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Concerns about UAE visa renewal are widespread among travellers who visit the UAE. Almost every traveller or person who has seen the UAE has doubts or questions about extending their Visa or renewal of UAE Visa. UAE now allows its travellers to extend their visas without leaving the country. That’s right. With visa change inside the country package, the traveller can get their UAE visas renewed without leaving UAE. This blog here will help you guide through the UAE visa renewal process while staying in UAE, and you can now stay in UAE for a longer duration by simply applying for UAE visa renewal or visa extension.


  • What is a UAE inside-country visa?
  • Perks for applying for UAE Visa inside the country 
  • Eligibility criteria for UAE visa renewal / inside-country Visa
  • Essential Document Needed for UAE Visa Renewal / Inside the country visa

What is a UAE inside-country visa?

UAE inside-country visa is for travellers planning to extend their stay in UAE or want their visas to be renewed without leaving the country. You heard it right!! Now you don’t have to go through the process of exiting the country and returning when your visas have expired. You can directly change the status of your visas without leaving or exiting the country. This Visa applies to business travellers who must extend their stay or ex-pats residing in UAE. Tourists or visitors can also now avail of these facilities to develop their visas without leaving UAE. With UAE inside Visa, visas can be renewed easily while you reside in UAE. You must submit your documents at least 2-3 days before the expiry of the previous Visa.

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Perks for applying for UAE Visa inside the country

Well, it is a huge thing to get visas renewed. You can enjoy benefits like:

  1. You won’t have to travel back to your country to get your visas renewed or extended.
  2. Get the privilege of changing the status of your Visa
  3. Your visit visa, tourist visa, family visa or business visa can be renewed or extended.
  4. It is very time-saving and convenient
  5. Best for someone with an employment visa or ex-pats residing in UAE
  6. The UAE inside-country visa process is relatively easy and also affordable.

Eligibility criteria for UAE visa renewal / inside-country Visa

Yes, specific measures need to be fulfilled to avail of the benefits of UAE visa renewal or UAE inside-country visa, and those conditions are:

  • Entry into the UAE has to be legal
  • Must hold a Visa like:
  1. Tourist visa – 30 days or 60 days
  2. Multiple entry visa – 30 days or 60 days
  3. Visa on arrival
  4. Residency visa
  5. Business visa
  • No involvement in any criminal activities
  • No violation of the ongoing status of Visa.

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Essential Document Needed for UAE Visa Renewal / Inside the country visa

Here is the list of essentials documents that you will need for the renewal of your UAE visa or UAE inside-country visa:

  • Ongoing visa copy that is clear
  • Copy of passport front and back. The validity of the passport must be a minimum of 6 months.
  • Passport size photograph that is recently clicked
  • Copy of residency visa of applicant’s sponsor

This has to be submitted if you have a Tourist visa, Visa on arrival, business visa or Residency visa.

Note: If you miss one criterion, your visas will not be renewed. The documents of your sponsors must be valid for three months. Your sponsor has to submit a bank statement too.

You can now avoid running around for your visa renewal. Follow the steps, and your visas will be renewed without any hassle. If you wish to seek details about UAE visa types, renewals process, UAE visa services, UAE visa status and so on, check UAE Visa Online, your perfect travel guide for UAE visa-related services.

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