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UAE Visa for Japanese Nationals in 2024

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Japan and the UAE are considerably close countries geographically, and yet their differences are so stark. If you plan on getting a UAE visa for Japanese nationals and then going on a trip, we are here to guide you through it.

There is a noticeable difference in language and culture, so agencies like UAE visa online offer guides and drivers who know several languages.

Japan is a highly developed country, and so is the UAE, so they both are pretty similar in infrastructure. However, you can be ready to get amazed by the Islamic culture and architecture, the people, the weather, and especially the futuristic cities.

Continue reading the article below to find out if Japanese citizens need UAE visas.

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Visa requirement for UAE Visa For Japanese Citizens

The authorities in UAE have a list of 64 countries in the world that have been provided visa exceptions. The citizens of these nations can visit this Middle Eastern tourism hub for up to 30 days without filling out the application form beforehand.

The UAE visa requirement for Japanese citizens has also been diminished due to this announcement. Applicants can check for themselves through the immigration website or their travel agency.

Types of visas based on the duration of the stay

If you are filling out the application through a travel website like UAE Visa online, you will get around ten different kinds of options for a UAE visa for Japanese.

1. 48 hours

This is the perfect visa option for a quick layover in the country. It has an eligibility of two days, during which the travellers can exit the airport facilities and explore.

2. 96 hours

It is another transit visa that lasts for 96 hours. Applicants can carefully choose between either of these visas depending on the duration of the layover.

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3. 14 days, 30 days, 60 days

This regular UAE visa for Japanese Nationals is meant for tourists who wish to explore the country for any of these lengths of time.

4. 30 days extension

If you entered the UAE with the idea of a possible extension, this visa is for you. It is also available for a 60-day UAE visa extension.

5. Dubai expo visa

If you must attend the annual expo in UAE’s most attractive city, get an expo visa for up to 60 days.

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Documents Required for UAE Visa for Japanese Citizens

As a visa applicant from any country, you must submit many documents at the time of application.

Here is a list of documents you must gather to fulfil the UAE visa requirements for Japanese citizens. If you are not submitting them through a UAE travel agency, you must get them double-checked with an agent to ensure they are in proper order.

  • The applicant’s Japanese passport proves their nationality. It should be valid for the next three months and have a couple of blank pages for entry stamps.
  • Two passport-sized photographs were taken recently.
  • Bank statements should not show a balance of less than AED 3000. Alternatively, you can also carry an equal amount of cash.
  • The filled application form for the UAE visa requirements for Japanese citizens.
  • Details of your returning flight.
  • Travel details like the hotels or any other accommodations booked by you for the duration of the trip and parties of any tours you might have booked with a travel agency.
  • The trip details a complete itinerary of the places you will be visiting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are on a non-immigration 30 day UAE visa for Japanese Nationals, then the extension will not be possible in most cases.

No, most people in the country also speak English since it is a universal language. However, if you are not comfortable with both Arabic and English as a Japanese person then a guide can be arranged.

The fee for a visa ranges from $130 to $600 depending on the package chosen by the applicant. However the 30 day UAE visa for Japanese Nationals is completely free of cost if you are visiting simply as a tourist.

The authorities in UAE have announced an exception list of countries that do not need a visa application which makes the 30-day free tourist visa as your best option.

If you have applied through a travel agency like UAE visa online, then the processing days can be anywhere from three to four business days. The applications through a consulate tend to take a little longer than that.

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