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10 things you should know about uae

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The United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, is the most popular tourist destination all around the world today. People from all over the world flock here during the year, and Dubai Airport hosts more than 12 million visitors a year.

Though predominantly Islamic, the UAE varies significantly from most of its neighbors. This country has many misunderstandings and myths. Here are 10 things that you should know about UAE. I hope this will clear all your doubts and queries about the great United Arab Emirates.


Top 10 Things You Should Know About UAE

UAE is Not So Conservative As People Say About It

Although malls typically have a dress code at the door, people have hardly followed it. In trousers, tops or even short skirts, you sometimes see women (and men). Yeah, other emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have become much more traditional than Dubai. You can undoubtedly cover your arms and legs while accessing a religious area like the Mosque. But please wear something at the beach or during dinner and party in Dubai.


You are Not Allowed to Do Public Display of Affection

While it is appropriate to hold hands, don't feel relaxed in public places, and kissing is not all right. You won't get prosecuted, so you might get cops alert if you make a lot of people nervous.


Alcohol in Emirates is Very Expensive

For religious purposes, you are not going to find liquor stores anywhere in the UAE. So you should make sure you go to a restaurant or bar in a hotel complex, as hotels are the only ones allowed to sell alcohol to visitors all over the UAE. Don't worry, and you don't have to stay at the hotel to eat or drink at your restaurant or bar if you stay in a small local Hotel. It is not widely accessible, and emirates like Sharjah are fully dry. It is only possible for hotels to serve. Although in Dubai and Abu Dhabi you have licensed stores, many cannot purchase you even if you have a warrant. Duty-free airport shops could be your best bet for cheap beer.


Driving Rules of UAE

Be vigilant of the rowdy drivers in the fastest lane if you intend to hire a car and drive. While there are many other parts of the country, you have to drive at a speed of 140kph, you have to be an incredibly reliable and cool driver to stop being intimidated by boisterous drivers continuously rattling them out. Hang on the slowest roads and do NOT drink and drive, if not too relaxed. For drinking and driving, there is no principle of tolerance. Contrarily, the area is easily approachable via the subway, and taxis can be found easily.


UAE is one of the Safest Country To Travel

Dubai is one of the world's best cities, and the nightlife is awesome. Squares and broad taxis, which are accessible during the night, are well connected with the metro. Crime is not one of the things to be worried about your journey here. However, it really encourages you to be mindful of the environment and to obey common sense wherever you are in the world.


Book All Your Trip to Various Tourist Spots in Advance

Book your 'Burj Khalifa' visit earlier, particularly in the peak season (Nov – Mar) if you intend to fly. Last-minute counter fares are not only cheaper but may even be sold out.


All Check What You are Carrying in Your Luggage

Any kind of drugs (weed, marijuana), including pornographic content, sex toys, and so on, are not permissible. 



Although a tradition is required, tipping is not required. On average, a 10-15% tip is fair, so nobody's going to come to ask you why you haven't offered a tip if you haven't!


Travelling during Ramadan

You must know what to expect if you are travelling during Ramadan. During the day, before evening prayers at dusk, you cannot eat nor drink in public areas. Much dining is closed (or only deliver). The entire month is not allowed to entertain such items as heavy music, dances, etc., so the clubs are usually locked. After sunset prayers, beer is sold in most pubs, but there's no music and parties. At this time, you will also be clothed conservatively.



Although the weather is warm all year long, it can be especially warm May-September. Fortunately, there is air conditioning in both malls and enclosed locations. December – January may be new, so wear some slightly warmer clothes.


Final Words

These are the 10 Things You Should Know About UAE, and I hope that all your queries and doubts about this nation would be clear. So plan your trip to the country and explore the beautiful places, and have a memorable trip. To get the Emirates Visa, you can go to and get your visa through an easy to complete process and with the least document requirement. So get your Emirates Visa and visit this beautiful nation.


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