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Top 7 Delicious Foods to Try in UAE

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UAE is the shining jewel of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because of its dazzling beauty, breathtaking views, and tasty varieties of delicious food to try in UAE. UAE is the land of Pearls initially, nurtured the divers taking the deadly risk by diving so deep as 40 meters to fetch these tiny beauties. This magic of taking risks gave UAE success and new dimensions to grow in the Oil Industry. And now, as history unfolds, we know it is emerging as the best UAE tourist spot globally to spend time in. 

Talking about the delectable cuisines in UAE, it feels like the rush of exotic food sizzling on the traditional waves in many variants. When you are in UAE on a tour or business meeting, you can taste the fantastic services on the streets, nightclubs, restaurants, etc. Make sure to dig into them.

Top 7 Delicious Food to Try in UAE

Sounds drooling, huh? So, learn about the Top 7 Delicious foods in UAE. Till then, grab your foodie belt!

1. Stuffed Camel

Do you know what you can get as the most significant food globally? It is the only Stuffed Camel, as named by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is considered a highly luxurious food of celebration in UAE.

It is cooked nicely on the open flame and filled with chicken, eggs, fish, sheep, and unique spices, making it the best dish out of camel meat across the globe.

Stuffed Camel is the traditional food of UAE. Still, it is considered a high-rated and unique dish, so it is served during festivals, Bedouin ceremonies, royal events, or family events.

So, don't miss out on this world-famous dish in UAE.

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2. Shawarma

Shawarma is the most fantastic dish wish that has travelled beyond the UAE's borders. It is a Middle-Eastern Sandwich dish.

Usually, Shawarma is crafted with slow-roasted and some spiced meat. They use chicken and lamb as the tender meat to make this superbly fantastic dish.

Shawarma is served with the Arabic Roti on the platter, which veggies, fries, tomatoes, peppy pickles, or garlic sauce seasoning, and many more endless variations of the same can also support.

Shawarma is also available in New York City, Delhi, Moscow, Tokyo, ad everywhere, but eating Shawarma in the cosiness of UAE. You got to have this here in UAE!

3. Al Harees

This fantastic UAE dish is made with much effort and creativity with simple ingredients.

Al Harees has a long prep time to get on the plates, but it uses simple ingredients in the making. 

It uses a salt blend in a pot ready with wheat and meat. This fantastic mixture is cooked until the batter gets into a smooth, uniform texture. We bet that you won’t be able to track which is meat and which is grain.

Then, this batter is baked slowly for many hours to get this to a delicate, beautiful taste and texture. In UAE, where you have an abundance of traditional spices and popularity among the same, this Al Harees is a fantastic dish made from fewer ingredients and then gets set to serve your hunger.

So, do try this amazingly smooth blend of blessings on your plate.

4. Mehalabiya

Love puddings? Grab your piece of Mehalabiya. It is created with love from the fantastic blend of flavours extracted from rosewater and pistachios. 

Grabbing a spoon of Mehalabiya feels like you are in an oasis of UAE Desserts, which are super healthy, life-stirring, and highly peaceful.

If you are craving something sweet but not so sweet, grab this fantastic pudding after your dinner and make the most refreshing feeling of your feed. Your kids will love it, too; we bet this!

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5. Ghuzi

Are you planning for a whole meal in a meal that is super tasty? You got to taste this dish in UAE.

Ghuzi is known as Khuzi or Ouzi, a dish made from juicy whole-roasted lamb or tender mutton. It packs up all the protein combos you need in a meal. 

Ghuzi is often served on kebab skewers piping hot to you, with a dash of veggies and hazelnuts on rice. As we mentioned, it is a proper whole meal, so it is one of the most popular dishes in the UAE you got to taste.

Fun fact! Ghuzi is also the national dish of the UAE. Also, when you are on a trip to UAE, you must have this dish and complete your tour!

6. Machbous

Next up on the Top 7 Delicious You Got to Try in UAE is for utmost lamb lovers. Yeah, lamb lover out there, this dish is again for your belly on the urge of more lamb in your food!

Machbous dish is made from lamb and spiced with Loomi, made from dried, ripe lime and salt water. This blend of unique dried and ripe lime and saltwater produces the primary taste element of the lamb of Machbous.

Then the chefs cook them into a stew adding some tomatoes and rice. Then, it became ready to serve and got its name as the traditional dish of UAE.

Machbous is a lovely combination of unique mesmerizing flavours and a blend of sharp-spicy-rich elements in the dish. It will give you the best taste for your taste buds while you enjoy your serving.

7. Esh Hasarya

Are you looking for a dessert recipe in UAE? Esh Hasarya is the one for you! It is also known as the “The Bread of the Harem”, which looks like a lovely served cheesecake with tasty cream frosting.

This cake dish melts in your mouth, giving the right kick of sweetness and richness of its ingredients. 

This is what makes it the most popular dessert in UAE. You can taste this in UAE as a dessert after your dinner in any restaurant in the city.

We bet you that every visit to UAE will be the best and most memorable. After all, how can a city of brilliant architecture, beaches, luxury, stunning beauty, and views be the most unforgettable moment in anyone's life?

So, remember these fantastic Top 7 Delicious Foods to try in UAE when planning your tour to UAE. And indeed, it will be the best experience in your lifelong.


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