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9 Best Vacation Spots in UAE

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Welcome to Dubai! The city where the improbable becomes every day, where the impossible becomes a reality at the blow of petrodollars, where tradition and modernity go hand in hand, in a pulse between the classic and the tacky futurism.

Can you even define how beautiful the city is? Well, it is pretty challenging to say it in words. It would be proper to describe it as funny, unique, quirky or different but not pretty. Of course, you are not going to get bored!

Why travel to Dubai?

Nowadays, Dubai has become one of the world's most important hubs or air connection centres for the modern and quite economical Emirate’s airline, from where it connects with almost any corner of the planet. This, coupled with the fact that this company allows what is known as "stopover", that is, stops of more than 24 hours in Dubai at no cost, offers the possibility of making a stop of 2-3 days on any flight that is made, for example, bound for Southeast Asia.

Prices in Dubai cover such a wide range that you can spend valuable amounts or a couple of days for little money. The hotel offer is very varied, with a large number of relatively good and cheap hotels, there is a lot of gastronomic offer, and therefore all kinds of prices, and transport is not expensive.

The best area to stay is definitely in Deira since there are many hotels at reasonable prices, the site is a little more comfortable for finding shops and places to dine, and it is also closer to the airport. The other option is to stay in a hotel in Bur Dubai, downtown or Dubai Marina, but you will already have to take a taxi or metro for everything.

In general, it is pretty easy to get around Dubai, both by metro and taxi. All the signs are in Arabic and English. One thing to remember is that you can live without cash since you can pay with a bank card for absolutely everything, and as a curiosity, look at the subway because there are "gold class" and "exclusive for women" wagons. You slip by mistake. If the car at the head is average, get in it and get in the front because it is very cool to see the city, especially the Burj Khalifa area, from there.


Vacation Spots in Dubai you ought to check out:

1. Dubai Mall:

This gigantic shopping centre is next to the Burj Khalifa. It is considered the largest in the world, with over 100 hectares and 1200 stores—a tribute to the most exaggerated consumerism where you can see the sheikhs laden with bags walking around.

2. Al Bastakiya Old Town:

This is the oldest and most traditional area of ​​Dubai, with the houses of the former merchants now converted into shops and cafes, where you can still breathe a certain air of the Muslim tradition of Dubai from the beginning of the 20th century.

3. Burj Al Arab:

The only 7-star hotel worldwide is also built on its artificial island—pure luxury and ostentation.

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4. Jumeirah Mosque:

It is the most important mosque in Dubai for its impressive architecture and being the only one non-Muslims can access.

5. Jumeirah Palm Tree:

What to do if there are a few million petrodollars left over? Well, there you have it an invention of an artificial island in the middle of the sea, shaped like a giant palm tree, and we built luxury hotels and houses. There is another even more surreal, called "The World", a set of 300 artificial islands, seen from above, resemble a world map, although they have not done very well, and some are sinking—pure madness.

6. Deira:

This area of ​​the city is north of Dubai Creek and was the old centre of Dubai, an eminently commercial area the souks of the city are still located.

7. Souks of Deira: 

You will find the famous Deira spice market and the known Gold Souk.

8. Cross the Dubai Creek in an open boat: 

These traditional boats cross Dubai Creek (a natural estuary that crosses the city) from Deira to Bur Dubai. There are two lines, from Deira Old Souq Station (Deira) to Bur Dubai Station (Bur Dubai) and from Al Sabkha Station (Deira) - Dubai Old Souq Station (Bur Dubai). The price is AED 1 and is paid directly to the boatman.

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9. Abu Dhabi:

It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the leading oil producer in the world; with this data, you can already imagine the style of the city we are talking about. Even so, Dubai is still ahead in terms of skyscrapers and spectacularism, so if you want to get closer to Abu Dhabi, it is highly recommended to visit the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque or Great Mosque, one of the largest and most spectacular in the world, its main attraction and without a doubt, an excellent reason to go to Abu Dhabi.

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