UAE Visa For Kenya Passport Holder Living In Kenya

Document Requirement for UAE Visa

While Applying for the UAE Visa Application Keep following document ready.

  • Passport Bio Page Scan Copy
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • Hotel/Relative Booking Details
  • Flight Booking Both Sided

UAE Visa Check list

  • Passport must have 6 month validity
  • Passport must have atleast 4 blank pages
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
14 Days Single Entry Required 58 Days 14 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 125.0USD
30 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 135.0USD
30 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 335.0USD
60 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 400.0USD
60 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 680.0USD
30 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 58 Days 90 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 450.0USD
60 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 500.0USD
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
48 Hours Single Entry Required 14 Days 48 Hours 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 110.0USD
96 Hours Single Entry Required 14 Days 96 Hours 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 125.0USD
Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee

UAE Visa for Kenyan Citizens in 2024

Obtaining a UAE visa from Kenya involves specific prerequisites for citizens planning to visit the United Arab Emirates. These stipulated visa requirements for Kenyan citizens provide comprehensive information outlining the necessary steps and documents to secure a UAE e-visa for Kenya. As part of the bilateral relationship between the two nations, the UAE offers a range of visa options tailored to accommodate diverse travel purposes, including tourism, business, and family visits. Prospective travellers from Kenya to the UAE must adhere to the designated visa prerequisites, which typically encompass completing a visa application form, possessing a valid passport with a specific validity period, providing a passport-sized photograph, demonstrating sufficient financial means to support their stay, and, in certain instances, furnishing a confirmed itinerary and accommodation details. It's crucial to note that visa requirements for Kenyan citizens may vary based on the specific visa category they are applying for. By diligently adhering to these UAE visa requirements for Kenyan citizens, individuals can ensure a seamless and successful visa application process, enabling them to enjoy their time in the UAE for many purposes.

Documents Required Of UAE Visa For Kenyan Citizens

To apply for UAE visa requirements for Kenyan citizens, you must gather a set of required documents to ensure a successful application process. 

  1. Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months from your intended entry date into the UAE.
  2. Visa Application Form: This form can usually be downloaded from the official Uaevisaonline websites. It must be completed accurately and signed.
  3. Passport-sized Photographs: Two recent passport-sized photographs with a white background are usually required. Make sure they meet the specifications outlined by the UAE authorities.
  4. Confirmed Flight Itinerary: A copy of your confirmed round-trip flight itinerary or reservation.
  5. Proof of Financial Means: Documents to show that you have adequate assets to cover your expenses during your visit to the UAE. This could include bank statements, pay stubs and others.
  6. Visa Fees: The applicable visa fee must be paid as per the visa category and duration of stay.
  7. Accommodation Details: Proof of your intended accommodation during your stay in the UAE. This could be a hotel booking or an invitation from a host if you're staying with friends or family.
  8. Supporting Documents:  Documents may be required based on the type of visa being applied for. For example, business visas may require a letter of invitation from a company in UAE, while long-term residency visas may necessitate medical certificates or proof of educational qualifications. Also, if you have any relatives in UAE, you must submit their Emirates ID.

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UAE Visa Costs For Kenyan Citizens in 2024

The UAE visit visa fees for Kenyan citizens can vary depending on the type and time of the visa required. The  UAE e-visa cost for Kenyan citizens is determined by the specific visa category, including tourism, business, or transit. Additionally, for Kenyan students intending to study in the UAE, the price of a study visa in Kenya may go up and down based on the chosen educational institution and program. The UAE tourist visa price for Kenyan travellers encompasses a range of right choices, each tailored to different purposes of visit. It's important to note that visa fees may be subject to updates, so individuals are referred to official sources for the latest and accurate information regarding the UAE visit visa price for Kenyan citizens in 2024.


