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majestic deserts of the emirates

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Deserts can be used as a synonym when talking about Emirates. Why? Because the United Arab Emirates is home to some enormous sand deserts. With so much desert area than cities, this is a perfect location for those looking to visit the desert in their next vacation spot. To invest your time right away from the city crowd giving you a new experience, in this article, we have covered relevant details about famous deserts to visit in the Emirates. So scroll down and get to know more about the same.   
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Famous Deserts to Visit in Emirates  

To make sure you explore some of the best and most famous deserts of Emirates for an optimal travel experience, here's a list of some favorite deserts we have curated below, which shouldn't be missed if you're planning to visit Emirates.  



A magnificent open desert that is accessible to anyone, the Big Red Desert, situated at the border of Sharjah and Dubai, is famous in the Emirates. One can notice the change in the color of the desert by driving further away from the city. At Big Red Desert, you see a renowned spot for bashing dunes, with a glamorous and picturesque setting away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Quite popular for dune bashing, this place is always full of people who seek an adrenaline rush. The desert has some of the most accessible dunes, allowing it to be maneuvered by both amateurs and professionals. The area is filled with motorists looking to boast some tricks in motorbikes, buggies, quad bikes, and jeeps during holidays and weekends.  


Rub Al Khali bordering Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen, has various myths and legends which narrate the story of this place having an ancient city that got lost to the sands of time whose ruins today haven't been located. "The Empty Quarter" is also what Rub Al Khali is known as, which is visited by very experienced dune-bashers. The desert is also famous for the festivals and challenges it conducts every year. This is also the largest desert to be found in the Arabian Peninsula.  
Any novice driver trying out for dune bashing is advised to go in as a part of a convoy or with an expert guide, as it's easy to lose track in the sand of Rub Al Khali. Being here also takes some of your time to explore the town of Liwa, one of the only places that offer a detailed glimpse of the origins of the Emirates and its historical heritage.  


Dating back a few decades ago, Al Madam is an abandoned village to be found in the UAE. A town that now lies buried deep inside the sand is a must-visit place to see how the houses have been engulfed in the sands of the desert. This area is colloquially known as the "Madam Ghost Town" and is located just at the Dubai border.
This region was a component of a housing development constructed in the 1970s. This village consists of a mosque and two rows of similar homes with dwellings as they are. As per the saying by locals, this area was once inhabited by the tribe of Al Kutubi, whose departure was caused by the jinns. Jinns ought to be considered supernatural creatures among the Muslims, which are not visible to human eyes but are believed to exist in this world.   



This new visitor's fascination with the Emirate of Sharjah mixes history, nature, and culture. Allow yourself to venture deep into the deserts of Sharjah and find the UNESCO Heritage Site, which is home to stunning natural scenes and a historical site that gives you an insight into the number of beduines used to reside in the UAE before it became what it is today. On the other hand, you can likewise attempt the more adventurous desert things, such as riding a quad bicycle or a buggy over the sand. Assuming you like to go walking, consider traveling to Camel Rock to witness an expansive view of the desert. The surrounding region Mleiha Desert is a beautiful area for a desert camp on delicate dunes under night stars.  


Known for its staggering red sands, the Lahbab Desert is a famous evening haunt for new campers. Many get going near the recognizable Fossil Stone, which is likewise an incredible spot for stargazing. The ideal thing to do when trying out the "Enormous Red," a 300-foot-high dune that is a dune basher's enjoyment in these weather circumstances, is to fire up the grill. You could likewise go to the sleepy village of Madam not long before the Hatta border crossing for additional setting up camp places where you might find meander camels from nearby farms for company.  



So here it was a complete guide on the famous deserts to visit in the Emirates, which ought to give out a memorable experience being its visitor. Undoubtedly, that interested traveler seeking to step foot in the sands should visit Emirates without second thoughts. Emirates deserts play a significant role in helping UAE in attracting tourists from all over the world by being the ideal spot for desert sports activities and more, and it is also helping in boosting the country's tourism economy, which adds up to the value of why one should opt for Emirates for any desert excursion.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time for a desert safari excursion in the Emirates is from November to March.  



Lightweight apparel is a way to go, as it can get hot during the day in Emirates deserts. Prefer breathable material clothing like cotton or linen.   

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