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7 most popular hotels in the uae

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  • UAE being an amazing place to be on your trip is for sure one of your dream places, right? No doubt that it is an amazing city to gaze at and spend a lot of time to adorn the beauty of the same.
  • With famous cities and the desserts, UAE has the most of the diversified spots for you to visit and experience for your life.
  • Featuring many skyscrapers and the breathtaking views by the creations like man-made Palm Islands, the malls which are as grad as the cities, the Ski-Lopes which are enormous working under one roof.

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  • They all await the lovely travelers and tourists like you who wish to come here and explore the dimensions of happiness here.
  • The major thing being here also lies here that you should have the best accommodations so that you can rest and commute for your trip planners throughout your tour.


So, here we have the rundown for you which will give you everything you need to know about 7 Popular Hotels in UAE.


City Stay Beach Hotel Apartment 

City Stay Beach Hotel Apartment, Ras Al Khaimah Price, Address ...

  • If you want to experience the superb scenic stay at the beach then this hotel apartment is the best place you could be in. 
  • Situated in Ras Al Khaimah, City Stay Beach Hotel Apartment has now become the best place to stay for all the tourists coming from across the globe to stay in Emirates. 
  • It has the most convenient location which gives you the ease of travel as well. 
  • Here you can experience the perks of the location being quite supported with a clear and beautiful beach. It is grounded on the Al Marjan Island with amazing hotel rooms.
  • The hotel's rooms will truly give you the best stunning view of the Arabian Sea, which is so soothing to gaze at and comfortable too.
  • You can reach this hotel via a 27 km driving from Ras Al Khaimah Airport. 


Address Dubai Marina 

Hotel Address Dubai Marina, UAE -

  • If you feel like just like to stay between the beautiful view of the modern marvels of the city, then this hotel is truly for you. 
  • The Address Dubai Marina as an amazing view, facing the world's largest man-made marina i.e. Dubai Marina. 
  • It will truly make you amaze with the looks and vibe, with a brilliant service, luxurious experience of the stay, topped up with the delectable food.
  • It features the super relaxed sports bar for you where you can enjoy your favorite drinks, the delectable meals at the restaurant, and the lovely views of the large mall which is attached to the property.
  • You can take a drive or transportation from Dubai International Airport of 32 km to reach this property.


One & Only the Palm 

One&Only The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Photos, Room ...

  • Next up on the list is the one for which if you have to experience the real beauty of life in the Palm Islands. If you are excited then this place holds the most to excite you more.
  • One & Only the Palm is grounded on one of the most famous spots of Abu Dhabi i.e. Palm Island, which welcomes visitors from all across the globe to experience their best stay on the tour.
  • This is the ultimate proof of the Arab hospitality and the amazingly beautiful ambiance of the place. 
  • You can enjoy the crystal-clear water here at the private beach area and also the well-heated pools. 
  • Your evening can be livelier here through the shops which are selling curios on the bounds of the property.
  • Or you can even enjoy your favorite Arab cuisine dish under the beautiful tent near the springing fountains. 
  • You can reach here within 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport.


Raffles Dubai 

Hotel Raffles Dubai, UAE -

  • Next up on our list is also the amazing modern pyramid-shaped and a well-planned location.
  • Raffles Dubai is the perfect stay hotel for you if you are looking at comfort, stay, and the shorter distance from the airport. 
  • It features the large rightly-appointed rooms in the building, the lavish pools.
  • It also has a wide variety of restaurants for serving you with some amazing delicacies, also night clubs for your night hangouts in the city.
  • You can even go for a couple's massage or the cooling sip of the freshly made cocktails at the swim-up bar there.
  • Your kids can enjoy splashing and enjoy in the water and you can watch the freshly brewed mocktails on the go!
  • It is hardly a 5 km drive from the Dubai International Airport.


Grosvenor House

Fabulous - Review of Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel ...

  • If you want to take the luxurious experience of your property with the amazing look of the sky you are at the best place.
  • The Grosvenor House is a luxury collection hotel in Dubai Marina. All the travelers to this beautiful place boast of spacious rooms and the enjoyable private beaches.
  • You can take a private shuttle to reach the beach and enjoy there or simply to visit the Dubai Landscape from the 45-story Twin Towers of this Grosvenor House Hotel. 
  • You can reach here by just taking drive or transportation of 20k km from the Dubai International Airport.

Royal Mirage Dubai 

  • If you ever dreamt of that your property should be super comfortable and with all the great amenities topping up with the best view of the Arabian Sea, then you are at the right place for a stay in your tour.
  • The amazing collection of the private beaches, pools, gardens, residence, and spa here will truly amaze you and it is the best combo for you on the tour.
  • Royal Mirage Dubai is grounded at the Palm Islands Bay, which offers all the visitors from across the globe to gaze at the beautiful Arabian Sea, the impeccable service, and the views. 
  • They offer you a lovely opportunity for the lovely spa and delectable Arabian cuisine. 
  • You can reach here by a 30 km drive from the Dubai International Airport. 


Oberoi Dubai

Hotel The Oberoi Dubai, UAE -

  • Ever wanted your property to be in the tacky business bay of the city? That too the contemporary shelter in the Business Bay of Dubai.
  • Oberoi Dubai is your place to be then. It is located near the stunning skyscraper Burj Khalifa and leads connectivity to the Emirate's Business Institution as well.
  • All the tourists from across the world boast of the amazing rooms and the lovely stay over here.
  • You can even enjoy a soothing massage at the spa or the relaxing vibe at the pool on the 3rd floor of the hotel.
  • Also, the restaurants featured here are of award-winning status, which are serving all the foodies well for long. Remember to ask them for the room with the jaw-dropping view of Burj Khalifa.
  • Oberoi Dubai hotel is 18 km away from Dubai International Airport.

So, it is all you got to know about the 7 Popular Hotels in UAE, which will truly help you to take along the best experience of your trip throughout. What’s the wait now for? Plan your trip to UAE now hustle free with UAE Visa Online. We’ll take care of all your needs and will provide you the best service that you dream of.

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