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How to check if your UAE visa is genuine or fake in 2024?

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Verifying the authenticity of your UAE visa is paramount to ensure a smooth and legal travel experience. To confirm whether your UAE visa is genuine or counterfeit, begin by checking the official government or immigration website of the UAE. Most authorities provide online tools or portals where you can enter your visa details for verification. Cross-reference the information on your visa with the details available on the official website, including the visa number, your name, and the expiration date. Additionally, avoid visa appearance discrepancies, such as irregular fonts or formatting. Contact the issuing authority or embassy for verification if you have any doubts. Staying vigilant and employing these verification measures will help safeguard against the rising cases of fake UAE visas, ensuring your travel documents are legitimate and compliant with immigration regulations.

Rising the Cases of Fake UAE Visa

The availability of fake UAE visas is concerning, with various factors contributing to their existence. One primary reason is the growing demand for visas to the UAE, making it an attractive target for fraudulent activities. The allure of employment opportunities, tourism, and business ventures has increased the number of visa applications, creating a market for fake documents. Individuals are encouraged to employ thorough verification methods to discern whether a UAE visa is real or phony. Utilizing official government portals or contacting relevant authorities directly can help verify the authenticity of the visa. As instances of fake UAE visas continue to rise, it becomes crucial for applicants to remain vigilant and informed, actively seeking legitimate channels to confirm the genuineness of their UAE e-visa.

Documents Required for UAE Visa

  • Application form (this form is available online)
  • Copy of the front page and the last page of your passport (validity of the passport should be up to 6 months to the date of travel)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copies of your travel tickets
  • Visa fees
  • Ok, to board consent from the airlines

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Additional Documents Required for UAE Visa

When applying for a visa to UAE, in addition to the standard required documents, there are specific scenarios that may necessitate additional paperwork:

  1. Letter of Invitation from Sponsor:- For specific visa types, a letter of invitation from a sponsor in Dubai may be necessary. This document typically outlines the purpose and duration of the visit, and it serves as a confirmation of the individual's association with the sponsor.
  2. Employment Visa:- If the purpose of the visit is employment, an employment visa may be required. This involves submitting documents related to the job offer, contract, and other employer details.
  3. Student Visa:- A student visa may be needed for those intending to study in Dubai. This could involve presenting an acceptance letter from the educational institution, proof of enrollment, and details about the course of study.

It's essential to check the specific requirements based on the type of visa being applied for, as different visas have distinct documentation needs. Additionally, staying updated with the latest information from official immigration sources and consulting with the relevant authorities can ensure a smooth and accurate visa application process.

Your Visas: Fake or Real?  

A woman recently applied for two visas to Dubai while planning a vacation—one for herself and the other for her spouse. She discovered that her visa had no expiration date after processing her visa. She got in touch with the authorities right away and resolved the situation.

Prevention Tips for Getting a Fake UAE Visa

  • At the Airport: Around two million people fly into Dubai's airport daily. They must have a tourist, employment, or residential visa to enter Dubai. At the airport in Dubai, there is an integrated system that enables immigration officers to determine whether a visa is genuine. After scanning your passport at the airport, the machine indicates whether the visa is straightforward. Additionally, it offers information on how long the visa will be valid.
  • Website: Logging into the official government website, GDFRA check the UAE visa will allow you to verify the validity of your visa. You only need to fill out a few details to confirm that your visa is genuine and not fake.

Note:- "If you apply for your UAE visa online, Use the services of reputed travel companies or trusted websites only and also check the reputation and background of the websiteBeware of social media content because most frauds happen through social media".

How to identify fake UAE Visas?

Identifying a fake UAE visa involves scrutiny and adherence to official procedures. Be cautious when encountering irregularities, discrepancies, or suspicious practices during application. Here are vital steps to help you identify a fake UAE visa:

  1. Verify Application Form Authenticity:- Ensure you use the official and legitimate UAE visa application form. Fake visas may involve fake UAE visa application forms with consistency or errors.
  2. Cross-Check Information:- Thoroughly review the information provided in the application form. Confirm that your name, passport number, and other personal information match your official documents.
  3. Check for Official Government Portals:- Utilize only the official government portals or authorized channels for visa applications. Fake visas may be associated with unauthorized websites or agencies attempting to exploit applicants.
  4. Be Wary of Unsolicited Offers:- Exercise caution if you receive unexpected or unsolicited offers for UAE visas. The applicant initiates legitimate visa processes, and government authorities sometimes send unsolicited visa offers.
  5. Verify Payment Processes:- Legitimate visa applications involve transparent and secure payment processes. Be wary if the payment methods or instructions seem unclear, unprofessional, or differ significantly from official procedures.
  6. Contact Official Authorities:- If in doubt, reach out to the official government immigration authorities in the UAE to verify the authenticity of your visa application. They can provide guidance and confirm whether your application is legitimate.

