UAE Visa For Palestine Passport Holder Living In Palestine

Document Requirement for UAE Visa

While Applying for the UAE Visa Application Keep following document ready.

  • Passport Bio Page Scan Copy
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • Hotel/Relative Booking Details
  • Flight Booking Both Sided

UAE Visa Check list

  • Passport must have 6 month validity
  • Passport must have atleast 4 blank pages
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
14 Days Single Entry Required 58 Days 14 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 145.0USD
30 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 155.0USD
30 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 335.0USD
60 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 450.0USD
60 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 680.0USD
30 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 58 Days 90 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 450.0USD
60 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 500.0USD
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
48 Hours Single Entry Required 14 Days 48 Hours 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 110.0USD
96 Hours Single Entry Required 14 Days 96 Hours 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 125.0USD
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee

UAE Visa For Palestinian Citizens in 2024

The UAE visa for Palestine entails specific visa requirements for Palestinian citizens wishing to visit the United Arab Emirates. These visa requirements for Palestinian citizens outline the necessary steps and documents to obtain a UAE visa for Palestinian. As a part of the bilateral relations between the two nations, the UAE offers various types of visas tailored to accommodate different purposes of travel, including tourism, business, and family visits. Palestinian citizens looking to travel to the UAE must adhere to the designated visa requirements, which typically include a complete visa application form, a valid passport with a specific validity period, passport-sized photograph, proof of sufficient financial means to support their stay, and in some cases, a confirmed itinerary and accommodation details. It's important to note that visa requirements for Palestinian citizens may vary depending on the type of visa they are applying for. By diligently following the UAE visa requirements for Palestinian citizens, individuals can ensure a smooth and successful visa application process, allowing them to enjoy their time in the UAE for various purposes.

Essential Documents To Apply For UAE Visa For Palestinian Citizens

If you're a Palestinian citizen and plan to visit the UAE, it's essential to understand the required documents for the visa application process.

Required Documents:

  • Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months from your intended entry date into the UAE. A clear scan of the passport's biographical page is usually required.
  • Passport Photo: Recent passport-sized photographs that meet the UAE's photo specifications. These are often required to be in colour with a white background.
  • Visa Application Form: The complete online UAE visa application form. This form is usually found on our official website, "UAE Visa Online".
  • Flight Itinerary: A copy of your itinerary indicates your intended travel dates to and from the UAE.
  • Accommodation Details: Proof of your accommodation arrangements in the UAE, such as hotel reservations. This confirms your place of stay during your visit.
  • Proof of Financial Means: Documents to show that you have adequate assets to cover your expenses during your visit to the UAE. This could include bank statements, pay stubs and others. 
  • Invitation Letter (if applicable): If you're visiting friends or family in the UAE, an invitation letter from your host might be required. For business purposes, an invitation from the inviting company may be necessary.

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Obtain a UAE Visa For Palestinian Citizens?

Step 1: Go through our website:  Visit UAE Visa Online 

Step 2: Choose Your Living And Citizenship Country: the option to select where you currently live and the country from which you want to go for a vacation, business and any other purpose.

Step 3: Select Type Of Visa And Then Select Visa: Choose the type of visa you require, then select the specific visa options like 30 days visa,60 days visa, single entry and multiple entry visa, etc.

Step 4: Fill out the UAE Visa Application Form: To apply for a UAE visa, you need to complete the UAE Visa Application Form. This form gathers essential information about your trip. Complete it accurately and thoroughly to avoid delays or complications in your visa application.

Step 5: Pay Visa Fee: Paying visa fees is the mandatory step in the visa application process, where applicants submit the required fee to cover processing and administrative costs associated with their visa request.

Step 6: Track Visa Status & Download Visa: After confirming the payment, you get a confirmation mail with your application ID. Securing this application ID is crucial because it helps track your UAE visa status. Once your visa is approved, you will see the option for download, and We will also email you your visa.

