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Complete Guide on the Marina Torch in Dubai

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Dubai's lure for visitors is predicated mainly on shopping and possessing other ancient and modern attractions like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Museum, Ski Dubai, and other such places. The Marina Torch is one of those famous places to go to. It's a residential skyscraper in Dubai's marina district and amongst Dubai's most demanded tallest buildings. The tower includes a concrete column structure, beam and slab construction, and non-load-bearing facades. So, let's explore and learn about Dubai, the Skyscraper Marina Torch. But just exploring will not suffice unless you experience it yourself; hence to make it look real, here is UAE Visa Online to help you get more information on the best tourist places in UAE!

The Marina Torch

Make your stay worthwhile in Dubai.

  1. The Marina Torch was opened in May 2011 and has 682 units with 84 floors. In 2015 the worth of a one-bedroom apartment started at 1,628,000 AED (USD 443,295)
  2. It was supposedly the world's tallest residential development of its time and is the absolute epitome of high living.
  3. Residents may also enjoy the natatorium on an oversized private deck overlooking the complete length of Dubai Marina. At the same time, 24-hour safety and custodian services all contribute to a first-class uptown experience.

Facilities within The Torch, Dubai

1. Parking

  • The three basement floors and a part of the arena hold car parking for 536 vehicles.
  • While fifth and sixth floor includes the athletic facility area, business establishment, fitness centre, refectory, aerobic rooms, and sit-out cover seal terraces.

2. Elevators

Eight elevators within the Torch Dubai come with electricity backup, offering access to all floors at a recorded speed of 6 m/s.

3. Security and Maintenance Services

  • Torch Tower Marina is temperature-controlled and has an enthusiastic security system.
  • All apartments have gas supply points, and access is given to the people via crucial cards.

4. Gym and Fitness Facilities

There is an equipped gym within Torch Dubai for fitness enthusiasts. An outsized outdoor pool with a maintained deck lined by palm trees has separate changing rooms and sunbathing areas. One also will get facilities like Jacuzzi and sauna. To induce access to the Gym facilities, one may pay subscription charges.

5. Lifestyle Amenities

A covered play area for kids is taken care of by trained staff.

6. Concierge and Guests Services

  • 24-hour front desk help and concierge are obtainable for all.
  • Visitors can wait within the lobby until verified and arrival is communicated to residents.

7. The Torch Dubai Marina Floor Plan

  • 1-bedroom apartments within Torch Dubai encompass one form of unit.
  • 2-bedroom apartments in Torch Tower Marina incorporate three different unit types.
  • 3-bedroom penthouse within the Torch, Dubai, consists of 1 state of the team.

It has been created straightforwardly for 2D and 3D floor plans on the website. Browsing The Torch floor plans, you'll easily find the unit type and bed type you're curious about.

8. Apartment Types Within the Torch, Dubai

  • The Torch has a capacity of about 682 residential units that vary in layout and size.
  • There's a mixed configuration of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and 4 duplex units.
  • The apartment interior may vary in keeping with the coverage.

9. Rental Trends Within the Torch, Dubai

  1. Considering the amenities, location, and coverage of units provided here, this place's annual cost is quite competitive.
  2. Starting from AED 62k once a year, apartments for rent within the Torch are affordable for those with mid-high annual incomes.
  3. You'll also compare the value with other Dubai Marina apartments for rent.
  4. The maximum you'd get for a 1-bedroom apartment would be AED 72k.
  5. For 2-bedroom apartments being used for rent, the annual cost ranges from at least AED 80k to AED 105k.
  6. The difference is predicated on the covered area and whether the flat may be a duplex unit. Rents of 3-bedroom apartments start from AED 120k.
  7. Rent payment schedules are flexible if mentioned within the lease contract.
  8. One may pay off annual rent in four to 6 cheques; however, testing with your realtor is recommended.

10. Sale Trends Within the Torch, Dubai

  • The price of apartments available within the Torch Tower is slightly higher than other properties.
  • The primary factor is its prime location within the city. You can also compare prices with other Dubai Marina apartments purchasable.
  • The Torch 1-bedroom apartments will cost you around AED 720k as the base price.
  • For 2-bedroom flats purchasable, you would like to fork up around AED 950k.
  • If you want to take a position in more significant and valuable properties, you'll consider 3-bed apartments purchasable within the Marina Torch.
  • The price of those apartments ranges from AED 1.3M to AED 1.58M.
  • It is easy to locate Dubai Torch Tower near Princess Tower.


Being just off King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street, motorists have quick access to any or all parts of the town. Dubai International Marine Club and Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites are a short drive. While Torch Dubai has all the essential facilities, guests may find it hard to seek out parking spaces for long hours. This is often because most spots are already occupied and reserved for residents.

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