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covid 19 travel guideline

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Now that the lockdown has been lifted, you already must have started to dream about your next travel destination. But you need to know that even though the lockdown has been lifted and things have started to get back to regular, the threat of COVID-19 is still there. You must be completely prepared to fight COVID 19. With little precaution and alertness, you can begin travelling.

You need to remember one thing that posts COVID-19, your travel will be different. You will have to follow COVID 19 travel guidelines for your safety. Here are your COVID 19 travel guidelines that you must follow to ensure yours and your fellow traveller's health and safety.


  • Why be cautious about travelling post-COVID?
  • Travel guideline to be followed
  • Airport's safety measures

Why be cautious about travelling post-COVID?

We know that in spite the lockdown being lifted we have still not won the battle against coronavirus and this fight is not that easy. You have to be very careful as the corona is still out there and many have lost their dear ones. You taking precautions is going to be beneficial for your safety and also for your surroundings. And you don't want to put anyone at risk. 

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Travel guideline to be followed

  • Always keep the track of the latest updates by government or local authorities. Make you have regular updates related to the increase in the number of cases of the situation through the media platform. It is always advisable to check travel advice released by the officials and also of the destination you will be travelling to.
  • In case you are travelling abroad, you might have to register with the foreign office too. So it is advisable to provide correct information about yourself to theses authorities, for them to contact you and keep you updated.
  • You will also have to take all the necessary precautions against COVID-19 and its common symptoms. Maintain distance in public places.
  • You have to be well prepared for any unplanned stay too. So it is advisable that you carry enough money with you, have sufficient medicines, water and food just in case you extend your stay because of movement restrictions.
  • Have all your essential documents ready with you.
  • Have a valid passport with a validity of 6 months minimum.
  • Get you medical insurance and check with if your policy covers treatment for COVID 19 or not.

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Airport's safety measures

COVID-19 has changed everything around us be it the way you celebrate, the way you hang out and also the way you travel or fly. There have been new standards set up for travelling by air.

Have a look at the safety measures taken at all airports: 

  1. Medical screening: You heard it right, the screening of baggage and traveller has changed now. Every traveller before entering the airport will undergo a temperature check and if you show high temperature than the limit, you will not be allowed to travel. Even a small symptom will affect your travelling. Every staff member at the airports also undergoes temperature screening regularly for safety purpose.
  2. Sanitization of airports: For the safety of travellers and staff members, airport and plane are regularly being sanitized at regular intervals. Every service counter, Kiosks, lavatory and shuttle buses are also sanitized properly. Every staff member must wear gloves and masks. Travellers also have to wear gloves and a mask for safety.
  3. Touchless Journey: COVID 19 has changed everything, this means that from now on it will be preferred to go for online booking, order food online and to do pre-web checking to avoid touch.
  4. Travel insurance: Post-COVID 19 it will be mandatory for travellers to have travel insurance while travelling.
  5. Safety luggage: Safety luggage includes your mask, gloves and sanitizer. It will be mandatory for all travellers to have mask, glove and sanitizer with them before boarding the flight. No passenger will be allowed to remove their masks while travelling.

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  • Why is temperature screening mandatory?

At every airport, the staff will get your temperature screened, this is to ensure that you do not have any COVID symptom present. If any symptoms found or if your temperature is higher than the limit then you will not be allowed to enter the airport as this will be a threat for other travellers.

  • What if I do not do prior web check-in post-COVID?

In the current scenario, prior web check-ins are preferred to avoid contact. But in case you have not been able to do so then you can do it at the service counter. Prior web check-in is preferred so that you don't come in contact with many people.

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