Types Of UAE Visas For Palestinian Nationals

Palestinian citizens looking to explore the wonders of the UAE have various visa types, each catering to different travel purposes. Whether you're planning a leisurely holiday, a business venture, or a more extended stay, here are some key UAE visa options to consider:

1. Transit Visa 

Transit Visa for Palestinian citizens is a document that facilitates brief stays in a country while travellers are en route to their final destination. For example, Palestinian citizens planning flights with layovers in the UAE to other countries can benefit from a Transit Visa. This type of visa allows them to explore the UAE's attractions, culture, and hospitality during their stopover, enhancing their overall travel experience. For Palestinian travellers, especially those taking UAE flights from Palestine, a Transit Visa becomes a gateway to discovering the UAE's vibrant cities and landmarks within a limited timeframe.

2. Tourist Visa

The UAE tourist visa for Palestinian citizens provides an excellent opportunity to explore the captivating attractions of the country. With dedicated efforts to enhance tourism, the UAE offers a seamless process for obtaining tourist visas, ensuring a hassle-free experience for Palestinian travellers. As part of the UAE's commitment to welcoming visitors, the tourist visa application process can often be completed online, aligning with the convenience of modern travel. The UAE tourist visa requirements for Palestinian citizens typically involve submitting essential documents such as a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, flight itinerary, accommodation details, and proof of sufficient funds. The UAE tourist visa price in Palestine in 2024 currency is based on the duration of the visa and the specific travel plans. 

3. Visit Visa

The UAE visit visa for Palestinian citizens presents an excellent opportunity to explore the UAE's stunning landscape and vibrant culture. The UAE visit visa price for Palestinian citizens depends on the duration of stay and the specific type of visa chosen, such as a short-term tourist visa or a longer-stay option. This visit visa allows Palestinian citizens to immerse themselves in the UAE's diverse experiences, from the awe-inspiring skyscrapers of Dubai to the rich cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi. With the UAE's commitment to welcoming tourists, the visit visa for Palestinian citizens offers a gateway to unforgettable adventures and exploration in this dynamic country.

4. Employment Visa

An employment visa for Palestinian citizens opens the door to professional opportunities within the UAE, allowing individuals to work and reside in this dynamic country. The UAE work visa for Palestinian passport holders remains a pathway for skilled workers from Palestine to contribute to the UAE's diverse workforce. The UAE working visa from Palestine is typically obtained through sponsorship from a UAE-based employer. This visa type reflects the UAE's commitment to attracting global talent, facilitating cross-cultural exchanges, and fostering economic growth. With the ever-evolving job market and a wide range of industries, Palestinians seeking career advancement can explore the prospects offered by the UAE work visa for Palestinian 2024, contributing their expertise to the vibrant landscape of the United Arab Emirates(UAE).

5. Residence Visa 

Obtaining a residence visa for Palestinian citizens in the UAE provides a pathway to establish a more long-term presence in the country. This type of visa is typically secured through sponsorship, often through employment or family ties. For Palestinian individuals already residing in the UAE, this residence visa is a legal document that permits them to stay for an extended duration while engaging in work or other activities. Conversely, if considering a move from the UAE to Palestinian, the process might involve acquiring a UAE resident visa to Palestine, ensuring compliance with the regulations of both countries

6. Student Visa 

Securing a student visa for Palestinian citizens opens the door to educational opportunities in various countries. Specifically, this visa type facilitates Palestine students' enrollment in international educational institutions by providing the necessary legal documentation. Whether pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or specialized courses, a student visa ensures compliance with the host country's regulations while allowing Palestine students to immerse themselves in academic pursuits.

7. Investor Visa 

The Investor Visa for Palestinian citizens aspiring to invest in the UAE. This type of visa serves as an entryway for individuals willing to contribute to the UAE's economy through substantial investments in real estate or business ventures. The Investor Visa not only facilitates the investment process but also offers the possibility of extended stay periods, enabling Palestinian citizens to participate in and oversee their investments actively.

