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Complete Guide on Dubai Gold Souk

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Being the best tourist spot, UAE isn’t only the abode of stunning views, mighty sand, and the sun's warmth; it is an abode of shopping! Especially when it comes to the "Gold", which is so popular and fetching headlines across the globe.

Yeah, we are talking about the mighty Dubai Gold Souk. It's best to shop for your Gold and get going! So, dive into these top 5 reasons to shop at the Gold Souk. 

Women are out there! This has to be your favourite place, as it is all about Gold, Gold, and more! This is your stop for the ultimate shopping and memories of the UAE. Deira Souks is one of the most popular shopping stops for all tourists to the UAE. 

  • It typically shows you the UAE Business Culture.

  • It hosts all types of spices, souks for Gold or souks for textiles and more.

  • In a nutshell, it is a stunning place to be in and explore the variety of shopping stuff!

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 7 am-12 pm and 5 pm-7 pm (Friday)

Things to Know Before Buying Gold Souk in Dubai

1. Pure Gold

  • You don't need to worry about the purity of the Gold here at Gold Souk. The UAE Government has a strict and close monitoring process of the Gold sold in the souk shops. 
  • Every piece of Gold which comes here in the Souk has to go under a strict examination at every spot by the police officers.
  • They ensure the Gold is of the best quality and pure on every level possible. 
  • The companies selling the Gold in the Souk ensure that the pieces have the “Purity Hallmark” attached to the certification you receive with your gold purchase.
  • So, you need to worry about the purity and the quality of the Gold in the souk shops.

2. Wide Variety and Vast Choices

  • UAE hosts more than 300 jewellery shops with a broad base of brands springing up and getting popular all across the globe. 
  • It has all for you; you have to choose and get tired of their varied choices.
  • From the cheapest brand to the most expensive brands, UAE holds every bit for you. 
  • Each brand in the Souk has its different design style, which is catered to well by the makers. You can visit the city to get the best piece of your choice.
  • So, dive into the fantastic choice and stunning styles they offer you!

3. Safe to Buy Here

  • If you plan to buy the gold piece of your choice, you are in the safest place in UAE. The Gold Souk is the safest place to be while buying your stuff.
  • Here every piece of Gold you are buying is put under strict examination checkpoints by the local police there.
  • So, the probability of you buying the stolen Gold is the rarest of the rarest case.
  • The police of UAE has done a fab job and deserve the best appreciation for safety and security. They are well respected here and doing their work at their best, so don’t worry; you are all safe here.

4. Freedom to Bargain

  • One of the best facts about the Gold Souk is that you can bargain with the shops and get the best piece to your city for you or your loved ones.
  • You can easily bargain to reduce the making prices of the jewellery there. They will also, at a point, relate to you and close the deal.
  • You need to be firm and apply the tactics to buy the Gold here in the Gold Souk.
  • It will fit you entirely well if you are interested in bargain shopping. 

5. Gold at Cheaper Rates

  • The most important fact you learned about Gold in UAE is that it is Tax-Free if you shop for Gold here. The city is exempted from taxes.
  • But the VAT is added with the service charges that they apply. 
  • The VAT added is cheaper than that of the local currency globally.
  • If you are a tourist to UAE, you can easily claim a VAT refund in the UAE for all the purchases you have made.
  • We know that the Covid-19 virus outbreak across the whole globe is deadly, but never mind, soon it will be expected, and till then, you can plan your tour now! So, get going and design with UAE Visa Online now!

Tips to Shop Gold at the Dubai Gold Souk

UAE Gold Souk has a lot to offer to you and makes you stunned with the best purity and quality through their gold pieces. Especially the women out there, you must be visiting this place for sure. You can find a lot of families and women spending hours gazing at the shops and walking through the aisles. But you need to take care of some of the tips before you visit Gold Souk in UAE for your shopping.

1. Know and check the price of Gold

  • If you see through the daily fluctuations, the price of gold changes daily and fluctuates accordingly. 
  • To get the best deal for your purchase, you need to know the price of Gold on the day you purchase.
  • Do cross-check the price of the particular type of Gold that you are buying that day before you lock the deal.

2. Know your Gold before buying

  • It is super important that you know the type of Gold that you want to buy from the shops. It will help you to make a good decision.
  • Be aware or get knowledge of the carats of the jewellery you purchase from the shops in the souks.
  • They'll give you complete guidance and help you better if you ask them.
  • It can be according to 24K, 22K, or 18K, and then pay your purchase bills.

3. Hunt and Search the Souks

  • We know that it is hard to resist your mind from the best piece that your mind is stuck at. 
  • Make sure that the stunning piece you have selected in one place can be available at the other place and maybe at lower prices and cheaper rates.
  • Make sure you hunt in the aisles thee in the Souk and then buy your fantastic piece.

4. Prefer buying from reliable shops

  • In the UAE Gold Souks, many shops are also selling the best jewellery, and many street vendors are also there selling Gold.
  • But you need to ensure that you only buy from the shops in the Souk, which are under monitoring by the government so that you are not trapped and fooled.

So, this was all you learned about the 5 Reasons to shop at UAE Gold Souk and some of the pro tips you can follow and take before you begin your hunt for the best piece you love.


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