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United Arab Emirates Visa for US Citizens

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UAE holds a lot for all the visitors to its mighty land. It offers you the best of the experience in the cities it portrays. Many people visit UAE from the US (United States of America) for a lovely tour, a business meeting, or maybe to chill or explore avenues.

If you are a citizen of the US if planning to visit UAE need to acquire a UAE Tourist Visa. You can apply UAE visa for US Citizens online easily and hustle-free with UAE Visa Online.

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What do you need to apply for UAE Visa if you are a US Citizen?

Before just getting set to apply the application form randomly, plan the thing, and make sure you got all the documents needed to apply for the Visa. 

You don't need a lot of documents; just a few main things are required in the form.

1. Passport: You must have your passport before applying for any visa. You must ensure that your passport's minimum validity should be six months to apply for the Visa.

  • You have to submit a high-definition scanned copy of your passport.

  • Your passport's first and two pages should be scanned nicely, and the information should be clear.

  • Make sure that the induration is done wisely. Otherwise, it may lead to the rejection of the application if they cannot read your details. 

  • It should be in JPEG format or JPG, or PNG format.

2. Photograph You need to send a photograph as well have said that the application has to be clear, so you need to submit the HD click and scans so that you don't land up with any errors in submission.

    • Don't show your teeth in the pic.

    • You should have a wall or a white background behind you.

    • Please wear nothing covering your face, as it will not be considered your identity.

    • You should have neutral and severe expressions on your face while you are clicking the photograph.

3. Valid email id: You need a valid email id with you, which will be the point of contact for receiving your e-visa.

4. Payment mode ready After submitting your applications, you need to complete the final step, which is the payment. We at UAE Visa Online accept various payment options like Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, and Direct Bank Transfers. Remember that if your child is also travelling with you, be it a toddler or a kid, you must also have a visa application for them. If they are o your lap, then also they need a Visa.

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