Note: These prices are not fixed; it is negotiable to visit our website, UAE VISA ONLINE

Types Of UAE Visa For Kenyan Citizens

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers several types of visas for citizens of Malwians who wish to visit the country for various purposes. Each visa type is designed to cater to different travel needs and durations. Here are some of the common types of UAE visas Kenyan passports can apply for:

1. Tourist Visa

This is the most common type of visa for travellers visiting the UAE for leisure purposes.UAE Tourist visas from Kenya are usually issued for 30 days. They are ideal for individuals who plan to explore the country, visit attractions, and experience the culture. Your understanding of the specific UAE tourist visa requirements for Kenyan citizens is essential to embarking on this journey. These requirements may include valid travel documents, a confirmed itinerary, proof of accommodation, financial means to cover expenses, and possibly medical insurance. The UAE tourist visa fees from Kenya all depend on the duration and type of the visa.

2. Transit Visa

UAE transit visa for Kenya is a valuable option for travellers passing through a country to a final destination. In the context of the UAE, a transit visa allows individuals, including Kenyan citizens, to stay in the country for a short period while in transit to another destination. This visa category caters to those with connecting flights or layovers in UAE airports. While the duration of stay is usually limited, transit visas provide an opportunity to explore a glimpse of the UAE's attractions during the stopover. 

3. Visit Visa

Securing a UAE visit visa from Kenya opens the door to possibilities. If you're a Kenyan national, exploring the vibrant Emirates becomes accessible through the tailored Emirates visa for Kenyan travellers. With various visa options available, you can plan your journey seamlessly. Plus, getting to the UAE is easier than ever with convenient UAE flights from Kenya. Whether envisioning a cultural escapade, a business venture or reuniting with loved ones, obtaining a UAE visa broadens your horizons. Apply for a visit visa to the UAE from Kenya, follow the respective application procedure, and ensure all necessary documentation is for a hassle-free experience. It paves the way for an enriching experience in the heart of the Middle East.

4. Business Visa

The UAE Business visa for Kenya offers a strategic gateway to opportunities in the UAE's thriving business landscape. This visa category allows professionals to engage in business activities, meetings, conferences, and collaborations in the dynamic UAE market. Moreover, for those seeking UAE jobs with visa sponsorship for Kenyan nationals, this pathway can lead to fulfilling employment prospects with reputable companies. Kenyan citizens contribute their expertise and skills to the UAE's diverse workforce and benefit from exposure to international markets and professional growth. 

5. Student Visa

Students accepted into UAE educational institutions can apply for a student visa for Kenyan Nationals to pursue their studies. This type of visa allows for a more extended stay, often valid for the duration of the academic program.

6. Work Visa

The UAE work visa, including the UAE work permit visa for Kenyan nationals, provides opportunities for people to legally work there, making it a popular choice for those seeking employment in the bustling city of UAE. This visa category encompasses various options, including the UAE work visa for Kenya, facilitating international professionals to secure employment in the UAE. For Kenyan nationals aspiring to explore UAE jobs with visa sponsorship, this visa offers a unique avenue to contribute their skills to the UAE's diverse job market and embark on a transformative journey of professional growth.

7. Residence Visa

To obtain a UAE residence visa from Kenya, individuals must fulfil of specific UAE residence visa requirements. These requirements typically include having a valid job offer from a UAE employer, undergoing a medical examination, providing a clean criminal record, and having a sponsor, which can be either an employer or the family member who is a UAE resident.

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Grace Period Of UAE Visa For Kenyan Citizens

The grace period for UAE visas for Kenyan citizens is vital in granting travellers flexibility. Following the initial expiration of their UAE visas, individuals generally have a grace period during which they can make necessary arrangements, including concluding their visit or initiating visa extensions. This grace period is instrumental in preventing immediate penalties or legal consequences for overstaying. Comprehending and abiding by this grace period is paramount for Kenyan nationals, particularly those who apply for their UAE visa online from Kenya and explore alternatives such as the Abu Dhabi on-arrival visa. It empowers them to manage their travel plans effectively and ensures an easy transition, whether they depart or expand their stay in the UAE.

