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There are endless things to do and enjoy in the UAE with kids. If you are planning to travel to the Emirates with children, you should always plan beforehand because there is usually no scope for improvising once you reach your destination. Hence, it is always clever to plan out activities by which your kid does not get tired easily and also enjoys each one of them. There are several attractions in Dubai with families, but this article focuses especially on the tiny tots.

Read till the end if you want a hassle free and perfect tour when you explore UAE with your child.



Walking through the Dubai mall is one of the most popular activities for tourists. Believe it or not, the mall has several things to do with kids. It is a great place as it keeps the kid away from the heat and humidity. The children also get to enjoy several activities that are held regularly in the mall. Let us look at them one by one:


A wonderfully preserved skeleton of a 155 million year old dinosaur is kept here. The children will find this place extremely fun. Also, the skeleton is up for auction and may get out anytime soon. Hence, visit this place with your kids as soon as you can.


If your child is a little old to have fun seeing dinosaur skeletons, you can take them to the VR Park. This virtual reality park is awesome for all ages. Challenge your senses and experience this wonderfully unique idea with your kids.


You will be surprised to hear that the Dubai mall houses a 10 million liter aquarium. This huge aquarium located at the ground floor houses 140 species of fishes and 300 sharks, sting rays, and whatnot. Plus point is that they also have submarine simulators and glass bottom boats in them. If your kid is younger than 3, he/she can enter for free.


Those who like to try out more educational activities, they can try out kidzania. This place offers fun activities to children aged 4 to 14. They offer 4 hour activities to the kids to enjoy in a town that is run by children themselves and try out different professions. This is a wholesome place where the kids can act like adults for some time. This is definitely one of the best indoor attractions in Dubai to visit with kids.

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When you roam around the country, you will realize that the water parks are somewhat a need. With the scorching heat and humidity, not only the children, but adults too enjoy their time at the water parks. Here is a list of the water parks that you can take your kid to:


Wild wadi is where you will find several things to do in UAE with family as well as children. The little ones can enjoy with their water guns and slides, while the adults can experience surfing in the river or just relaxing near it.


One of the famous attractions in Abu Dhabi is the yas water world. It has thrilling water slides and so much more. For that seeking adrenaline rush, you have 40 plus rides in here. And for the people who just want to relax can also do so with so many options. So, if you are a parent of a kid who has bundles of energy inside, this water park is an ideal destination.


Legoland is not only an amusement park, but also has several water activities in it. Hence, if you are visiting legoland make sure to bring along your swimsuits. You will spend some awesome time with your kid in this lego themed water park. This is the perfect place for lego lovers and adrenaline junkies.


Located at Jumeirah beach, this is one of the top five water parks in the UAE. It is also the world’s largest inflatable water park. Take your child along with you where they experience this inflatable park and invest all the energy that they have into this never ending fun.


This is one of the places you can visit when you visit UAE. It opens at 4 PM every evening. You can enjoy the different glow in the dark structures and watch them dance in the tune of music. The theme of the park changes according to the season you are visiting it. Hence, many people visit this wonderful place in UAE many times a year to get a glimpse of its mood the year round.


The global brand that is loved by all has become a favorite theme park in Abu Dhabi. You should add this place for the fun places to enjoy with your kid. Ferrari world has a long range of rides that can be enjoyed by all age groups. The uniqueness of the theme and the rides makes this place a famous one.Be sure to add this place into your list if you are traveling with kids and family.


There are a few things that you should keep in your mind if you are with your kids, or visiting Dubai with toddler, and also with your family.

·         Ladies are not required to cover their faces; however, dressing conservatively is necessary. Different rules are applied to different places and you have to follow them.

·         The children can dress as they please, but those who have already reached puberty should again keep the above point in mind.

·         There are several places where you can get baby foods and all the necessary items for your baby. Hence, you do not need to worry about baby supplies at all.

·         The law now states that children need to have infant seats for a minimum age of 4. However, this rule has not been yet applied fully, but it is advised to maintain this road safety rule.

·         If you are taking a stroll around the city, you can do that on a stroller. But, if you have plans for visiting other places, you are required to hire a private car if you are with kids.

·         The emiratis are extremely welcoming and will treat you and your kids family like.

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 With so many things to do with toddlers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE with kids is no problem. You just have to plan out a perfect vacation and rule out the ones that you do not need. 

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