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How to Get a Lost Passport in UAE

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A passport is the most critical UAE travel document to travel abroad or to foreign countries. Personal passports serve as the identification document for foreign nationals visiting the UAE or working in any of the companies. But it may happen that during your stay in UAE as a resident or visitor, your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged. Without a passport, visitors cannot leave UAE or apply for a visa application. To obtain a lost passport in UAE, you have to re-apply for the passport again. 


Procedure for Lost Passport in UAE

  • If foreign nationals in UAE lose their passport, they should report the incident to the nearest police station as soon as possible. If you lose your passport in Dubai, you can go to the Dubai police. For the incident related to the lost passport application, Dubai police worked with GDRFA and the court. 
  • Take copies of all the documents for the lost passport application in the UAE to submit them to the police station.
  • Submit the lost passport report by the police authorities to the UAE court or Dubai court. The police report is authorized and stamped at the court. 
  • Then after collecting stamped reports from the court, submit them to the prosecution department. You do not have to travel separately as prosecution departments near UAE court.
  • After this, you must also go to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs office. They also acknowledge, Authorize and stamp the document. 
  • The next step is to return to the police station, where you lodge the lost passport complaint. The police application has to be stamped by the prosecution, GDRFA, and court to get the missing passport certificate. You will get the lost passport certificate at the police station.
  • After receiving a certificate, you can go to your national embassy to apply for a new passport.
  • After obtaining a new passport resident should also revisit the GDRFA main office for UAE residency visa stamping.
  • The validity of the residency visa stamped on the new passport will be the same as before. If the residence visa expires, you can renew it after obtaining a new passport.


Applying for a Residence Visa in UAE Again

Some documents must be submitted for re-issuance to renew the UAE residence visa. Like:

  • Signed residence visa application (sponsor signature)
  • Old passport and new passport copy
  • Photocopy of old residence visa
  • Photograph
  • Emirates ID photocopy
  • Lost application

Lost Passport Requirements In UAE

To file a complaint about a lost passport in UAE, certain documents are required:

  • Photograph- Take two latest coloured passport-size photos.
  • Lost passport copy- If you have any copy of the lost passport.
  • Application- duly filled lost passport application. After getting the police application get it stamped by other authorities.
  • Minor- In case the applicant has lost their passport is less than 18 years old. Then their parents should be present to sign the report.
  • Employee- If any employee lost the passport under the sponsorship of the employer or company. The employee should apply in Arabic, with a sponsor or company letterhead. A copy of the sponsored company trade license and company establishment content has to be submitted. The application for a lost passport must be submitted with all the documents to the police department of the Emirates, where the residence visa was stamped.
  • Family visa- If the person who has lost the passport is on a family visa or under the parents' sponsorship in UAE. Then that person must submit the letter with the sound signature of the sponsor. A photocopy of the sponsor's passport is also required.



You are visiting the embassy to re-apply for a lost passport in UAE. Losing a passport can affect your travel, visa renewal application, and the UAE visa application process in the United Arab Emirates. As a passport proves a foreign national identity, it must be re-issued from the embassy. A lost passport can be obtained again after complaining at the police station and visiting GDRFA. You are visiting the embassy to re-apply for a lost passport in UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, tourists who have lost their passports inside the United Arab Emirates. They have to follow the same procedure as UAE residents. Tourists should visit the nearby police station and submit the lost passport application. After getting a police application tourists must visit UAE court, then prosecution office, and GDRFA office for stamping. After that, they will get a certificate for a lost passport from the police station. Then tourists can re-apply for passports in UAE.

In case your passport is lost in your native country. Then you should go through the passport policy and process it via your country's embassy. If you are in other foreign countries, then you can renew your passport by fulfilling the requirements of that country for a lost passport.

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