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The United Arab Emirates visa for Albania Nationals

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There are various provisions to apply for the visa UAE for an Albanian national or an Albanian passport holder.

There is a provision for online UAE visa application available for the citizens of Albanian, they can apply through the online application. The citizens of Albania need to pay the fees for the online visa application.

The feature for online visa application is available for all citizens from all over the world. They can apply through the online visa application, from their official website or they can apply from our site 

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UAE visa for ALBANIAN passport holders or citizens of Albanian

The visa application is very simple for Albanian citizens of the UAE. They can apply for an online visa through the official website or they can apply through our website. The citizens of Albanian need to fill out a short application form and they need to upload a few documents. After all these processes they need to make the payment for the visa.

Can a citizen of Albania travel to UAE? 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all the nations around the globe were in a state of lockdown. All international travel was banned and all the people were stuck in their homes.

Citizens from Albania can travel to UAE, it doesn’t matter whether they are vaccinated or non-vaccinated. The tourist needs a proper vaccination certificate to enter the country, they also need a negative report of COVID-19. If the tourist is found positive on the arrival in the country.

It is a mandatory quarantine period for the people, this should be arranged by the tourist and it is self-sponsored. They need to have undergone an RTPCR test which must be done before 72 hours of arrival.

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Online visa for UAE from an Albanian passport holder 

The citizen of Albanian can apply for a visa to UAE online, they can visit Dubai for a period of up to 90 days. This visa for Dubai can be for fewer days depending on the type of visa they are applying for.

They need to apply for an online visa application, and the passport they are carrying should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in the country.

Procedure to apply for the UAE e-visa for an Albania passport holder

The procedure for the online UAE visa application form is very short and simple. This process can be completed online they can apply from our website. This online application form is very short and simple and it starts with a short online application form. In the application form, they need to fill in the name and details of the person traveling, contact details, and the address of the person traveling after that, they need to give their passport details such as their (passport number, date of issue of there passport, the address of the person traveling, the expiry date of the passport).

The person who is traveling from Albanian, they must make sure that they are traveling using the same passport through which they applied for the visa.

If the person is traveling from Albanian must provide the correct information or if they have provided any half information. The visa application of the person will be rejected. if the person traveling from one Albania uses another passport that they have used while applying for the visa application, their visa application form will be rejected.

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Documents that are required for Albania citizens for the visa UAE

  • Passport

The tourist must carry a passport, which has a validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country.

  • Handwritten passport

The tourist must carry a machine-readable passport, handwritten passports are not accepted for the visa application.

  • Passport size photograph

The tourist needs to carry a passport-size photograph, the photo should be clear and in colored form.

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Processing time for the visa  

People who applied for the visa must wait for some time while the visa application will be processed. The time for the processing is at least 24 hours and it might take up to 48 hours. 

There are various types of visas that are available for the person traveling to the UAE.

Visa type

Stay Duration

Price inclusive of VAT & Tax

14 Days (Single Entry)

14 days from arrival date


Tourist – short-term (single entry)

30 days from arrival date


Tourist – short-term (multiple entries)

30 days from the first entry


Tourist – long-term (single entry)

90 days from arrival date


Tourist – long-term (multiple entries)

90 days from the first entry


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