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Colleges in United Arab Emirates to study

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The United Arab Emirates, sometimes called the Emirates, is in Western Asia. It is situated near the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. It has maritime borders in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran and shared land boundaries with Oman and Saudi Arabia. Primary and secondary education is both free and required in public schools for both boys and girls in the UAE. Arabic is the primary language of instruction, with English receiving equal weight. Numerous international students go to the UAE each year to further their education. Due to the many universities in the UAE nowadays, we shall discuss the best ones. You can visit UAE visa online to obtain your UAE visa


Best Universities in UAE

1. American Universities Of Sharjah:

AUS is a popular alternative for international students and holds dual licensing in the UAE and the US. This institution offers programs based on the higher education paradigm used in the US and has a hugely diverse student body. 

2. Khalifa University:

Khalifa University, an Abu Dhabi-based non-profit university with a science concentration and now ranked equal to 211th in the world and eighth in the Arab area, was established in 2007 as part of a government effort. The institution has roughly 1,500 students enrolled, but plans for a new campus might increase to 6,000. The university is creating a worldwide network of associates, academics, and research initiatives to enhance research and innovation in the UAE and the region. It is patterned after the American higher education system.

3. University Of Sharjah:

The university plays a significant role in the socioeconomic development of the Sharjah emirate and strives to become a premier academic institution in the Middle East and beyond.

4. Zayed University:

The Zayed University, established in 1998, is ranked 701–750 in the 2019 QS World University Rankings and is one of the top 150 young schools in the QS Top 50 Under 50 Rankings. There are now 158 international students among the roughly 6,500 total students enrolled. Tuition for undergraduate students is between $20,000 and $22,000, while that for graduate students may top $30,000 per course.

5. American University In Dubai:

Private American University in Dubai (AUD) was established in 1995 and is now rated 26th in the Arab world and between 600 and 650 internationally. There are about 2,585 students enrolled, and there are 108 different countries represented. To help students advance their language skills before starting their studies, the institution offers challenging English language programs at its Center for English Proficiency (CLEP). The US and the UAE both accredit all of the institution's programs.

Best Tips For Students Studying In UAE

There are several advantages to studying in the UAE. The following are some of the most beneficial benefits of finishing your higher education here:

  • A network of former students with a range of talents.
  • Affordability in comparison to regions like Europe and the US.
  • Well-known institutions like the University of Wollongong, BITS Pilani, Dubai, and Heriot-Watt University are among them.
  • The credentials are acknowledged globally.
  • Students wanting to pursue higher education overseas do not need to take tests to demonstrate their English language competency because English is the primary teaching language.
  • The nation provides students with several resources and amenities.


Some Most Important Rules To Know About UAE

1. Put on acceptable attire:

If you wear anything less than your knees or expose any skin in public, it is against the law in Dubai

2. Ramadan-related restrictions:

Everyone must abide by the regulations to avoid serious problems. Even tourists, visitors, or persons travelling from Australia, among other countries, must abide by specific laws throughout Ramadan's holy and reverend month. Since Ramadan is a time of fasting for Muslims, visitors must refrain from eating, chewing, or drinking in front of others. Between sunrise and sunset this month, nothing should be consumed.

3. The ban on loud music:

Loud music is never allowed in public spaces. Westerners find this entirely acceptable and like playing loud music in public places. In Dubai, this is unacceptable.

4. Driving when intoxicated is not permitted:

In Dubai, you are operating a vehicle while intoxicated is against the law. You might face jail time if authorities catch you driving while intoxicated. 



This article was about the best colleges to study in UAE and had all the related information. Every country has its rules and regulations, so all visitors must follow them. Getting a student visa for UAE can take some time as university consideration and other documents are required. However, you can obtain your UAE tourist visa through UAE visa online

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