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All know About the UAE Business Visa in 2024

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There would have never been a preferable time for Companies to be set up in Dubai. This statement would have been confirmed in the past decade. With a UAE business visa, you can think of business expansion. Over the past few years, UAE has gained much popularity and has been spotted as the most desired and beautiful place for the setup of companies. The current scenarios are pretty promising. UAE Has been growing and flourishing day by day. Each day there are several announcements about the new establishment of projects and companies on the land of UAE. UAE has become a hub for business.


  • What do you understand by a business visa?
  • Eligibility criteria for a business visa in UAE
  • Benefits of a Business Visa 
  • How to apply for a Business visa?
  • Receiving an approved visa

What do you understand by a business visa?

UAE has attracted many business people and entrepreneurs with its ever-growing and innovative technologies and ecosystem. Every day some or other businessman plans for expansion in UAE. There is no neglecting fact that expanding new business opportunities will increase the country's economic growth. A business visa is also a long-term visa that foreigners can avail themselves of if any entrepreneur with an existing business set up and looking for expansion in UAE can also help business visa.

The business visa permits business people and entrepreneurs to experiment in UAE while securing their and their family's future.

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Eligibility criteria for a business visa in UAE

Any professional and entrepreneur are eligible to Apply for UAE Business Visa. There is no restriction on the country too. To avail business visa, you need a clear vision for business expansion in UAE.

Listed down below are some essential criteria for applying for a business visa:-

  1. The business person or entrepreneur must be able to prove their skills as an entrepreneur.
  2. Need to have majority shareholder of start-up or can be one of the leading members.
  3. Needs to have a business plan ready that has been planned to be established in UAE
  4. The applicant must also clear Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship requirements.
  5. The applicant’s background is checked, and the applicant has to submit a copy of the health assessment.

You need to know that even if you have qualified for a business visa, this does not mean you will guarantee to receive the visa. The visa reviewing process takes time. A specialised committee reviews the application, and the documents along with it, and approval is granted based on these.

After the application has been approved, you will have to follow up with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for requirements to issue a visa.

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Benefits of a Business visa

If you have a business visa, you are eligible for the following:

  • Entering the country for 6 month period. The applicant is granted with multiple-entry visa.
  • The applicant can nominate three of his business seniors, partners, or staff to obtain residency.
  • You can sponsor dependents based on the requirements listed by Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. The provisions and conditions are available on the official Website.

How to apply for a business visa?

To apply for a business visa, you must have your nomination approved by one of the incubators that the government of UAE supports. Only after the nomination has been approved you shall be eligible to apply for the UAE Visa. You must apply for a visa through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Please refer below for the nomination process:

  1. Visit the portal and get your account created.
  2. After verifying the account, you can log in and apply for your nomination.
  3. You will have to submit your application

Things to remember:

  • Only after the nomination Is successful will you receive a link to upload the documentation needed to complete the UAE Visa Application.
  • If your nomination is rejected, then you can again try for the same after 60 days.

Receiving an approved visa

Only after the nomination is approved can you proceed with your visa application through Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship by following the abovementioned steps.

  • After completing this stage, you will get an email notification with instructions for receiving a visa.
  • If you are not from UAE, you will be provided with a six-month visa to enter UAE. Before the visa is about to expire, you will have to convert it into a residency permit.
  • If your current country is UAE, you will be given a one-month temporary visa.
  • Please note that you must convert the temporary visa into a residency visa through Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in both cases.
  • So if you are interested in setting up your company in the land of UAE, then follow these steps, and you are ready to go !!!
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