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UAE Visa Fees For Palestinian Citizens in 2024

The UAE visa fees for Palestine, including the UAE visit visa fee for Palestine, depend on the type and duration of the visa. The cost of a UAE visa for Palestinian citizens can also be influenced by factors such as the purpose of the visit and any additional services opted for during the application process. It's advisable to check our official website, UAE Visa Online. You get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding UAE visa prices for Palestine 2024. By understanding the UAE visa cost for Palestine and the associated fees for different visa types, Palestinian citizens can effectively plan their travel expenses and ensure a smooth visa application process.


Extension Of UAE Visa For Palestinian Citizens

Palestinian citizens exploring the marvels of the UAE under a Dubai visa for Palestinian citizens might find themselves in a situation where they wish to extend their stay. The UAE recognizes this need and offers provisions for extending visas to accommodate various travel requirements. Whether it's the allure of Dubai's modern wonders or the rich cultural experiences, extending your stay can provide more time to soak in the vibrant offerings of the UAE.

How To Apply For An Extension Of UAE Visa For Palestinian Citizens?

  • Visit  UAE Visa Online.
  • When you open the homepage, choose the Citizenship and Living country in the option boxes and press ‘’Apply for UAE Visa’’.
  • Now, choose the visa type.
  • Afterwards, click "Proceed to apply."
  • Now, you will see the UAE visa application form. Please fill out this form appropriately and tap Apply.
  • Finally, it’s time to pay fees for the agency. Use your secured payment method and pay the fees.  

 You get email with the application ID as soon as possible. Keep this application ID very safe because, in the future, it will help you to track your UAE visa status.

Fees For Extension Of UAE Visa For Palestinian Citizens

Palestinian citizens seeking an extension of their UAE visa to prolong their stay can expect to incur specific fees. The costs associated with extending a UAE visa for Palestinian citizens depend on the type of visa and the duration of the extension. Individuals might anticipate fees ranging from approximately USD100 to USD300 for a tourist visa extension. It's important to note that these fees are subject to change and might be influenced by factors such as the visa category, the number of days for the extension, and any additional processing charges. 

Grace Period For UAE Visa For Palestinian Nationals 

The Grace Period for Palestinian nationals refers to a designated period beyond the expiration of a visa or permit during which they can legally remain in a foreign country. This period typically allows individuals to wrap up their affairs, make necessary arrangements, or extend their stay through proper procedures. Palestinian nationals may not be subject to immediate penalties or legal consequences for overstaying their original visa during the grace period. However, it's crucial to note that the specifics of the grace period can vary significantly between countries and visa types. Hence, it's advisable to be well-informed about the regulations and requirements governing this period to ensure a smooth and lawful transition. 

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Overstaying Fines For UAE Visa For Palestinian Citizens  

Palestinian citizens visiting the UAE should be vigilant about adhering to their visa's designated duration to avoid incurring overstaying fines. Overstaying a UAE visa can lead to financial penalties and potential legal consequences. The UAE authorities take visa regulations seriously to ensure smooth and orderly immigration procedures. The fines for overstaying vary depending on the type of visa and the length of the overstay. It's crucial for Palestinian citizens to be aware of their visa's expiration date and to take necessary actions, such as extending the visa or departing the country before the allowed stay expires, to avoid facing these fines.

The overstaying fines in the UAE were as follows:

  1. First Day: AED 200 (approx. USD 55)
  2. Each Subsequent Day: AED 100 (approx. USD 27)

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UAE Embassy In Palestinian

The UAE Embassy in Palestine serves as a crucial liaison for individuals seeking information and assistance regarding travel, visas, and diplomatic matters between the two countries. Palestinian citizens looking to travel to the UAE, whether for tourism, business, or other purposes, can approach the UAE Embassy in Palestine to inquire about visa requirements, application procedures, and necessary documentation. For instance, those planning to visit Abu Dhabi can find valuable insights about Abu Dhabi visas for Palestinian citizens through the embassy. The embassy can also guide on filling out the UAE application form for Palestinian nationals, ensuring that all necessary details are accurately provided for a smooth visa application process. The embassy's role extends beyond visas, encompassing various diplomatic services that foster and strengthen the relationship between the UAE and Palestine.


