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All You Need To Know About Driving Rules in UAE

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Dubai is considered one of the foremost populated cities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Therefore the capital of the Emirates of Dubai attracts approximately 10 million people per annum. Many people dream of Dubai driving luxury cars and on attractive roads, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest. But there are many rules and regulations that folks must know before driving a car in Dubai. This is why UAE Visa Online will not only let you get an insight into the Driving Rules In UAE but will also let you visit UAE with an e-visa and explore the nightlife of UAE while following all the rules and regulations!

The Basic Rules Of The Road

  • Roads in Dubai are one of the most effective in the whole world. There are lots of interchanges that sometimes may be seen as ambiguous. Thus it's recommended to shop for a neighbourhood SIM card to use as a navigator. Being a right-driven country, the roundabout at the intersections is given priority to those that circulate. In Dubai, people are not allowed to exceed the utmost regulation. In cities, the utmost regulation is 60km/h, while within the countryside, it's about 100km/h. the price of spending starts from 100AED( Arab Emirates Dirham)
  • Everyone in the car, including those in the back seat, must wear seatbelts at any time. Failure to comply will end in an AED 400 fine for every person not wearing a seatbelt, plus 4 Black Points(stringent penalties to discourage drivers from breaking the law) for the driving force. Also, car seats are mandatory for kids but four years old.
  • If the number of Black Points exceeds 24 points on the Dubai driving license, then the license is suspended for a fixed period of your time, and you cannot drive any vehicle during that period.
  • Failing to prevent at red lights leads to an AED 1,000 fine, 12 black points, and 30 days of car confiscation. Also, drivers getting distracted by mobile phones will face an AED 800 fine and 4 black points.
  • A hefty fine of an AED 1,000 and 6 black points will be imposed on drivers who don't settle to police, ambulance, and official vehicles.
  • AED 1,000 fine is meted out to drivers plus 16 black points for failing to prevent after causing an accident that resulted in injuries.
  • Causing the death of others will lead you to 23 black points apart from 60 days of car suspension and a hefty penalty to be decided by the court.
  • Alcoholic drivers tend to face a penalty that will be determined by the court, apart from which 23 black points and 90-day vehicle confiscation will also be carried out.
  • Drivers under the influence of medication or similar substances will get their license suspended for a year plus 60 days of vehicle confiscation and a penalty to be decided by the court.
  • Driving recklessly and emerging others is subject to an AED 2,000 fine, 23 black points, and 60-day car confiscation. Also, not using indicators when changing direction or turning will be fine for AED 400.
  • Exceeding the passenger limit gets an AED 500 fine, four black points, and seven days of car confiscation. Parking illegally also costs AED 500 fine.

Arrested In Dubai?

The most severe violation is driving without the corresponding driving license. A national license isn't considered legal in Dubai. It should be either a neighbourhood or an international driving permit in Dubai.

Are Locals a Threat To Foreigners?

In the United Arab Emirates, treating foreigners with indulgence is not that common. The thing is that tourists are blamed for a lot of car accidents since they fail to induce won't to local street features and violate traffic rules in an exceedingly significant way. Driving in Dubai is often challenging for tourists.

Even though Dubai driving is not all that easy, once you get the hang of it, you can indeed have your way!

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