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Detailed Information About United Arab Emirates Person Code

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Foreign nationals looking forward to building their career in the United Arab Emirates should have to be thorough with the hiring process. They should also have details about how they can get a work permit. Or how they can get an employment UAE visa, freelancer UAE visa, business UAE visa, etc. Expatriates willing to work in UAE should also be known about the UAE person code. This is the other crucial helpful detail required to work in UAE. The UAE person code is the personal 14-digit code or number. This person code is the identity that stores the employee's personal data, information, and records. 

The UAE person code holds the identity of the foreign national or resident working inside the country. Complete details of the registered company or organization are also stored under this 14-digit person code in UAE. All those information is stored in the MOHRE database.


Access to person code in UAE- MOHRE

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation also play a prominent role. MOHRE has access to the UAE person code of the employee inside the country. On MOHRE's database, more information about the foreign employee is stored. Like:

  • The 14-digit code and the digital data of the individual.
  • The nationality of the expatriate.
  • The primary profession and details of the work.
  • Date of birth
  • MOHRE also stores the labour card details of foreign employees. They have access to the card number, expiry date of the labour card, and UAE labour card issued date of the person.
  • Information on the passport is the complete passport number of the employee. Other details like the issued date and expiry date of the national passport.
  • The company name of the employee is working. And information about the company code.

This personal information of the individual is securely stored in the database. So, in the time of need, the employer and the employee. Many expatriates working in UAE have to face many problems from their employers. The most common issues are abuse, continuous work, late payment, violation of rights, and less freedom. 

Use Of Person Code In UAE

You may be wondering why the person code is required. And what is the use of it? A UAE person code is necessary for receiving several services. First, it holds the employee's digital identity, passport details, and digital information. Person code in UAE gives employees access to their employment contracts. Some other uses of the UAE person code are:

  • To check their UAE labour card.
  • You can fill out an online application for Emirates ID.
  • You can register for MOHRE online.
  • For government services


Where to find the UAE person code?

Many do not even know where they find the UAE person code as it is essential and hides much information. You may want to search for your 14-digit unique person code. You can find your 14-digit personal code on the MOHRE app or MOHRE's official website. Those registered can directly log in and see their UAE person code if they have not registered yet. Then you can do it by following easy, convenient steps:

  • Employees working in UAE can learn about their code by registering themselves on the MOHRE app. It is available or can be installed on-
    • iOS 
    • Android
  • Download the MOHRE app, then write (as an employee).
  • After the successful registration. You can log in anytime to get the details about the employment contract, labour card details, etc.
  • After signing in on the main profile, you can also find the UAE passcode.



Suppose you are visiting none other than just for a lovely time. You don't need to acquire a work visa or UAE employment visa. Just get the UAE tourist visa according to the number of days you will stay inside UAE through the UAE visa online website. The UAE pass person code or UAE person code is an actual 14-digit number through which one can check their employment contract and labour card details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The other benefit of person code in UAE or the individual who has registered on MOHRE as an employee. Then the employee has access and can check their employment records online. After log in to the MOHRE app, you can just have to select the "dashboard" tab. After which you will be redirected to the next page. Where you can see your visa copy information stored in the database. And all your labor card details and the employment records.

When you will register on MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) you will be forwarded to the main page or profile. The profile you see after logging in with MOHRE shows you your personal details. Employers can also see their employee information like labor cards, passports, and contact details. On the profile, you will find your name, picture, and your UAE person code. The 14- digit number beneath your full name is personal code.

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