In conclusion, obtaining a UAE visa for Palestinian nationals is pivotal in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable visit to the vibrant country. With various visa types available, including tourist visas, business visas, and more, Palestinian citizens can choose the visa category that aligns with their travel intentions. It's important to note that visa requirements for Palestinian nationals, including those seeking Dubai visas, encompass essential documents such as a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, flight itineraries, accommodation details, and proof of financial means.

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Frequently Asked Question for - UAE Visa

Here are the common requirements for a UAE visa for Palestinian citizens:

  1. Passport with 6 month validity and 4 blank pages.
  2. Proof of accommodation (Note: You are required to provide valid document proof of your relationship, if planning to stay with a relative).
  3. A scan of the bio page from your passport.
  4. A passport size photograph.
  5. To and from flight details.

The UAE Tourist Visa cost for Palestinian citizens is as follows:

  1. $145 USD for 14 days with single entry
  2. $155 USD for 30 days with single entry
  3. $335 USD for 30 days with multiple entry
  4. $450 USD for 90 days with single entry
  5. $800 USD for 90 days with multiple entry

A processing fee of $26 USD is applicable. You may easily pay your UAE Visa fees via PayPal, Credit card, Debit card or Cryptocurrency.

In case of cancellation/rejection of your UAE visa application by the embassy or the UAE Visa issuing authority (i.e. Visa is Posted), no fees will be refunded. You must comply with this policy.


Below is an in-detail process on how Palestinian citizens can apply for a UAE visa:

  1. Select 'Palestine' as the country of your citizenship and living in and click 'Apply UAE Visa'.
  2. Pick your preferred type of UAE visa and click 'Proceed to Apply'.
  3. Fill up your information on the UAE Visa Application Form and upload the right documents such as: passport bio page scan copy, passport-size photo, flight and accommodation details in the formats mentioned.
  4. Pay your UAE Visa fees via PayPal, Credit card, Debit card or cryptocurrency.
  5. After you submit your application, once your UAE Visa gets approved, you will receive it via your registered email.

Once a Palestinian citizen has submitted their UAE visa application and it has been approved it takes 3-4 working days to process. However, you may also receive your visa quickly if you are in an urgency, by opting for the urgent visa services when applying for your UAE visa. The urgent Visa services available for Palestinian citizens are:

  1. Express service: 24-48 business hours
  2. Urgent service: 7-8 business hours
  3. Super urgent service: 3-4 business hours

The Embassy/Consulate may delay the processing time due to the request for additional documents, local holidays or festivals that occurred between the processing of visas without any further explanation. Kindly note that approval of urgent visa types is subject to immigration. 

Palestinian passport holders typically require a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

No, the UAE did not offer visa-on-arrival for Palestinian passport holders. If you visit UAE, you apply for a UAE visa when the visa is approved, then you visit in UAE.

The choice between a single entry and a multiple entries UAE visa for Palestinian nationals depends on the traveler's specific plans. If the trip involves a single visit to UAE with no intention of exiting and re-entering the country during the stay, a single entry visa may suffice. However, for travelers who anticipate leaving UAE for side trips or have multiple visits planned within the visa's validity period, a multiple entries visa offers greater flexibility and convenience. 

If Palestinian citizens overstay their online e-visa in the UAE, they may face penalties, fines, and potential legal consequences.

No, a Palestinian citizen cannot work in the UAE with an online e-visa. UAE e-visas are typically issued for tourism and short-term visits, and they do not grant the right to engage in employment within the country. 

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  • If you apply with us then you need not have any other sponsor. We stand as your sponsor and you will get your visa without having to go through any hassle.
  • We don't need your hotel booking reservation for visa processing. Once your visa gets approved then you can book and share the information with us.
  • No need for both sided confirm flight ticket in order to book your visa. You can book your flight once your visa gets approved and the same can be shared with us.
  • An overall easy and comfortable process.