi with catering facilities. A host of waters, moonlight, and yoga can be enjoyed and posted by the shore. At dawn in the evening, the tent begins, and the neighboring market opens.

The best part of the campsite is a planned and well-executed concept with a minimum amount of effort and a lifelong record of all the campsites!

But it's all at a price! Prepare to be shelved in the tent for about USD 95 for a simple night and then USD 270 for a cozy chalet if you feel good about it.

Lahbab Sands Camping

Lahbab Sands is one of the most popular UAE campsites, with red sands that stretch out to the horizon. Campers begin a journey through the Rock of Fossil that is often whispered by dune cyclists. Often a dune rush paradise in dunes, where the searching wind presents bikers with challenges. 'The Big Red' is the buzz of the area, a massive sand dune of 300 feet that each dune lower seeks to conquer.

Lahbab Sands Camping is ideal for beginners and is relatively close to local dwellings and facilities. It is very good for beginners, often crowded with bubbling tourist groups. And when evening falls, staring in the harsh sands is a never-missing experience!

Al Hajar Mountains Camping Site

This beautiful campsite in UAE is the perfect option if you are more of a mountainous camper. Although the Hajar mountains are mainly in Omani, the UAE still has a considerable area. The campsite is set in panoramic views from the small villages on the rocky summit. A variety of physical activities are best enjoyed here, including climbing, hiking, and adventure sports. The trail is rough, so get ready for a hike before camping. And you can also visit the spring waters of Masafi if you are persistent enough! If more experienced campers prefer, consider the best first experience as a group with tour guides.

Umm Al Quwain Beach Camping Site

This campsite is located on the shore of Dubai and is considered one of the best beach camping sites in the UAE. Campers prefer to till their tents near the bank, and before taking a decision, it is necessary to inspect high and low tides. With regular flamingo views, you can enjoy fishing, kayaking, and watching birds. Bring your best fishing gear, binoculars, and grills to the coast of Al Ras when things are very adventurous. A usually cozy and unique camping experience by the coast.

Ras Al Khaimah Camping Site

A traditional desert-centric campsite for hard-hearted campers is the Ras Al Khaimah Camping site. Situated a little far from the city, it is necessary to be prepared for any emergencies at the campsite. Some farms and explorers are relatively available along the way, but depending on you is always better. The site's rich flora and fauna with camels all across the dunes, palms, banyans, and other trees from the perfect landscape is the most striking feature. During the winter season, migratory birds flock, making this spot a favorite of birdwatchers. Make sure it's stored and once you're there, lay down and have a night's safari with dunes, fauna, and farms.

Liwa Overnight Desert Safari

The Vacant Quarter or the Liwa Desert are in the center of none of this (lost within the routes of Dubai to Abu Dhabi). It is only sand, dunes, and more sand that stretches far into the country. You need to be prepared for basics if you do this difficult camping in the UAE. Since animals and sand are unempty, the campers have a real challenge to survive on the basis of abundant water, GPS, and maps. Don't forget to store petrol on your ride, because the locations are wide open and you can get lost here very easily. But besides these challenges, Liwa Desert gives you its stunning picturesque beauty. The desert on a 4x4 and the night camp is perfect for enjoying.

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So there were all the details about Camping in UAE that you must know about. So get your Dubai Visa and plan a camp trip in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various camping destination in UAE:

  1. Ras AI Khaimah
  2. Dubai
  3. Fujairah
  4. AI hudayriat island
  5. Hatta
  6. AI Aweer
  7. Al aryam island

All these camping sites are a mixture of amusement parks, art and cultural beaches and this also describes the history of UAE and the very eco-friendly environment is in UAE also and you will be able to explore the museums also in the UAE. And you can also enjoy the desert safaris with the help of the camels and you can also start fishing in the UAE at the AI Aryam Island.

You can start camping in Dubai only in the prime location that consists of desert territory, you can set up camp anywhere.

Yes, you can start camping at night in the UAE. There are around the 10 best places in Dubai where you can enjoy the night under the stars.

The best time to do desert camping in Dubai is November or December. you can visit Dubai for camping during the winter season.

The essential items are food, water medicines, tenths, blankets, and the extra pair of clothes.

The price of a camping tent in UAE varies as per the quality and the size but the least price of a camping tent is around 50 USD for a single person.

If you are camping for a shorter duration then you don't need to take any kind of permission for pitching your tent in the desert but if you are camping for a longer period then you need to pay some amount of money and can have permission.

We can't assure you that you will find washrooms everywhere on the camping site in UAE. There are few places where there is a separate area where you can freshen up yourself.

There are two beautiful beaches in Ajmer where you can go camping. The first is zura Campaign Beach and the second one is Ajman beach.

At zura camp on the beach if someone does not want to stay in a tent then they can rent campsite bungalows to enjoy the view from the bungalow.

At Ajman beach, people usually visit on weekends and the beach is of white sand and you can explore the clear blue water also. At Ajman beach, you can find a number of restaurants near the beach where you can enjoy your favourite lunch or dinner.

Camping is safe at night. It doesn't matter if you are camping alone or with family in UAE.

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