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Foreign nationals willing or planning to visit the UAE require to obtain a UAE visa and national passport. Visitors must fulfill the entry requirements and travel requirements to gain entry at the United Arab Emirates immigration points. UAE visa is the official permit that allows foreign citizens to get entry through immigration points in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE visa rules state and informs the travelers about UAE visa information. UAE visa rules can change therefore foreign nationals visiting the country must check the requirements before applying for a UAE visa. The UAE immigration department provides non-immigrant and immigrant UAE visas to foreign citizens.


UAE Online Visa For Foreign Nationals

The best option to obtain a UAE visa is to apply for UAE online visa. The UAE online visa is the travel permit and an electronic travel document. The UAE online visa is acquired by the tourists and visitors entering the Emirates for tourism reasons. The UAE immigration rules state the 140 nations worldwide are eligible and need to apply for UAE visas before arrival. The validity of the UAE visa and number of entries will depend on the visa type tourist want to obtain. A 90 days multiple entries and single entry can be obtained by the foreign nationals to stay for longer stays. 30 days or 14 days UAE online visa can also be acquired by foreign nationals for short-term stays. The UAE online visa fee starts from 130.0 USD and can change according to the visa type.


  1. Foreign nationals can apply for UAE online visas from the UAE visa online site. 
  2. Select the type of UAE visa, fill out the UAE online visa application form, and attach the documents.
  3. After online UAE visa form submission, complete the online transaction.
  4. Receive and download UAE online visa sent on E-mail ID

UAE Embassy Visa For Foreign Nationals

Some foreign nationals holding passports who are not eligible for e-Visa, visa on arrival, or visa-free entry to UAE must obtain it from the consulate. The eligible foreign nationals have to obtain a UAE embassy visa. At least 40 nations worldwide need to acquire UAE embassy visas for any reason including tourist UAE visas. Applying for a UAE tourist visa UAE will permit the foreign nationals to stay in the country for 30 days. For further information about the issuance of a tourist visa from the UAE embassy, foreign nationals can contact the nearby UAE embassy. The UAE visa fee can vary and will depend on the purpose, visa type, and duration of the stay in the Emirates.



  1. Foreign nationals required to acquire UAE consular visas have to fill in the information in the UAE counsellor visa application
  2. Attach the documents with the UAE embassy visa application form.
  3. Pay the fee for the relevant UAE entry permit or visa 
  4. And applicants can obtain it after processing their UAE visa

UAE Visa On Arrival For Foreign Nationals

Many nations are restricted to get a pre-approved UAE visa to enter the country. According to the UAE visa rules, some nations are eligible to obtain visas after reaching the immigration points at UAE. More than 65 countries are eligible to apply for UAE visas on arrival. The applicants from the eligible nations do not need to obtain a pre-approved UAE visa before visiting the country. Tourists applying for UAE visa on arrival can obtain 30 days single entry UAE tourist visa. Some nations can also apply for 90 days UAE tourist visa on arrival. 


  1. Proceed to the immigration points at UAE VISA immigration points.
  2. Collect the UAE visa application form and submit the filled application form for the UAE visa to the immigration officer.
  3. Applicants have to attach the documents and pay the fee to get a UAE visa after arriving at the destination.
  4. Obtain the approved UAE visa from the immigration points.

UAE Visa-Free Entry

The passport holders of the UAE visa-free nations do not need to apply for UAE visas to gain entry to the Emirates. At least 40 countries, including GCC residents, can visit and enter the UAE without an approved UAE visa. Qatar, a GCC nation is presently suspended to enter the United Arab Emirates or is not eligible for UAE visa-free entry. The UAE visa-free stay validity is 30 days for some nations. It can also be more than 30 days or 90 days, according to the nationality of the foreign nationals. For UAE visa-free entry applicants need to carry a 6-month valid passport.


Documents Requirements for foreign nationals to enter the UAE

  • Valid UAE visa 
  • Passport
  • Proof of funds
  • COVID requirements
  • Travel details
  • Accommodation details
  • Flight tickets


All foreign nationals including UAE visa-free entry should have a valid and original passport. A UAE visa is required by every foreign citizen unless and until the traveler holds the passport of an exempted country. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The validity for UAE visa-free entry can either be 30 days or 90 days.

If you are planning to work in UAE then you should apply for a work permit, because it is illegal to work on a UAE tourist visa.

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