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Complete Guide to UAE 5 Year Tourist Visa

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UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa

The UAE embassy has issued a new visa type, especially for the tourist provision, UAE multiple visas whose validity period is 5 years. This visa is issued to elongate and frequent staying conditions favouring the tourist. As per the UAE embassy, the rules and duties of regulation have changed slightly, but this new regulation will be good news for the tourist. 

A multiple-entry visa can attempt multiple entries within the due date of visa validity. Another helpful fact is that the UAE's various visas can extend up to 60 days.

This visa will be an excellent opportunity for those family who has been settled in a foreign country or wants to settle in a foreign country, and this visa type can also be crucially used for work permits. The owner of some businesses and self-employed can use this visa type on an agreement basis.

  • An immigrant officer of UAE has declared that for the tourist is going to be a game-changing visa policy.
  • The nationalist has to grab a short-term visiting period for the UAE country, whose serving period is 30 days and 60 days.
  •  As per the new regulation, the tourist will use and get easy approval for this UAE multiple visas for their travel purpose. And with this visa, you can enter any of the emirate countries of the United Arab Nations.
  • This visa option will be beneficial news for those residence families and those family members who have to extend their visa period for their staying conditions.
  • Another most effective news from the UAE embassy is that the tourist can now enter and stay for 180 days on their direct entry.
  • All this visa regards the duty of regulation, and schemes has been discussed in the cabinet session.
  • This visa is commerce and has been used for sponsorship purposes. Still, if the travellers want to book their visa directly, they can use the UAE visa online to avoid travelling to embassy offices and travel agencies.

These are some derived visa news on UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa, which the emirate’s embassy declares.

Tourist Visa Eligibility

Now coming to the point of what are the eligibility criteria for the UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa.

  • The UAE embassy has passed a condition any country's nationalist can utilize this visa condition.
  • The aspirants travelling must have a stable economy and financially supportive income.
  • Tourist prospectors must give their original passport supportive documents.
  • The tourist prospector image conditioning is required.
  • The minimum balance account sheet of the tourist prospector must be 4000 AED to get approval.
  • Six months' bank transaction records will be checked.
  • Must provide their medical certifications and travel insurance paper records.

How To Apply For UAE 5 Year Tourist Visa

  • You can apply for the UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa in the online mood by taking the help of the UAE visa online site.
  • You must log in and type your citizenship details and destination place here.
  • Then read all the relevant articles related to those countries' visa types.
  • Then click on the visa application button to get the visa types option.
  • Select your relevant type and apply for it.
  • A form of application will be displayed. Fill out that form.
  • Then complete your payments as per your preferable transaction mode.
  • This site has processed millions of customers' visa approval and also conducted multinational companies to get visa approval for UAE employee applicants.


UAE 5 Year Visa Cost

To check the 5 Years Tourist Visa cost, visit the UAE visa site online. On a general term, it charged 850 USD for giving UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa approval.

If you are booking your visa types from this site, remember that you must know the charges in your tourist visa cost.

  • Visa type cost
  • Insurance price for the travellers
  • Service prices
  • Government taxes and GST

UAE Visa Extension

Now coming to the point of visa extension policies-

  • Initially, the visa period in UAE is 60 days, and it will be valid from when the visa is issued.
  • Additionally, if any aspirants want to extend their visa condition, it can be expanded for 60 days.
  • Now coming to the maximum number of permits for visa extension, as the UAE embassy has termed it, 180 days a year is the full extension term. It cannot be extended any further.

- For getting all relevant consolidation and suggestions on visa bookings, go for the UAE visa online site. Here, you can approach your necessity by searching or communicating with the provided help number on the site for visa updates.


UAE Visa Updates

Now coming to other points of discussion-

  • The UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa allows international employee staff to utilize these visa necessities.
  • The companies’ owners can use the UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa only for companies with legal approval and authentications.
  • If any travellers overstay or their visa lapses and have not left the UAE country, they must give a 100 AED fine. The embassy might also take severe actions like passport cancellation, imprisonment, etc.
  • With the 30 days visa, the UAE embassy offers 10 days grace period, as its visa validity is for short durations.

The other tourist visa options rather than UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa are:

  • 30 days single visa
  • 60 days multiple visas
  • Visitor visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for any derived visa type medical documentation is mandatory.

Normally, the processing time it takes to process the UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa is 20-25 days, this is the maximum term, Tourists might receive this visa before those mentioned durations.

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