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The Wonders of Dubai You Should Check Out

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Like the seven sisters in India, the United Arab Emirates also consists of “seven” different emirates, and Dubai is said to be one of the most advanced desert nations growing with every passing time. All the largest and tallest infrastructures, trying to break through the sky are found in Dubai.

Dubai is a frequently traveled destination for people from all over the world. It's the sound of exotic music and the sands buried with secrets that make people float on the desert moons, cocktails in hand. Dubai is multi-ethnic and offers a place to explore the riches of the Middle East. Dubai is the central point for a luxurious stay of 7 to 10 days of leisure. Long-time back it was just a fisher's village and today UAE is one of the most expensive and richest countries in counting. The architecture of Dubai has literary changed the image of this blooming country. With the luxury and tallest towers in the world, Dubai stands upright as a favorite holiday spot. Today’s UAE architecture is the talk of every town and if you want to know about Dubai Tourism, visit UAE Visa Online for all the details. You can also plan for a Dubai tour package, on the website. So, let’s take a peek into the wonders of Dubai that you should check out-

5 Wonders of Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa

  • Cayan or Infinity Tower

  • Burj Al Arab

  • Dubai Mall

  • Atlantis at the Palm

1. Burj Khalifa

It is a building that can be visible from space!! Even from Sharjah, you can have a look at it. That tall it is!! It’s about 828 meters and one of the best architectural developments of the world that man could ever build. Some of the beautiful features are-

  • The only building with a pool area on the top floor
  • The tallest passenger elevator in the world
  • The highest observation deck in the world
  • More than 50 floors

2. Cayan/Infinity Tower

Ever thought to see something from the 73rd floor of Infinity tower? It has the most iconic eye-catching feature that gives 90 views of the whole building. Build around 2016, this building is twisted from top to bottom. This tower is a high-class residential building and when you stay here you have great views of the coast, Dubai Marina, and the Arabian Gulf. A renowned architectural firm is behind the architecture of the tallest wonder Burj Khalifa.

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3. Burj Al Arab

This resort was opened around the year 1999 and is a luxurious 7-star hotel in Dubai. Unlike any other hotel, this resort has a structure of an Arabian Dhow Ship & is about 321 meters tall. The hotel is located at Jumeirah Beach, & there you can enjoy the features in-house like Sky View Bar which is an underwater restaurant and also an outdoor tennis court. Since it’s a luxurious hotel this goes without saying that the per night cost of a room will be $24,000 more than one can earn!!

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4. Dubai Mall

Who doesn’t like shopping!! And when it comes to Dubai mall it adds feathers to the crown of Dubai’s infrastructure. The mall gives you to shop in 1,200 shopping centers, Dubai Aquarium, ice-skating or just settle down and enjoy the amazing cafes & hangout places that Dubai has to offer. If you like shopping, trust us, it takes at least 2-3 days to explore the whole mall. So if you are in Dubai and want to spend some great family time with your loved ones, then don't hesitate to choose this wonderful creation.

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5. Atlantis at the Palm

This iconic resort hotel that was shot in a popular Bollywood movie has taken creativity to the next level. It has set on an artificial palm island which is another reason that one must come here for vacation. Inaugurated around 2008, it has great influences from Arabian culture and architecture. It has more than 1500 rooms with an aqua-venture water park and also a new attraction Lost Chambers Without any doubt, it is one of the wonders of Dubai.

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