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How to apply 96 Hours UAE Transit Visa in 2024

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UAE in itself is breathing. The country has many options for tourists to explore around. So when you have a couple of hours, why not make the most of it? Here’s the guide for you that can be helpful if you have applied for 96 hours UAE Transit Visa, and we promise you that you will remember these hours spent in UAE FOREVER…

Why UAE?

UAE has turned out to be the ideal tourist destination. The country has drawn the attention of many travellers. Every year the traveller count keeps increasing with great numbers.

Here’s why the UAE is a perfect tourist spot:

  1. Connected with almost all major airlines
  2. Plenty of options to choose from for accommodation according to your budget and preferences
  3. Has a low crime rate compared to other countries for a travel destination?
  4. Connects East to West
  5. Events for all age groups
  6. An enchanting infrastructure that has attracted tourists.
  7. Offers ecstatic biodiversity – from mountains to parks to desert safari

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96 hours UAE transit visa

Transit visas applicable for 96 hours are issued against a particular charge to travellers transiting through UAE airports. Depending upon the agency you are applying from, the cost may vary. For 48 Hours UAE Transit Visa, you will have to apply in advance for 96 hours transit visa. Again similar to 48 hours transit visa, 96 hours transit visa is not renewable and cannot be extended.

  • A passport that has a validity of a minimum of three months or a travel document
  • Passport-size photograph against a white background that looks formal.
  • Flight booking details (onward to the third destination you are travelling to)

Things to do during Layover at UAE airport

UAE airports cater to millions of tourists who have connecting flights. With the layover, tourists often do not understand how to spend their time. You need not worry now; the airport has good things to explore.

Let’s look at the list to pass your time at UAE airport:

  • Spend time in Airport Lounge: You can spend time in the airport lounge. The travellers have access to this lounge irrespective of the airline or service class. Travellers need to pay the entry fee for a nightclub. The entry fee is inclusive of food, drinks, and Wi-Fi access. Every airport has these facilities for its travellers.
  • Go Shopping: You can very easily spend your time shopping. You can pick up goods from airport stores, like chocolates and dry fruit, that you can use as souvenirs for families or friends.
  • Hop on Food: You will have multiple eating outlets options. You may buy a meal or stop by several places for the DIY food tour. Cuisine options include Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Italian, Japanese, Irish and Tex Mex. The airport has popular eateries outlets like Starbucks, Pinkberry and many more for you to select from.
  • Go for the Spa: The spa is always the best and most relaxing option. You have many options in the airport that provide massage services, body scrub, aromatherapy, haircuts and many more through which you can pamper yourself. And when you have the time, then why not go for it?
  • Take a shower: Long flight journey can be tiring, but don't worry. UAE airport has accessible shower facilities. You can also look for lounge facilities that have a shower package included in it. You can go for a storm.
  • Utilize the Wi-Fi facility: You can now stay connected with your family member or friend and regularly keep updating your post on social media even if you are waiting at the Airport terminal. And while waiting, you can also log into your Netflix account and watch a movie. Guess what… This Wi-Fi facility is accessible, and the internet speed is excellent.

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Hotspots in UAE

The tourist attraction spots depend on which city you are in. Have a look at some of the most visited hotspots of UAE:

  1. Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is the UAE's capital and the wealthiest emirate. Abu Dhabi is a perfect combination of modernism and tradition. The most famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the most picturesque mosques in the world. Tourists can also see the Formula 1 racing track. There is also an indoor amusement park named Ferrari World that is themed after the famous car brand where visitors can spend their day.
  2. Sharjah: Sharjah lies on the northern side of Dubai. It is the cultural capital of the UAE. The city is constructed on a creek and has well-restored homes and museums for Emirati customs. Sharjah is also the 3rd largest city in UAE.
  3. Dubai: Dubai is one of the largest cities in the UAE. The city is a wonder to see. The town is now a hub for business and getaways for national and international tourists. But if you are confused about where to go to Dubai, you need not worry, as below are some of the most visited hotspots that you must have on your list to explore:-
  • The famous Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Underwater Zoo
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubai creek
  • Arabian desert
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Shopping malls
  • Spa at Palace Downtown

There are many things to explore even if you apply for 96 hours tourist visa. You need to plan your itinerary well.

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