Overstaying Fines For UAE Visa For Kenyan Citizens

For Kenyan citizens holding a UAE tourist visa or applying for a UAE visa from Kenya, it is essential to strictly adhere to the authorized stay duration to prevent incurring penalties for overstaying. Overstaying a UAE tourist visa can lead to escalating fines, typically calculated per day and varying by the length of the overstay. To avoid legal and financial complications, it is highly advisable for Kenya travellers to stay well-informed about their visa expiry date and to make the necessary arrangements to depart the UAE on time. By respecting their visa's validity and complying with the regulations, Kenyan citizens can ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience while avoiding the inconvenience of overstaying fines.

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Extension Of UAE Visa For Kenyan Citizens

Extending a UAE visa for Kenyan citizens entails the extension of their stay beyond the initially granted duration. Kenyan nationals arriving in the UAE with a tourist visa can opt for an extension, prolonging their stay in the city. This option proves invaluable for those who wish to explore the attractions of the UAE at a more relaxed pace or require additional time for business-related endeavours. However, it's crucial to note that the extension process and eligibility criteria may vary, necessitating adherence to the regulations set forth by UAE's immigration authorities. Kenyan passport holders can explore Dubai within the stipulated timeframe for those who enter the UAE on an arrival visa. Similarly, the UAE tourist visa for kenyan citizens offers an opportunity to discover the city's wonders.

Apply For An Extension UAE Visa For Kenyan Citizens.

Extending a UAE visa for Kenyan citizens entails following a series of procedures to ensure a lawful and seamless extension of their stay. Individuals usually visit our "UAE Visa Online" website to initiate the extension process.

    • Visit  UAE Visa Online.
    • When the homepage opens, choose the Citizenship and Living country in the dialogue boxes and Click on ‘’Apply for UAE Visa’’.
    • Now, you choose the type of Visa.
    • Afterwards, press "Proceed to apply."
    • Now, you can see the UAE visa application form. Please complete this form carefully and click on Apply.
    • Finally, it’s time to pay the money to the agency. Use your best-secured payment method and pay the amount.  

Your email will promptly provide you with an application ID. It's essential to safeguard this application ID as it will be valuable in the future and help you track your UAE visa status.

UAE Visa Renewal Procedure For Kenyan Citizens

The UAE Visa Renewal process for Kenyan Citizens is a valuable reason for individuals seeking to expand their stay in the United Arab Emirates. While the UAE entry requirements from Kenya might share some similarities, Kenyan citizens have specific considerations regarding visa renewal. As the UAE continues to be a destination of choice for business, tourism, and employment, understanding the intricacies of the renewal process is crucial. This guide provides comprehensive insights into the necessary steps, documentation, and timelines for renewing a UAE visa. Whether navigating the paperwork or staying up-to-date with the latest regulations, Kenyan citizens can rely on this guide to ensure a seamless and compliant visa renewal process, allowing them to explore further opportunities and experiences.

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UAE Embassy In Kenya

The UAE Embassy in Kenya is a pivotal link between the two nations, facilitating various diplomatic and consular matters. For Kenyan citizens seeking to explore the wonders of the UAE, the Dubai Kenya Embassy can provide essential information regarding UAE visa requirements and application procedures. Whether it's acquiring a visa, understanding the processes involved at the UAE Embassy in Kenya, or obtaining documents attestation from the UAE Embassy for legal purposes, this establishment plays a crucial role. Additionally, individuals looking to engage with other diplomatic missions, such as the Kenya Embassy in Dubai and the Kenya Embassy in Abu Dhabi, are valuable resources for fostering international relations and collaboration.


