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Witness the Most Memorable Winters in Dubai 2024

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With the freezing winter that has hit the globe, UAE has flourished this winter as the great weather has pushed people out of their homes meanwhile adhering to the regulations of COVID-19 precautions with the mandated face masks and hand sanitizers. People have taken to the streets to explore the UAE in its beautiful winter season! If you are visiting UAE anytime soon, you must know how to celebrate winter in UAE just as we will have you go through this experience!

How to celebrate winter in UAE?

As we all know that Dubai’s fashion is quite popular for its magnificent beauty and glamour, Dubai residents pulled out their winter wear to get warm and cozy while exploring the city during the sweet chilly days and nights. Although, this year's winter as per the residents has been reported to have been the coldest winter in a long time, although it is not the coldest winter ever that the UAE has witnessed. People have taken up this opportunity of city life to enjoy remote excursions and camping, shopping, and partaking in fun activities around the country. Many Families enjoy a cool winter at the Jebel Jais Viewing Deck Park in Ras Al Khaimah, on January 4 as it is decorated with all the winter themes.

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Celebrate winter in UAE by joining the World’s Coolest Winter Campaign:

The social media challenge supports the ‘World’s Coolest Winter’ campaign that was launched under the new UAE Strategy for Domestic Tourism on Saturday, to encourage residents to take advantage of the season’s pleasant climate in embarking on different adventures across the entire UAE. The ‘World’s Coolest Winter’ campaign is led by the Ministry of Economy, in collaboration with local tourism entities, and is essentially being supported by the UAE Government Media Office.

The campaign is officially organized by Dubai and the UAE Government Media Office which calls upon the public to share videos of their outdoor experiences in UAE on social media with an exciting opportunity to win amazing cash prizes. Participants were invited to post images or short videos of no longer than 30 seconds of their fun winter activities across the UAE on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #WorldsCoolestWinterChallenge to keep reviving the trend and be recognized for their unique campaign ideas. It was immensely welcomed by tourists and residents all across the UAE as more than 11,500 entries have been submitted since 15th December 2020, capturing the mighty glory of UAE’s major attractions and extravagant lifestyle destinations.

The UAE took immense pride in announcing the first two winners of UAE’s #WorldsCoolestWinterChallenge: Ahmad Hasan and Subodh Shetty with each of these winners receiving a cash prize of Dh 25,000.

Excited to know more about the competition? Well, good for you since it does have a second phase of the competition that will offer two grand cash prizes worth AED 50,000 within a duration of 10 days commencing from January 15 to January 25, 2021. At the end of the challenge, the campaign managers will publish the stories of winners along with the ideas that inspired their submissions.

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UAE Vice-President welcomes tourists to celebrate winter in UAE:

Under these particular weather conditions, Sheikh Mohammed strategically launched the first federal domestic tourism campaign which was titled respectively as the 'World's Coolest Winter' to invite the residents and tourists to join the World's Coolest Winter Challenge and explore the hidden gems of the seven emirates of the UAE. The UAE Vice-President reportedly said that "everything is beautiful in the winter of UAE".

This campaign focuses on the vision to develop a comprehensive scheme to regulate the local tourism sector in collaboration with the relevant local and federal entities. He revealed a new unified tourism identity that is highly inclusive as part of the UAE Nation Brand, to establish the country's well-reputed status as an "ideal tourist destination both locally and globally by sharing its inspiring story with the world”.

He stressed that "working as one team" in the tourism sector will spring up long-term benefits to every emirate of the UAE and "boost our status globally as a single tourist destination that offers rich and diverse experiences".

Sheikh Mohammed has reportedly said: "Each of the seven emirates features rich tourist experiences, massive resources, cultural heritage, archaeological and architectural treasures of the world. We aim to unify our efforts to maximize returns as we invite the private sector to take this campaign as an opportunity to strengthen partnerships with the government to bring greater value and accelerate the country's economic recovery by fostering growth and development."

"However, the UAE's winter is the most beautiful in the entire world. The UAE has the most beautiful winter, the most beautiful people, and the most beautiful services," he said with an inclination to invite everyone to travel to UAE and "explore the spirit of the country"!

He said that the UAE "hosts an exceptional winter and offers the best services that tourists can utilize inside and outside of the country". He further went on with the note saying that "winter brings great moments and experiences unlike everything else in the UAE, we aim to make every winter the best in the world."

Sheikh Mohammed extensively promoted the UAE as a single tourist destination with diverse attractions and experiences that boosts the country's tourism sector thereby forming an integral part of the national economy with this winter season on hand following which organized an amazing campaign.

“This unique competition invites UAE residents to look at their communities with refreshed eyes, an enthusiastic and lively determination,” said Fahad Al Hassawi who is the acting CEO of Dubai.

“We aim to celebrate the cultural heritage, richness, and beauty in the diversity of UAE and our team is more than excited to receive brilliant videos. I’d like to congratulate both Ahmad Hasan and Subodh Shetty for a much-deserved win this week.”

Sheikh Mohammed wholeheartedly invited citizens and residents of different age groups, interests, and backgrounds, ensuring inclusivity by calling upon them to rediscover the UAE's landmarks, reconnect with nature and share their experiences on social media platforms thereby unifying with the natives all across the world and spreading the joy of unity! To revel in the joy of this unity, you must know ways in which you can celebrate winter in UAE as well!

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