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Islamic Banking, also known as Sharia Banking, is based on the principles of not dealing in interest and other speculative financial dealings. This concept was introduced by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago. The growth of Islamic banking began in the 1970s as a response to consumer demand for sharia-compliant products. In 1999, the UAE issued a federal decree making it obligatory for all banks operating in UAE to have at least 5% share capital based on Islamic financing techniques. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has officially introduced an online payment system, giving consumers access to a wide range of modern financial products. Customers now can install the ADIB Smartphone Free app from the Apple App Store and Play Store. The mobile app gives customers fast access to accounts, enabling users to transfer the money across ADIB client accounts, pay the bills via mobile transfers, see invoices, and get general banking details such as balance enquiries.



The Amiri Decree No. 9 of 1997 formed Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank as a Public Joint Stock Company on 20 May 1997. The bank commenced its profit-making on the 11th of November, the year 1998 and was formally inaugurated on 18 April 1999 by Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Information and Culture. All agreements, activities, and records are conducted out and in conformity with Islamic Sharia standards. The bank was later formed by 

  • Prominent UAE Nationals
  • The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority ADI
  • Dr Waseem Ahmed Khan

The other boards of directors are 

  • Chairman of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - H.E. Jauaan Al Khaili
  • Acting CEO of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - Sandeep Chauhan
  • Vice-Chairman of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - Khamis Mohamed Buharoon
  • Deputy Chairman of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - Khaled Abdullah Neamat Khouri
  • Managing Director of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - Ahmed Darwish Al Marar
  • Board Member of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - H.E. Juma Khamis Al Khaili
  • Board Membe of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK r - Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Jasmi
  • Board Member of  ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - Ragheed Najeeb Shanti
  • Board Member of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - Mehdi Dazi
  • Board Member of ABU DHABI ISLAMIC BANK  - Mohammad Nosrati Rad

The Abu Dhabi Islamic bank mainly functions through various services. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank provides Shariah-compliant banking

  •  lending, and investment services.
  •  It operates through the following business zones- primary, secondary as well as tertiary sectors. 
  •  Global personal financial service 
  • Private financial service 
  • Global Wholesale Banking( lending or borrowing of the banks)
  • Finance and revenue 
  • Property investment 
  • The Global Banking Group also comprises other activities.


The Global Retail Banking section of Abu Dhabi Islamic bank manages the micro business and medium-sized businesses as well as individual client deposits, and it offers consumer and commercial Murabaha, Ijara, Islamic covered cards, money transaction, and trade financing services. The Global Wholesale Banking division also provides corporate and institutional customers with loans, other credit facilities, withdrawals, and current accounts. Financing is included in the Private Banking section. However, the other lending facilities, savings, and bank deposits for rising individuals. The Budget section includes the financial sector, trade and finance operations, and administration of the bank's funding operations through capital deposits. Land and structures are acquired, sold, developed, and leased by the Real Estate division.

Other Activities include the main office, branches, affiliates, and joint ventures which are not covered in another category.  The bank has a presence in Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Qatar, the UAE, and the United Kingdom through its subsidiaries and affiliates. 

The headquarters of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE. ADIB is a renowned Emirati institution with stock worth more than AED 120 billion (USD 32 billion). Its 900,000 benefit significantly from the UAE's third-biggest distribution systems, which includes 80 locations including over 770 Automated teller machines. The bank provides exceptional online, cellular, and mobile banking and payment solutions, giving the customers complete digital access to their accounts 24 *7.  ADIB now has a solution in commercial, corporate, industrial, financial institutions, and financial advisory. The Abu Dhabi bank has its stock which is listed along with the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

The address of Abu Dhabi Islamic bank 

P.O.Box 313, Abu Dhabi

Phone number 971 2 6343000

Official website 

It also provides you with services like 

  • Mobile banking 
  • Sms banking
  • Internet banking 

One can now download the ADBI BANKING APP of the bank for easy access right from your home. 

be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days. Abu Dhabi

  • ADIB HQ Branch
  • ADIB Najda branch
  • ADIB Bawabat Al Sharq Kiosk
  • ADIB Al Bateen Branch
  • ADIB Dalma Mall Branch

Al-Ain Banking :

  • ADIB Al Ain Main Branch
  • ADIB Al Jimi Mall Branch


  • ADIB Sh. Zayed Road
  • Muhaisnah Branch


  • ADIB Al Juraina


  • Ajman Main Branch

Ras Al Khaimah:

  • ADIB RAK Main Branch
  • ADIB Al Hamra Mall



The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is an Emirati bank that has been in business ever since the mid-1960s. It provides a variety of services, including consumer banking, financial services, and Islamic finance. Consumers can place deposits or make withdrawals from any of the bank's locations in the Emirates or throughout the world. We believe that all this information provided in this article has helped to solve the issue of how much money you can make operating for an Islamic bank. We trust you may choose to cooperate with the Abudhabi Islamic Bank and also have a prosperous income stream! For UAE Visa, apply with us through our website of UAE Visa Online. 

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