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A birth certificate is an important document anyone needs to prove their date of birth, date of place, age of the person, and the birth of place. Tourists traveling with children under 18 years often have to show their birth certificates while entering in UAE and many other foreign nations. Even the citizen and residents of the United Arab Emirates need to attach and present their birth certificates to gain government services, other several places, etc. You can apply for the replacement of a lost birth certificate in the UAE. A birth certificate is an important document you will have to replace or obtain a renewed birth certificate.

Replacement birth certificate, UAE

The government of the United Arab Emirates understands the unwanted damage of the birth certificate. The unwanted situation and lost or stolen birth certificates are possible. Therefore, you should apply for a replacement birth certificate, in UAE. So that you do not face difficulties and to have evidence of your birthplace, date, age, etc. The issuance process for the replacement of lost birth certificates in the UAE may change and vary according to the time.  The service of issuance for Replacement of birth certificate under valid reason can be completed from the preventive medicine department in UAE. Under the preventive medicine department, health centers and clinics services provide services related to a birth certificates.  Applicants who can apply for replacement birth certificates, in UAE are;

  • If your birth certificate is lost
  • If your birth certificate is damaged
  • If your birth certificate has been stolen under certain circumstances


Eligibility and requirements for issuance of lost birth certificate in UAE

If the birth certificate has been lost, stolen, or damaged one should meet certain requirements to apply for a replacement birth certificate:

  • Applying for a replacement form outside the country- If you are applying for the replacement of a lost birth certificate from outside the country or you are residing in a foreign nation. Then you will need all the original documents required for replacement. In addition to this lawyer or a consultant or power of attorney will be required to receive the replacement certificate for you. You can also send the faxed letter in which you permit this person (attorney or lawyer) to accept the document.
  • Applicants applying for replacement can only be done in presence of parents, both mother, and father.
  • Original documents should be submitted at the center which will be asked by the authority.
  • Review of the original lost birth certificate's status.


Documents Required For Issuance Of Lost Birth Certificate In UAE

  • Present the available lost birth certificate copies.
  • A copy of the original birth certificate must be stamped with all the necessary stamps.
  • Original document and a copy of the UAE or national ID card.
  • The physical presence of a father or the representative.
  • Documents of parents: Mother and father have valid passports. Both copies and an original passport is required. OR a valid residence license of parents.
  • Marriage certificate- Both copies and original documents of the parent's marriage certificate. The marriage certificate of the parents must be certified by the UAE embassy in the country of marriage. And the marriage certificate should also be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Death certificate (if required) In the event of the death of a parent, legal notice and death certificate must be presented
  • Confirmation letter or document from the police station that the birth certificate has been lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • If the mother of the applicant or child is not a national of UAE, then both passport and residence permit should be submitted.
  • If both mother and father are citizens of UAE, then the original of the family book plus the copies are required.

Steps or process to apply for replacement birth certificate, UAE

  • Applicants who apply for issuance or replacement should go to the same Preventive Medical Center from where the original birth certificate was issued earlier.
  • Carry the requirements documents to the  Preventive Medical Center in UAE for submission.
  • Complete the application form for replacement via the e-system.
  • Pay fees online through an e-system.
  • A New or replacement birth certificate from UAE will be issued after the confirmation or verification of the documents presented by the applicant.
  • The renewed birth certificate can be collected by the father, a representative from the center.



Replacement of birth certificate in UAE can be done in a few simple steps if the applicant has relevant documents and have a valid reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Replacement of birth certificate in UAE is only required if you have lost or damaged your original birth certificate.

If the father of the children can not be present during the Issuance of the birth certificate, then a representative of the father can carry the procedure. 

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