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The UAE government has enforced some new changes for entry in the country for Qatar residency visa holders. There are some new UAE travel restrictions on foreign visitors from Qatar. Visitors, tourists, and Qatar residency visa holders can travel to the United Arab Emirates but with certain limitations. The new travel restrictions in UAE for Qatar are imposed due to the tension and diplomatic crisis between these two countries.  

In the year 2017, the UAE government did some changes for travelers from Qatar to obtain entry into the country. Qatar residency visa holders were not allowed to issue their UAE visa after reaching the destination or from the airport. Visitors from Qatar have to issue visas for UAE before reaching the destination. But, the UAE visa on arrival facility was opened for travelers whose family is residing in the UAE or holds the residency of UAE. 

But, in 2021 Qatar, UAE, and other GCC countries have developed friendly relations and peace among themselves. Resulting at the end of UAE travel restrictions for Qatar from the year 2017. The Qatar residency visa holders will now be free to travel from Qatar to UAE and develop trade relations between the two countries. The UAE government has now renewed the travel restrictions from land and sea for Qatari residents. Qatar is now on the green list but still, Qatar residency visa holders have to follow some rules and guidelines to get entry into the country.


New Travel restrictions in UAE for Qatar residency visa holders

  • Negative Covid PCR test- The fully vaccinated applicants with Qatar residency visa holders still have to show the test results of the COVIthe D 19 PCR test.
  • The language in the test results should be in Arabic or it can also be accepted in English.
  • Show the printed document of the negative PCR test results.
  • Qatari travelers have to take the COVID RT PCR test again at the airport.
  • Qatar nationals reaching Abu Dhabi airport can show their certificate and Covid test results on the AlHosn app. 
  •  Vaccinated people from Qatar have to quarantine for 5 days. Unvaccinated travelers from Qatar have to quarantine for 10 days.

UAE visa for Qatar residency visa holders

The UAE visa on arrival for Qatar residency visa holders has some restrictions and limitations. Although, Qatar residents and citizens can obtain their UAE visas from the nearest UAE embassy. All travelers from Qatar can also obtain UAE tourist visas for vacational purposes. The UAE tourist visa will allow multiple entries and single entry according to the wants and requirements of applicants. Applicants can apply for either a multiple-entry UAE tourist visa or a single entry tourist UAE visa.  The tourist visa for UAE can be obtained for 2 weeks, 30 days, or 60 days according to your choice.


Single Entry Visa fee for UAE tourist visa from Qatar

Visa type

Visa fee

14 days UAE visa 


30 days UAE visa


60 days UAE visa 



Multiple entry UAE visas for Qatar residency visa holders

Visa type

Visa fee

30 days visa


60 days visa 


Steps to apply for a UAE tourist visa

Tourists can obtain visit visas, transit visas, and tourist visas to the United Arab Emirates by following some easy steps:

  • Tourists who are not eligible for visa-free entry in the UAE can apply for a UAE tourist visa from the website UAE visa online. (-
  • Open the UAE online visa website, select nationality and living country.
  • Choose the validity and type of UAE tourist visa (multiple entry or single entry)
  • Qatar residency visa holders will be asked to fill in personal details, national ID numbers, passport details, etc.
  • Applicants from Qatar should also upload documents with UAE online tourist visa application form.
  • Pay fees for UAE online tourist visa application form.
  • Download and take the printout of UAE tourist visa to get entry at the immigration points.

Processing time and fee

The processing time for your tourist visa for UAE is approximately 3 or 4 days. Delays usually don't happen if you have uploaded important documents. The processing fee for UAE visas for tourists is 26.0 USD.


UAE Entry requirements for  Qatar citizens

  • Passport
  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Financial and proof of funds
  • COVID vaccination certificate
  • COVID 19 test results
  • UAE tourist visa


UAE travel restrictions for Qatar residents and entry requirements may vary according to the destination and city. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The unvaccinated may not be allowed to enter the entry ports. But Qatar residents may be asked to quarantine for 14 days and provide test results of COVID 19 RT PCR.

Yes, now travel and trade restrictions between Qatar and the UAE will be erased after the signing of peace at the GCC summit.

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