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Guide to the Emirates One mission permit

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One mission permit or mission uae visa is not popular among expatriates. The main objective is to issue a mission "UAE work permit" to those who want to join the local company in UAE. But they only have the intention to work in that company for projects. Generally, if the expatriate lives or works in the United Arab Emirates on one mission permit. Then the employee is not considered a permanent worker. And it is referred to as the probationary worker. 


UAE mission work permit types

There are two main types of mission permits in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Special mission entry permit: The special mission visa is a short-term UAE visa. This particular entry visa is not the same as other work permits. The holder can only use this visa for a stay of 16 days in the UAE. The 16 days mission visa is non-renewable and non-extendable. No more than one entry can be obtained through a mission entry permit. The Department of Naturalization and Foreign Affairs issues this mission permit type.
  • Mission permit: The mission permit is provided to eligible and experienced professionals who want to go to work in UAE for the short term. The UAE Mission work permit is a 60 days permit. But it would be best to be careful; it could be precisely three months. And sometimes it may not be strictly for three months. The Ministry of Labour issues a Mission visa or permit. This is renewable, and its validity is more than a special mission visa.

UAE mission work permit eligibility

  • Employers or companies can recruit foreign nationals after registering at the Ministry of Labor.
  • The eligibility for quota to hire expatriates can only be known during the time of application.
  • Eligibility criteria are based on the company's project or activity.
  • The Ministry of Labor formulates the eligibility criteria for mission visas.

Before 2018, companies must guarantee AED 24,000 to hire foreign nationals on UAE mission work permits. But after the latest amendment, there is no need to submit a Bank guarantee.


Process for one mission permit application

The steps one has to follow for one mission permit or mission visa uae application are:

  • The first step is to apply for a Mission visa (60 days) at the Ministry of Labour.
  • The mission visa application process has to be carried out by the PRO of the hiring company.
  • The company must register and apply for the UAE mission work permit.
  • After the hiring company gets the quota percentage and guidelines for Eligibility criteria, the mission visa application should be submitted.
  • Take the signature of the employee on the mission visa application.
  • After receiving the approval of the mission visa for UAE.
  • Mission entry permit application must be submitted.
  • After receiving the valid mission entry for UAE, then the hired person can enter UAE. The Ministry of Labor also provides "UAE visa insurance" to expatriates working under this type of UAE work permit.
  • After entering UAE and getting an entry visa stamp on their passport, employees should submit a copy of the UAE mission visa to the company or employer.
  • Employees also have to apply for a labour contract.
  • Employees should read the terms and sign the labour contract.
  • It should be submitted for approval. After approval, the employee will get a labour card and a  UAE labour contract.

Requirements for UAE mission work permit

  • Company's trade license copy
  • Photograph
  • Passport (original passport has to be submitted for the medical test)
  • Educational certificate
  • Valid establishment card (company or employer)
  • UAE passport (employer)
  • e-signature card

The employee has to be outside the United Arab Emirates to apply for a mission visa. Suppose the company wants to apply for a second mission visa for the employee. Then it can be done only after the employee labour card cancellation. The employee should leave the country.



The UAE mission work permit is a 60 days short-term work permit issued to eligible expatriates. Companies usually hire foreign nationals on mission visas for short-term projects. The visa rules for mission permits can change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, expatriates can leave UAE within one week after the last date of the mission permit. The seven days is the grace period.

Yes, you can cancel a mission work permit in UAE. The employee leaving UAE after canceling the mission permit should pay AED 120. The fee must be submitted at the exit point. 

The cost of a UAE Mission work permit can be between 500 dhs to 600 DHS. The fee for a mission visa application is DHS 100. Additionally, a deposit of AED 3,000 has to be submitted. 

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