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How to apply uae Visa for Ireland Nationals in 2024?

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in January 2024, all the nations worldwide were in lockdown. All international travel was shut down; people were forced to stay home to avoid the spreading virus. But after the vaccination drive worldwide, there was some relaxation, and people tended to leave their houses, but international travel was still banned.

But now, there is the light of hope, and people have started to travel across borders. There is a quarantine of 14 days, and the tourist has to show a negative report of COVID-19. If found positive, then the government of that country makes quarantine arrangements for the person. This is done at some government-authorized hotel or any quarantine centre.

People are authorized to wear masks and carry hand sanitisers. This was done to limit the virus; there are additional screening methods to avoid spreading the virus. There are other norms, like people being asked to follow social distancing. In some countries, if the person does not follow these norms to avoid spreading the virus, this is considered a criminal offence.

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The UAE government and the government of Dubai have introduced a protocol that all international passengers must follow. This applies to all the citizens and the residents of the country and even the transit passengers. All tourists have to follow these norms, which ernmenthe UAE government makes, and different restrictions in the other parts of the Emirates for COVID-19 travel restrictions. o is travelling to UAE must look at the officially published guidelines. The passengers must check with all the airline requirements for travelling. There are specific requirements for the COVID-19 protocol.

The government of UAE has provided some kinds of conditions that are needed to be followed by the passenger travelling to UAE unless entry into the country will not be possible for the passenger.

  • RTPCR test

The passenger travelling to Abu Dhabi includes the transit passengers. These passengers are asked to travel to the country when they have a negative report of the RT-PCR. This test must be conducted within 48 hours of coming to the country.

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  • RTPCR test for Dubai

There are different requirements for the passengers travelling to Dubai; they are also required to do an RT-PCR test for COVID-19. They must show an unfavourable report of the COVID – 19, which must be done within at least 72 hours of travelling to the country.

People travelling from Dubai use transit visas; these people travelling from Dubai also need to get their RTPCR test done. If they are from a particular country or region that the government of UAE exempts from the test, they can get a transit visa without any hassle.

UAE visa for Irish passport holders or citizens of Ireland

The government of UAE has made specific provisions for the citizens of some countries that they can travel to the UAE without a visa. They can get a tourist visa for 30 days, and an extension of the visa is also possible. Similarly, the UAE government has exempted the citizens of Ireland from getting visas to enter the country.

The citizens of Ireland and the Irish passport holders are allowed to enter the country without a visa. They can enter the country and stay up to 30 days there. Visitors from Ireland can enter the country without a visa and stay for 30 days.

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Green corridors or the travel corridors country

Some countries are put under the “green corridors or the Travel corridors country” by the government of UAE. The citizens of these countries can travel to UAE without carrying the COVID-19 report.

Vaccinated people don’t require to carry the COVID-19 report, and they are not required to undergo the quarantine period. If the person is coming from the green corridor, they are not required to have a Quarantine report if they are not vaccinated from the COVID – 19.

People who are unvaccinated and they come from the “Non- green corridors” are required to go under self-isolation at the hotel room they have provided. They are required to be under isolation for at least ten days, and they are required to wear the medically approved wristband.

The passengers travelling to UAE must read properly the COVID-19 guidelines. All the Emirates have different COVID-19 approaches, so it is best to read the COVID-19 guidelines.


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