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United Arab Emirates Visa for Belgium Nationals 2024

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There are specific visa requirements for people who are travelling for business purposes. They need to fulfil these requirements for the business visa.

They can go for the visa on arrival for those who want to travel there for business purposes.

  • Visa on arrival facility

People travelling to UAE for business purposes can get the visa free of charge. The maximum stay will be of 30 days in the country.

They can receive this visa by fulfilling these requirements:-

  • Passport

They must carry a passport with a validity of at least 6 months. The passport must have one blank page for the stamp for the country.

  • Bank statements

The person travelling there must show their bank statements, showing them they have enough funds to travel to the country.

  • Return tickets or the onward tickets

The person travelling must show their return or onward ticket if they apply for a transit visa.

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  • Travel documents

In case the person is applying for a transit visa, they have to show the tickets to the other country and the documents they need for the other country.

If the person is travelling for more than 30 days, then they are required to visit the immigration office at the airport, or they can contact the local immigration office in the UAE, where they can request an extension of the visa.

The person travelling needs to confirm their airline tickets. Moreover, they need to permit their boarding in the airline.

Tourist visa application  

Specific visa requirements are needed for the visa application for a tourist to travel to UAE. They need to fulfil the requirements of the tourist visa.

  1. Visa on arrival

Tourists travelling to UAE can apply for a tourist visa. The tourist visa will give them the liberty to stay in the country for 30 days, and the visa extension is possible.

To receive the tourist visa, they need to fulfil the following.

  • Bank statements

The tourist needs to carry the bank statements. This will show them they have enough funds to stay in the country.

  • Return and the onward flight

The tourist travelling must show the return tickets, or if they are applying for a transit visa, they must show the onward flight tickets.

  • Passport

The tourist must show a passport valid for at least 6 months. The passport must have at least one blank page for the country's stamp.

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There is a provision for a visa extension for the tourist travelling if they need to travel for more than 6 months. They need to go to the immigration or local immigration office for the visa extension.


The Embassy of UAE requests the tourist get their visa extension approved before booking the hotel or the accommodation.

UAE visa for Belgium citizens

The Government of UAE has made an initiative for the citizens of Belgium. Belgium citizens can travel to the UAE for free they don’t need to pay visa fees.

Belgium citizens can stay in the country for 3 months. They need to fulfil the visa requirements and are ready.

COVID-19 restrictions  

In the year 2020, there was a massive outbreak of the COVID-19. All the world's countries were under lockdown, and everything was closed. All the borders of the nations, all the countries were closed for international travel. But after the vaccination, the world is slowly opening its borders for international travel.

The UAE government has opened its borders to the rest of the world. For the citizens of Belgium, the UAE's borders are open, and they can travel to the UAE. People from Belgium can travel to UAE; there is no quartine period required for the people of Belgium.

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Documents that are required for the citizens of Belgium to travel to the UAE 

Certain documents are required for the citizens of Belgium to travel to UAE.

  • Passport

Tourists travelling to UAE with a Belgium passport need to carry their passport, which must have a validity of at least 6 months. The passport must have at least 2 blank pages for the country's stamp.

  • Travel itinerary

Tourists travelling to UAE from Belgium must show the travel bookings in the name of the person travelling to UAE. The tourist must offer the hotel bookings or the travel accommodations in the name of the person travelling.

The UAE embassy and the UAE government don’t recommend booking the tickets before they get visa approval from UAE.

The Government of UAE says that the person travelling to UAE must show their travel itinerary, not the tickets they use to travel to UAE.

  • Insurance

The tourist is also required to show insurance before they travel to UAE.

  • Bank statements

The tourist needs to show the bank statements to prove to the Government that they have enough funds to survive and leave the country.

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