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Best Places to live in UAE

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The golden country of the world, United Arab Emirates is one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. If you are moving to the country, then this article on the best places to live in UAE will help you choose some great locations.

The place you live at, will also be related to where your office is located so that you can save time and energy while going to work. There are several apartment brokers or travel agencies like UAE visa online which can provide you support in finding a great space to nurture your family.

The country is made up of seven individual Emirates and each of them is a well-developed area with some of the most prestigious zip codes in the world.

There are high-rise towers, so housing is not an issue for the residents. However, it can be a little expensive due to the luxury provided in all of them. You can also gauge which is the best area to live in Dubai or any other city by their proximity to the beach, schools, offices, tourist attractions etc.

Continue reading the article below to read our compilation of the best places to live and work in the UAE.

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How to get temporary or permanent residence

If you are planning on settling down in the country, then you will need to get a more permanent form of visa, through UAE visa online or the consulate.

They can explain the best methods to immigrate to the applicants. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Purchase a piece of property according to what you have researched and selected as the best places to live and work in UAE.
  • The cost of this property must not be less than $272,000.
  • If you come to own a house in the country, you can automatically get a two-year visa. However, the work permit will not be included in this.

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Best Places to Live

Here we have compiled some of the best places to live in the UAE, for better guidance:


In a general sense, the city is unarguably the best place in the entire country. It houses major brand offices, more job opportunities, and a great selection of recreational activities.

Abu Dhabi

It is the second-largest city in terms of size and opportunities. It has a proximity to the beach, world-class educational institutions and a welcoming community locally.

Arabian Ranches

It is situated on the outskirts, away from the busy city’s hustle. Although it is one of best places to live in Dubai, the prices can be a little on the upwards. People can rent villas and enjoy hospital facilities, shopping malls etc.

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Palm Jumeriah

It is based on a small man-made island, so the proximity to the ocean is one of the best things about this place. Many residences face the beach directly which offers a peaceful and tranquil environment.


It is the heart of Dubai, with a collection of high rises like the Burj Khalifa and even the Dubai Mall. You can witness a sea of glittering lights at the night and it makes for a great view of the entire city in the daytime.

This list contains only a small selection of the best places for living. You can choose where to live in UAE, from this or get a real estate agent from the UAE visa online support page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, the living expenses of this country rank on the 23rd spot in the world over. It will only increase if you choose the best places to live in UAE.

In terms of cities, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai are considered to be the best. These particular cities have a mix of all types of people. Depending on your lifestyle choices, it can be possible to afford the best places.

It can be said without a shred of doubt that Dubai is one of the best cities to live in UAE. It is considered to be the nation’s business hub, so the economy is booming here.

The applicant can connect with a travel agency to discuss which kind of visa would suit their needs better. There are temporary resident visas, immigration visas that can further be converted to something more permanent.

It is a city with a really strong economy, education system, safety etc. so if you are planning on raising a family or even living alone then Dubai is a really great place to begin.

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