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How Can I Check Emirates ID Validity and status online

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The UAE citizen's and resident identity card is mandatory and it is also a legal requirement. You can get the Emirates ID in UAE by submitting the e- application on the FAIC website or through an accredited typing center. Check Emirates ID Online to ensure that it does not require any change. Emirates ID is an important document that makes your life inside UAE much easier. You will have fast access to government services inside the country with Emirates ID. If you want to check the Emirates ID status online and check Emirates ID validity online. Then FAIC or ICA provides e-services to the residents, citizens, and GCC residents inside the country to check the information online.


Checking Emirates ID Status Online

Once you are done with the submission of the Emirates ID application. And after you have submitted all the documentation and fees for Emirates ID. Then you may want to know about the status of the Emirates ID application. Getting an Emirates ID on time is necessary, so you can avail of different services and receive an identity card. Residents renting houses, flats,  or a room needs Emirates ID to register or apply for Ejari. The Emirates ID application number is required to check the status online. You will get the details of the application number or Emirates ID number in the application. The steps you need to follow to check the Emirates ID Status Online are:

  • Go to the official webpage of FAIC or ICA.
  • On the home page, and on the left side of the page you will find the option "Quick search".
  • Tap the "check ID status" button from under the quick search tab. 
  • Now enter your Emirates ID application number without inserting a hyphen. Or you can also give the Emirates ID number to check the application status. The IDN in the application is the Emirates ID number. The application number is also referred to as the PRAN number.
  • After filling up the details click on the arrow (➡️) tab. The box with all the Emirates ID application statuses and details will appear after clicking on proceed tab. You can find personal information and application status details:
  • PRAN/ application number
  • Emirates ID number
  • Application history
  • Next steps required to be followed
  • Current status of your Emirates ID application
  • Application type

Sometimes due to a bad internet connection or technical reasons, you may find it difficult to check Emirates ID Online. In this case, the applicant can directly contact you through the contact number " 600 522222". 


Checking Emirates ID Validity Online

Renewing your Emirates ID as the validity end is mandatory if you want to live in UAE. The Emirates ID validity stays valid for one year, two years, or five years. Which is the same as the duration of residency visa validity. To confirm when is the issue date or expiry date of Emirates ID. With an expired or invalid Emirates ID, no bank transaction is possible. So, it has to be renewed on time. It is possible to check the Emirates ID Validity online. Steps to follow include:

  • You can check Emirates ID Validity online on the FAIC website.
  • Change the language to English.
  • On the main page, select the service "ID card status".
  • Click on the ID number to check the status of Emirates ID validity online.
  • Now, enter the Emirates ID number.
  • Click on the "check status" option.
  • The Emirates ID Status information and Emirates ID expiry date will be shown after clicking on the "check status" tab.



Residents and citizens of the United Arab Emirates can keep the track of Emirates ID validity online. Additionally, after submitting the application the Emirates ID status can also be checked online. Emirates is not required for short-term visits or transit purposes. For transit or tourist purposes, you can go to the UAE visa online website for sending an application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The application log history is the overall timeline of your Emirates ID application. You can also see "application log history" when you check Emirates ID status online. The log history includes information like the date you submitted your Emirates ID application, the date on which the Emirates ID card was printed, the verification date of Emirates ID, and also the time and dates your Emirates ID was delivered to the post office.

No, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship does not charge any fee if you want to check the Emirates ID status online.

The cost of Emirates ID with the validity of 1 year is AED 170. The Emirates ID with two years validity will cost AED 270.

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