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Is Whatsapp Call Banned in UAE

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Are you planning a trip to the UAE? Here’s how we can help you! If you plan to visit Dubai or any of the seven emirates of UAE, you must apply for a UAE visa. Besides applying for your UAE visa, you will have to update yourself with the recent regulations and policies of the UAE. One of the questions that pop up immediately as you reach is why is WhatsApp calls banned in UAE. Gaining insights into the rules and regulations of the UAE will help you plan your visit systematically, leaving no stone unturned.

All around the globe, WhatsApp is the most used app to connect to people with just the use of your internet data. However, UAE has banned a few apps for security reasons adhering to the set of protocols it must follow. If you have your UAE visa processed and will soon be visiting UAE, we will assist you throughout these with the latest regulations in UAE.

WhatsApp, the most popular modern bridge to connect with people worldwide, has been banned in UAE. WhatsApp is ahead of the race, being highly competitive and sustainable for the long run. WhatsApp online texts, video messages, and audio recordings are permitted; however, WhatsApp call is banned in UAE. However, anyone with a UAE visa who has tried to make a WhatsApp call in UAE will know that these services are known as the Voice over Internet Protocol or what is commonly termed as VoIP. WhatsApp and many other VoIP services are completely blocked in the UAE.

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Why is WhatsApp Call banned in UAE?

WhatsApp, along with all the other VoIP, is banned in UAE as the government of UAE has banned VoIP services throughout the UAE. The Dubai government bans these services to follow their security protocols and to dominate the other Communication Cybersecurity countries.

UAE has a network of VoIP that it encourages visitors to use, such as the DU and Etisalat. These two are the major telecom companies in UAE that have launched the BOTIM app that is available to make video and voice calls to people. To generate enough revenue, the government of UAE supports and encourages these services.

Besides that, these apps provide encrypted services, and UAE believes these apps can constantly threaten their national security. These encrypted data of WhatsApp signifies that your data will not be transparent to government oversight, hackers or crackers, or any other third party. Any illegal activities can be carried out by not making the activities of these people involved transparent.

However, without any hassle, your WhatsApp may work online for texting, exchanging video messages, and audio recordings, but it does not allow people to make WhatsApp calls in UAE.

Is there a way your WhatsApp can work in UAE?

Arriving on a UAE visa, one must purchase the Tourist Visa SIM by DU or Tourist Visa SIM by Etisalat. So, the real question is: how to use WhatsApp calls in UAE? With the rising usage of WhatsApp for all official and unofficial purposes, there is a way to unlock a few essential services of WhatsApp. You can choose to securely unlock a few features of WhatsApp calls in UAE through these free VPNs for WhatsApp in UAE:

NordVPN – NordVPN is known to be the best VPN for UAE and is a top-rated service provider in Dubai, streamlined with its privacy provisions that enable voice and video calling features of WhatsApp by lifting the UAE’s ban on WhatsApp calls.

SurfShark – This VPN has a diskless infrastructure that can blanket over with military-grade encryption that can get into government censorship.

ExpressVPN – As the name suggests, this VPN speeds up your networking and is one of the fastest networks in the business, making speed its top priority for ensuring connectivity.

CyberGhost – This is a generalist VPN that has the integration of specialist provisions to break through the geographical blocks placed on these apps.

PrivateVPN – This VPN provider owns and operates through the entire network. This also ensures that no third party can snoop on your VPN connection.

PureVPN – Having a fair share of experience with fighting off China’s Great Firewall, it can bring down VoIP blocks placed by the UAE.

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Developments in the rules regarding WhatsApp banned in UAE:

The National Electronic Security Authority of the United Arab Emirates has been anticipating that the UAE might lift a ban on WhatsApp calls. However, the date to lift this ban has not been specified yet. 

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 lockdown of the country, many residents needed these services of Skype and WhatsApp. These were the contentions raised by the National Electronic Security Authority:

As people are now working remotely from their homes, the usage of Skype and WhatsApp has been on a constant rise ever since Work from Home began.

UAE citizens are in dire need of using such applications as they are the most widely used apps for all purposes.

The Telecom Regulator Industry of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) made an official declaration in March stating that some of the features, such as free video and voice calls, are allowed through a few apps of VPNs.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Dubai also permitted people to use Skype for business and WhatsApp calls in UAE to improve work-from-home operations and connect with the expatriates or visitors stuck in the city due to the COVID-induced pandemic.

Is WhatsApp call banned in UAE? Have been a cause of worry and debate for the citizens of UAE for a long time. Lifting the ban on WhatsApp, Skype, and VoIP will also relieve the pressure on the government with the rise in demand for these services.

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