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Know Everything About Metaverse Project By MetaEssence in Dubai

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The United Arab Emirates has added a new government organization there. The "Virtual Transaction Center—Metaverse" was officially established by the Sharjah administration today. Users can contact customer care representatives who can process papers using the digital platform. The Department of Town Planning and Survey in Sharjah also provides audio and video information about its services. It contains a virtual map of Sharjah as well as a department news stream. To gather more details about the same and attend such events, you must travel to Dubai. One must acquire a visitor visa for Dubai. One can obtain a visitor visa to Dubai via UAE Visa Online.

The firm from the United Arab Emirates, Meta Essence, is getting ready to introduce the first utility-based Web3.0 and Metaverse Remedies Company worldwide. According to a statement from the business, Multiverse Labs and Sharjah's Commerce and Tourism Development Authority jointly launched the Sharjah Metaverse project. The business published a movie including Sharjah graphics, a boat racing element, and computer creatures that resemble people.

What is the Metaverse?

In the Metaverse, avatars or 3D forms may interact with real people to create virtual environments. It is a part of Web3, the subsequent evolution of the Internet, whose fundamental elements include blockchain, decentralization, openness, and greater user usefulness.
The Metaverse, where users undertake safe, verified digital transactions and utilized cryptocurrencies for settlements via Web 3.0 apps, is thought to be the next step in the development of the Internet. Digital health, the digital economy, and sustainability are the key business categories that Meta Essence works on to allow Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.
Planning to introduce cutting-edge solutions to quicken the digital transformation of government organizations and agencies, as well as supporting the goal of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to establish the Emirate as a leading hub for the digital economy.

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Dubai Metaverse Strategy:

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy is to establish Dubai as a hub for the global Metaverse community and one of the top 10 Metaverse economies in the world. The plan intends to expand on Dubai's success in luring more than 1,000 businesses in the blockchain and Metaverse sectors.
Additionally, it supports Dubai's goals of supporting over 40,000 virtual employees by 2030. This would help Dubai's economy grow even further and assist the UAE government's goal of doubling the number of blockchain businesses now operating there.

The goals of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy are:  

  • Incubators and accelerators that draw businesses and projects to Dubai are used to build sophisticated ecosystems, encourage innovation, and increase the economic contributions of the Metaverse.
  • By offering essential assistance in the Metaverse education geared for developers, content producers, and consumers of digital platforms in the Metaverse community, we can nurture talent and invest in future potential.
  • Develop Web3 information systems and their applications for new governmental work models and advancement in critical industries together with the tourist industry, education, retail, remote work, healthcare, and law.

In order to accelerate the deployment of these technologies, the plan also intends to create worldwide standards for creating safe and secure user platforms as well as Metaverse infrastructure and laws.

The following are the major pillars of the strategy:

  • Prolonged reality (which blends the physical and virtual worlds)
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Mixed reality
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Embedded devices (a virtual representation of an object or system)

The strategy aims at leveraging real-time data, using machine learning and IoT, and employing AI simulation and blockchain to enhance human thinking processes. Technology pillars of the Metaverse strategy are data, network, cloud, and edge computing that focus on real-world data obtained, validated, stored, processed, and managed.
Other pillars include promoting the full deployment of 5G networks to enable edge computing and provide on-demand computer system resources. Edge computing allows data to be collected, stored and processed locally via smart devices and local networks instead of the cloud. To attend this Metaverse, one needs a Dubai visitor's visa to enter the city. To acquire a Dubai visitor visa, one can acquire visa online.

How to acquire a visitor's visa to Dubai to attend Metaverse?  

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  • Pay the visa fee.

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Dubai offers numerous amazing experiences. In order to get the experience of travel to Dubai by getting a Dubai tourist visa via UAE Visa Online. On October 13, 2022, a new government agency was introduced to the United Arab Emirates. The Emirate of Sharjah today launched the "Virtual Transaction Center – Metaverse." Customers may get in touch with customer service agents through the online platform, and they can process documents.

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