In conclusion, the UAE visa requirements for Kenyan citizens offer a gateway to explore the wonders of this vibrant nation, with options like the Abu Dhabi visa for Kenya and the convenience of the UAE visa online application form. Navigating through the intricacies of the visa process might seem daunting, but armed with the correct information, you confidently embark on your journey. From the bustling streets of the UAE to the cultural richness of Abu Dhabi, the UAE promises diverse experiences for visitors from Kenya. Remember to adhere to the stipulated guidelines, gather all necessary documentation, and stay updated on any changes in visa regulations. By doing so, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your time in the UAE, creating lasting memories and seizing opportunities this remarkable country offers.

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Frequently Asked Question for - UAE Visa

The visa validity of UAE visa for Kenyan citizens is as follows:

  1. 58 days visa validity for a 14 days UAE visa
  2. 60 days visa validity for a 30 days UAE visa
  3. 180 days visa validity for a 90 days UAE visa

Whereas, the costs for various UAE Visa types from Kenya are listed below:

  1. UAE Transit Visa:
    • $110 USD for 48 hours single entry
    • $125 USD for 96 hours single entry
  2. UAE Tourist Visa:
    • $125 USD for 14 days single entry
    • $135 USD for 30 days single entry
    • $335 USD for 30 days of multiple entry
    • $400 USD for 90 days single entry
    • $800 USD for 90 days of multiple entry

A processing fee of $26 USD is applicable. You may easily pay your UAE Visa fees via PayPal, Credit card, Debit card or Cryptocurrency.

Yes, Kenyan citizens can easily check their UAE Visa application process by entering their UAE Visa application ID and their passport number.

You may modify the form if you have not submitted your UAE Visa application form yet. However, in case you have already submitted your form and have noticed that you made a mistake in your UAE visa application form, Kenyan citizens can easily apply for a new UAE visa while ensuring that they modify the mistake.

UAE visa for Kenya

Kenya is an east African county in the South American subcontinent. The country is economically not well off but has given the world one of the best athletes in the world. It has a rich biodiversity and is famous for its Big Five and the Great Wildebeest Migration which means the largest animal migration that is on a rotational basis for better habitat for water and food like the winder beast, zebra, and gazelle migration. Just like UAE, Kenya also has a huge tourist attraction, and traveling to UAE for vacation seems to be a great idea as UAE has its beautiful tourist spots and cultural dominance around the globe.

Why is UAE urging Kenya for tourism?

Since Kenya is economically backward and the population is less, so UAE government has urged Kenya for a friendly pact between the two nations. This pact is done keeping in mind engaging employment in Kenya and uplighting it from international poverty.

Since Kenya has world-class medical facilities so this might be uplifting the GDP of both nations. This will not only help Kenya with economic growth but also medical professionals can find employment in UAE. So everywhere is a win-win situation. Both can promote tourism in each other’s countries.  Tourists or businesses, usually traveling across borders requires a visa. It is the most important document for any person who is visiting the UAE irrespective of the purpose of the visit.

A person who is not a citizen of the UAE has to apply for a UAE visa. A UAE visa can easily be attained either through embassies or online portals like UAE visa online that make your labor work easy with just simple procedures for an international visa.

UAE visa for Kenya 

Whether for vacationing or business meets any citizen or business associate has to acquire a UAE visa. It could be applied by going to the UAE embassy but this could take longer than ever. One has to just visit the website UAE visa online whether a Kenya national or another national can apply for a UAE visa and have a hassle-free experience

Types of visas-

There are two types of visas-

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Transit Visa

Both the UAE visa options come with a type of requirement and also the days that it will be valid in UAE. There will be a certain fee for processing your request and also the no. of days it will be valid. For any more details visit UAE visa online for specific details about both visas. 

Steps to apply for UVO (UAE visa online)

To UAE visa online (UVO), there are a few simple steps that need to be followed- 

Since the covid restriction made it quite a delaying and lengthy process for the people of Kenya but now it's back to normal and a more hands-free experience.

