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The Complete Guide to the 60 Day Dubai Visa

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Are you looking forward to travelling to Dubai? Travelling to Dubai, a traveller needs to acquire a Visa, as, without one, you might need to leave the Dubai region. So, are we at UAE Visa Online, especially now one can know everything regarding the travel visa and amendments that happened in visa regulation of Dubai? Travellers may reside in the premises of Dubai for up to two months.
Previously, acquiring a visa was very time-consuming and complex, but with the technology change, obtaining a visa these days is easy. UAE Visa Online makes this process easy and helps you acquire a Dubai visa within 48-72 hours.

Changes made by UAE Officials in Visa extension:

UAE officials introduced some amendments to the visa extension period. One of several visa modifications the UAE official adopted in April is the decision to double the previous validity period and render all entrance visas legitimate for 60 days starting on the day of issuance. That is around 60 days of the period under the new visa regulations that came into effect on October 3. Moreover, there wasn't a specialized travel visa until recently; instead, travellers to Dubai had to seek thirty-day, sixty-day, or three-month travel visas.
The thirty-day, sixty-day, and three-month entrance visas apply with a new permit but are primarily for those who want to travel to Dubai to meet their friends or family already in the nation. In such cases, documentation must demonstrate the friendship or relationship and the purpose of the visit. All entrance visas can be extended for an additional 60 days and are relevant for one entry or more than one entry.
"Primary enhancements comprise simplifying the entry procedures for all visa kinds, giving versatile visa timeframes that match the demands of the travellers and the objective of the stay," according to the UAE Government Media Office.

Do I require a travel visa valid for 60 days to visit Dubai?

You will require a travel visa to reside in the Dubai region. You might face some consequences if your country is not among those accepted by the visa-on-arrival program. Why not acquire your visa online through authorized sites like UAE Visa Online to avoid such problems?
Feasibly, every eligible traveller may obtain a visa. However, according to the UAE's official government webpage, female travellers under eighteen cannot apply for this visa unless they travel with their parents.

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UAE Visa on arrival

Travellers from these 70 nations nowadays can acquire their visas at the immigration desk when they enter Dubai. When arriving in the UAE, visitors from these designated countries must proceed to immigration to obtain a permit. However, acquiring a visa on a permit may consume a significant chunk of time, so why not develop your visa prior through online? Get your visa through UAE Visa Online by sitting at your home or office and avoid all the chaos of standing in line.

What specifications need to be fulfilled for a 60-day visa in Dubai?

The 60-day visa does not require any prerequisites. Although not all nations can obtain a visa upon their arrival, in this instance, the first application to be made is through a travel agent. And there is the newly introduced, five-year, multiple-entry tourist visa. Before submitting the application form, tourists who intend to apply must provide proof of having at least $4,000 (Dhs14,692) in their bank accounts during the previous six months.

However, the following records are often required:

  • A 6x6 cm, white-back dropped, colour image with a fixed pixel size of 600 (at least 80 per cent of your face must be a coloured copy) of your passport with your complete name, nationality, birthdate, place of birth, passport number, date of issuance, expiration, and the terms of your mother and father who are legally responsible for you.
  • During travel, the passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • Carry a duplicate ticket from the chosen airline.
  • National identity is also requisite for people from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Acquiring a 60-day visitor's visa for the UAE Online via UAE Visa Online:

As with new technology coming now, travellers can even apply for a UAE Visa Online from an official site, i.e. UAE Visa Online. Now, you might be wondering what the procedure is for that. So here is the process you need to go through to acquire an e-visa via UAE Visa Online:

  • Choose "Apply for UAE Visa" to begin the procedure after choosing your nationality or the nation visitors currently reside in.
  • Choose the visa type you desire and fulfil your requirements to stay in the UAE.
  • Complete the application form with your private and contact information.
  • Submit the appropriate paperwork, and then continue to pay.
  • Decide on your preferred processing service.
  • Remit the visa fee.

If you need assistance choosing the type of visa you should apply for, contact the round-the-clock customer service of UAE Visa Online. They can guide you in making the best decision possible.

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Keeping the visitors' demands in mind, the UAE Government made significant changes in visa regulation. The UAE Government extended the time frame of residing in the UAE from a 30-day visa on arrival to a 60-day visa on arrival. All travel visas now become eligible for either one or multiple visits and have a 60-day validity period starting from the date of approval, following the UAE revised visa regulations. It can extend to other 60-day periods. Holders of travel visas can prolong and renew existing permits without leaving the country, but they must make sure that it had done before it expires. Generally, a sum of AED 600 has necessitated the renewal of every travel visa (USD 163).

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