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All About xposure 2021 in the united arab emirates

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What is Xposure 2021?

Xposure is the world’s best non-profit educational, photography and film exhibit platform! In UAE, it is the most renowned platform that combines a wide range of photography events. These events could be Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars, Presentations, and Competitions on any of these art forms with On-Screens Screenings, Reviews of Portfolios, or a display of photographic product Trade shows. If you travel to UAE, you must know about Xposure 2021 to know the glorifying significance of talent and what lies beyond what your eyes can see.

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Xposure 2021? Know about the History of Xposure:

Sharjah Government Media Bureau first launched the notion of Xposure in 2016 as a part of an International Photography Festival Xposure would become an annual feature in the calendar of expert and professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, filmmakers, students, and educators from around the world. Supported by professionals and industry experts, Xposure International Photography Festival offers many exciting prospects to learn new skills and expand potential networks with leading professionals and enthusiasts, thereby offering an opportunity to see, educate and try out the latest photographic products.

This platform embraces the norms of education and training in visual arts and, thereby, works on gathering award-winning and highly acclaimed photographers and filmmakers from all across the globe to share their incredible work, experiences and expertise regarding their specialized and skilled domains to nurture the youth ahead. Xposure is an educational platform that also offers fully or partially subsidized workshops for all levels so that it is accessible to the youth to foster growth and development. A complete curriculum of skilled training and educational modules is structured systematically to tailor the needs of those interested in excelling in these domains, such as workshops, seminars, and photo-walks offered for all skill levels, from Beginner to Expert. Xposure welcomes all the acclaimed worldwide award-winning International photographers and industry experts to share their valuable expertise, insights, and techniques to mentor the participants.

In the past years of 2019, Xposure witnessed a remarkable increase of 56% in terms of gathering unique visitors and the 2020 festival, which was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has now been rescheduled for 13th February 2021, will be encompassing an additional 4,500 square meter of floor space over 2019 to host various indoor exhibitions, along with the consumer trade shows that hosts several leading photographic brands who showcase their latest cameras, accessories, and equipment to the common public, photographers, and exhibit enthusiasts to professionals alongside trade associations and retailers. Besides that, they will conduct workshops, live stage demonstrations, seminars, a screening room, panel discussions, focus group discussions, and side stage events. With an International diversity and retailer presence, Xposure is slated to be the best of its kind, unique and premier photography show.

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Highlights of Xposure 2021

For the opening of Xposure 2021, Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmad Al Qasimi, the chairman of the Sharjah Media Council, was present to give an opening ceremony at Sharjah Expo Centre in Sharjah, UAE. The 5th annual Xposure 2021 International Photography Festival will be gathering some of the most inspiring images of Sharjah with 1,558 photos by 400 international photographers from all across the globe! The elated Fifty-one of the world’s best photographer’s works will be a fundamental part of Xposure 2021. We will fly in for a four-day festival from 10th to 13th February 2020 at the Expo Centre of Sharjah.

With 54 elegant exhibitions, 21 inspiring public seminars and motivational discussions, 14 expert workshops delivered by the respective industry leaders, consisting of eight focus groups, and 14 expert-led portfolio reviews, the festival will play its role of acing the biggest platform for the hands-on learning experience and skills training and development in visual arts in the entire UAE! The celebration will honour this emerging as the most significant platform along with the renowned photography talents by achieving its three most deserving awards.

This festival is launching a special award for all the enthusiastic and hardworking photojournalists with press credentials for their recognition of their fearless and relentless devotion to documenting heart-aching health crises, conflicts, and natural and manmade disasters of the world.

This year, Giles Duley, an exceptional documentary photographer and writer, inspired the audience with his talk at Xposure 2021. A man of utmost honour who had lost his legs and an arm after stepping on a land mine by accident while on an assignment in Afghanistan in 2011 reported: “As a photographer, I was always driven by my curiosity. I wanted to know what lay beyond what we know. Yesterday, I watched the news, and a photographer did exactly that. A photographer went to capture images that were never seen. That photographer was a Probe called Hope.” Duley congratulated the UAE on this incredible achievement of being the fifth country in the world to have led a massively successful Mars mission.

With a massive number of 33,187 entries registered from 125 countries for the exceptional 20/21 edition of the Xposure International Photography Awards, the stage was set for the hardest-fought battle in the history of competitions. Winners from across all the 10 categories will be announced during the fest's closing ceremony on 13th February 2021.

The first-of-its-kind gallery in the UAE dedicated to the medium, Gallery X pays homage to this initiative of developing the art of visual storytelling through the generation to come. With a permanent exhibition, a merchandise line, workshops, and exciting activities that will be held all year long, Gallery X is a new cultural spot in Sharjah that aims to bring UAE residents, tourists, phenomenal artists, and aspiring youth a tremendous new opportunity to come together at a common platform to learn, share and celebrate the gift and art of image making. To explore this magnificent event, book your tickets for Xposure 2021.

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