  1. Visit the site UAE visa online
  2. In the column of citizen county search for your resident county which is where you live currently. 
  3. After that in the column of the Living country search for UAE (United Arab Emirates) and click to apply for a UAE visa.
  4. You will be directed to a portal for UAE VISA FOR KENYA PASSPORT HOLDER.
  5. To fill out the UAE visa Application form, choose the duration of the visa type and click to PROCEED TO APPLY, fill out the application form, and upload the document. 
  6. There is a processing fee and visa fee. The processing fee costs 3100 Kenyan Shillings and the visa fee is 15,000 Kenyan shillings.
  7. After the completion of your visa application, the next step is to pay for the visa.
  8. There are easy ways to make the payment through- Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, etc. 
  9. After the completion of payment, you will receive a payment confirmation mail with the application ID.
  10. It takes up to 3-4 days to process your request.
  11. Get an e-visa- After these easy steps, one can track their visa status online through the portal and download it once it is approved. 
  12. Following its verification, one can easily fly for a luxury vacation or business meeting.

Documents required for UAE visa for Kenya

After successful completion of the visa application, all the documents regarding the travel for UAE like tickets and passports, and other booking details for the stay must be kept in hand. While Applying for the UAE Visa Application keep the following document ready-

  • A Passport with 6 months of validity before it gets expired.
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • Hotel/Relative Booking Details.
  • Flight Booking Both arrival and return.

Without any second thoughts about if the site is safe or not; these sites are fully protected and authentic and all the information is kept easy for the common man. The steps mentioned above are simple and one can easily get a UAE visa. UAE visa online is an ideal website that clarifies all the details and necessary information for an easy UAE visa. 

UAE visa online  has an experienced team behind these websites with qualified professionals who will help with your visa. Transparency is the utmost priority for this website so, one can easily follow up on your visa by also having the option of availing of the 24/7 helpline services. UAE visa online also offers a team of experts who will carefully review your documentation to maximize your chances of obtaining a visa.

Through this article, as a Kenyan resident, one can now know the essential details required to obtain a UAE visa online. Without a doubt, UAE is a beautiful travel destination that caters to the needs of every age group through what it has to offer, be it its cuisine, natural wildlife, or famous monuments. A trip to UAE will surely meet your needs as a tourist or business associate and to meet visa requirements, UVO (UAE visa online) will always be present for 24/7 help.



After you have submitted your UAE Visa application form and it has been approved, you will receive it via email. In case your UAE E-Visa is lost or damaged, you may simply recover your UAE E-Visa from your email.

Yes, Kenyan citizens require a visa to enter the UAE

The flight duration from Kenya to the UAE varies depending on the specific departure and arrival cities. On average, it takes Kenya to UAE 5 to 6 hours. 

The UAE did not offer a Visa-on-arrival option for Kenyan citizens.

The choice between a single-entry and multiple-entry UAE visa for Kenyan nationals depends on the purpose of travel. A single-entry visa is suitable for a one-time visit to UAE, so a single entry will is good and a Multiple entry visa you visit many times UAE, a multiple-entry visa is suitable for you and more convenient.

If a Kenyan citizen overstays their online e-visa in the UAE, they typically have a 10-day grace period during which they can exit the country without facing fines or penalties. However, after this grace period, they may be subject to fines and potential deportation, and their future visa applications could be adversely affected.

  • We have a 100% Visa Approval Ratio which is the highest rate across all the travel agencies, making us more reliable.
  • We process all the visa applications within just 24-48 working hours and hence providing a speedy visa service.
  • We also work on holidays, that is, on Fridays and Saturdays whereas most of the travel agencies do not provide support on the weekend.
  • An email notification regarding each and every step of the process that your visa is going through will be sent over to you via email.
  • If you apply with us then you need not have any other sponsor. We stand as your sponsor and you will get your visa without having to go through any hassle.
  • We don't need your hotel booking reservation for visa processing. Once your visa gets approved then you can book and share the information with us.
  • No need for both sided confirm flight ticket in order to book your visa. You can book your flight once your visa gets approved and the same can be shared with us.
  • An overall easy and comfortable process.