Being vigilant and adhering to official procedures can lower the risk of falling victim to fake UAE visas. Always prioritize using authorized channels and thoroughly verify all aspects of the application process to ensure a secure and accurate visa approval.

Check UAE Visa Entry Permit Number

After submitting your application, you are given a unique number that you may use to monitor your visa status. The UAE visa entrance permit number is one of the best techniques to determine if your UAE visa is real or false. You may check your visa status on the U.A.E. government's official websites. Once the official website indicates your visa is verified, you can leave on vacation in Dubai or any other UAE emirate without worrying.

By simply Googling "Check my Visa Number" or "Check U.A.E. visa status," you can discover similar websites. Please click on websites that conclude in ".ae," the domain name. All websites headquartered in the United Arab Emirates are given. Before submitting, you may go to the "General Inquiry" page on the official government website and input basic details like your Visa number, date of birth, etc. If your visa is stored in the system, it will inform you of this.)

Tips to Avoid UAE Visa Fraud

  • According to UAE law, the employer must provide a letter from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization of the UAE if you have a job opportunity in Dubai.
  • You cannot work in the UAE with a tourist or visitation visa.
  • UAE Visa Online can assist you with visas and entry permits in Dubai.

Why should I apply for a Visa via UAE Visa Online?

It's advisable to apply through UAE Visa Online for your comfort. Simply following three simple actions gives you a better experience without any difficulty. Individuals who do not qualify for visa-free entry or a visa on arrival in the United Arab Emirates can apply for a tourist visa. Travellers meeting the criteria from any country can receive this type of visa. This type of visa is only available to females under eighteen if they travel with their parents.

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Here are the facts why you should apply for a UAE visa online

  • Guaranteed approval of 100%
  • Trustworthy and dependable.
  • Minimum document necessary
  • Receive your visa in 48–72 hours.
  • They have a knowledgeable team of visa consultants who carefully review your documents, increasing the likelihood of a visa approval.
  • Customer assistance online 24/7 via email and chat.

OK TO BOARD for UAE Visa. Why is it necessary?

The "OK TO BOARD" (OTB) requirement for UAE visas is a crucial step in the travel process, and understanding its necessity is essential for a smooth journey. The UAE government mandates the OTB validation, and it serves as an additional verification step before allowing passengers to board flights bound for the UAE. This requirement particularly applies to individuals holding visas on arrival or electronic visas.

The primary purpose of the OK TO BOARD process is to ensure that the traveller's visa documentation is genuine, valid, and in compliance with the immigration regulations of the UAE. It acts as a final checkpoint, confirming that the traveller has the necessary approval to enter the country. Airlines, including Air India, implement the OTB process to prevent passengers with counterfeit or invalid visas from boarding flights, safeguarding both the airline and the passenger from potential legal complications upon arrival in the UAE.


In conclusion, discerning the authenticity of a UAE e-Visa is paramount in light of the prevalent concerns surrounding visa fraud. Implementing a vigilant UAE visa fraud check is crucial for individuals to ascertain whether their UAE visit visa is original or fake. Utilizing official channels, such as government portals, to verify visa details and cross-referencing information remains integral in safeguarding against fraudulent activities. As the distinction between a legitimate and counterfeit UAE e-Visa is pivotal for a smooth travel experience, staying informed and actively engaging in verification processes ensures that one's visit to the UAE complies with immigration regulations. Always check if your UAE visa is genuine to guarantee a secure and legitimate entry into the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, children of the Vanuatu citizen also require a visa to travel in Dubai.

To check if your visa is original, use official channels provided by the immigration authorities of the respective country. Verify the visa details on their official website or contact their customer service for authentication.

To check your UAE visa using your ID number, visit GDRFA in the respective emirate. Navigate to the visa inquiry section, enter your ID number, and view the current status of your UAE visa.

To check your UAE visa photo, visit the official GDRFA website. Enter your visa details, and you can view and verify the photo associated with your UAE visa.

The UAE needs a specific mobile app for checking visa status. Visa status inquiries are typically made through the official websites of the relevant immigration authorities, such as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) of the respective emirate.

Dubai Tourist Visa for Vanuatu Nationals has the validity of 90 days and 180 days.

Unfortunately, Dubai Visa for Vanuatu Passport Holders cannot be extended for tourists.

Yes, it is necessary to get a Dubai Visa for Vanuatu Nationals to travel in Dubai.

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