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UAE Visa for Italians

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As an Italian national if you are planning to visit Dubai or any other city in the UAE, then you will have to get a visitor’s visa. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know to get a "UAE Visa for Italians".

If you would like to get started on the UAE visa application from your home itself, then you can head over to the online website of UAE visa online. Their website offers an easy application procedure and a quick processing time.

For people who have forever lived in Italy, the culture and atmosphere offered by the UAE can be a great learning experience. The entire country is divided into seven different Emirates and each of these offers an unmatched sense of luxury to all its visitors.

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The country has towering skylines adorned with some of the highest buildings in the world. There is a wide array of adventure sports activities. Visitors can book desert safaris and camp under the night sky while enjoying delicious food, music, performances, etc.

Everyone associates the UAE with modern contemporary and cold-looking buildings. However, there are several parts of the country that serves as a walk through the old times. You can see ancient mosques, mausoleums, living quarters, and forts of previous rulers, etc.

Continue reading the article below to find out more about getting a UAE visa for Italians.

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The applicant will have to submit a large number of documents to the "UAE travel agency"or the consulate.

Here is a list of the documents required, that you must cross-check with the agent beforehand so that your application for the UAE visa for Italian citizens does not get rejected:

  • A passport that proves your Italian citizenship. Additionally, it should be valid for the next six months and have at least two blank pages.
  • A color passport-sized photograph.
  • Application form, filled.
  • A copy of your return flight ticket with all the details mentioned.
  • Travel itinerary of the places you intend to visit as well as the accommodations booked.
  • Covid Test reports or a vaccination certificate if you have received the jab.

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As a tourist, you will have three different options for application – 30 days, 90 days, and lastly a UAE visa from Italy for 180 days. These can be single or multiple entries, depending on your choice.

  • Open the Emirates immigration website and open the homepage for the application form.
  • Enter your country of nationality and residence and all other personal details.
  • Your passport should have machine readability so that it does not need to get stamped physically at the airport.
  • Enter details of your travel date and purpose of visit.
  • Submit the fee online and hit enter after double-checking all details.
  • In four business days, the authorities should email the visa to your id. After which, you can print it in a hard copy and take it with you to UAE.

If the applicant decides to apply via a travel agency like UAE visa online, then you will have to submit your documents to the agency either digitally or by sending them a parcel with all the original copies. They will apply on your behalf after making sure that you fulfill all UAE visa requirements for Italian citizens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a 30-day stay in the Emirates, a single person will have to pay $170 at the time of application.

The Emirates international travel authorities have released a list of countries, the citizens of which are allowed to stay in the country for 30 days without applying for a visa beforehand. You can visit the immigration website and check if you need to get a UAE visa from Italy or not.

The UAE visa online has a tracking service for all their visa applications. It can be accessed by simply entering the acknowledgement number you receive in the email after submission.

If a person continues to remain in the country long after their UAE tourist visa for Italian citizen allows them to, then they are in danger of getting arrested and ultimately deported.

If you are planning to just visit Dubai etc. for 14 or 30 days for vacation, then a UAE tourist visa for Italian citizen will be suitable for your needs.

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