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United arab emirates visa for Kenyan citizens

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UAE stands in place for a tourist attraction center. They have many places in UAE to visit. The perfect time to visit UAE is from the end of October to the beginning of April. It is the time where most of the festivals and celebrations are held.

How to apply UAE visa for Kenyan citizens:

Go to the official UAE visa website. Choose the preferred visa option. Then do the required payments of the preferred visa. Then do the documents and details submission as required. Then submit the details. Later after the verification process, you will get the visa in the mail. This is the simple process for applying for visa at UAE visa online.


Documents required for UAE visa for Kenyan citizens:

A valid original passenger’s passport is important. The passport must have a valid period of about a hundred and eighty (180) days even after reaching UAE. The passport must have at least two to three empty pages for entering the required stamps. The application of the visa form must be filled with details and with the signature of the applicant. There is a need for two (2) passport-size photos in colour. The photos that are black and white or cut irregularly are not accepted. The photos taken must be very recently like taken within two to three months. Make sure you follow all these details for photo submissions for a visa. The balance must be positive in the bank transactions. The bank certificate for the last three to four months is important. This is to verify if you have enough amounts to enter and leave the country safely. Travel insurance is a must till you are present in UAE. The next document is the proof for a stay in the country with hotel name and details. The proof of the booked tickets for both arrival and departure tickets is a must. The next document is the proof of copy about the civil status. The final document needed is the document that involved the details of the itinerary of travel. The details mentioning the places you want to visit just city names along with the date. This is important as they can trace things out in case of any emergencies. It is better to have copies of tickets and passports in every bag you carry for safety purposes.  

UAE visa types:

There are many types of UAE visas online available for Kenyan citizens. The tourist visa for the forty-eight (48) hours transit visa is the first. You can stay in UAE before the 48 hours end from arrival time. The expiry valid time is for 1 month (30 days) from the issue date of the visa. The cost maybe two hundred (200) dirhams. The next is the 96 hours transit visa. You can stay in UAE before the end of 96 hours. The expiry valid time is for 1 month (30days) from the issue date of the transit visa. The cost maybe two hundred (200) dirhams. The next is the 14 days tourist UAE visa. You can stay in UAE for 14 days and enjoy every tourist place in UAE. There is no kind of extension for this visa. The cost of the 14 days tourist visa is about two hundred (200) dirhams. The next is the 30 days tourist UAE visa. The expiry for the visa is for fifty-eight (58) days including the visa issue date. There are two extensions available for visas. The extension amount for each time is eight hundred and fifty (850) dirhams. The next is the 90 days visa for tourists. You can stay in UAE for ninety (90) days in UAE. There are two (2) extensions given for the visa of one month each. The expiry is for 58 days from the issue date of the visa. The extension cost each time is 850 dirhams. The visa cost is 400 hundred dirhams. The permission for entering and exiting with the same visa is only one time for all 14, 30, and 90 days visas. The next is the multiple entry visas for the short and long term. There are many similarities between both visas. 


The Expiry Period For The Visa

The expiry period for the visa is 58 days from the visa issuance date. They both are extendable two times. The amount for a visa is four hundred dirhams for both. The extension fees are also the same for both 850 dirhams. The only difference is the short multiple visas have a stay period of 30 days. The long multiple visas have a stay period of 90 days in total. These are the different kinds of tourist visas available for Kenyan citizens. They can choose any visa according to their requirements. 


The details about the UAE visa for Kenyans are mentioned in detail. The information about different kinds of tourist visas for Kenyans is also explained along with prices. The documents needed for the submissions are also explained clearly. The way to apply for the UAE visa online is also given in detail.



Q. What is the period of the flight from Kenya to Dubai and mention the approximate cost for the flight?
Answer- The duration of a flight from Kenya to Dubai is about five (5) hours and thirteen (13) minutes from Kenya to Dubai. The price for the flight approximately is about two hundred and ninety-nine (299) dollars.

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