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Are you a Jordan National and planning your wonderful trip to UAE? Then you got to have a visa for the same. And you get the benefit of applying your visa hustle free through e-visa application. The e-visa UAE application gives you access to apply for your UAE Visa for Jordan. Thinking how is that possible? You just need to surf more about the information on UAE Visa Online and you’ll get all answers. 

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You can get the tourist visa easily your application of the UAE visa online. Just follow the easy application steps to apply UAE visa online

You can easily get your following categories UAE Tourist Visa:

  • 14 Days Single Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 30 Days Single Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 30 Days Multiple Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 90 Days Single Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 90 Days Multiple Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 30 Days of the Extension for your UAE Tourist Visa.

  • A to A i.e. Airport to Airport UAE visa.

If you are planning for the Transit to UAE, then you'll get these categories of visa:

  • 48 Hours UAE Transit Visa.

  • 96 Hours UAE Transit Visa.

You can even apply for the transit visa if you have a business meeting, conference, seminars, brief meetings or any work to be done in 2-4 days, depending upon the situation.

  • The Airport to Airport Visa is a visa which you can apply for if you want to extend your stay in UAE, but can’t do so because of any guidelines or the rules imposed for the Visa Extension. 

  • Most of the visas which are for the long term or the short term in the Visit Visa Category condition you to leave the boundaries of UAE and return back to your country before you apply or your new visa.

  • It is also really expensive and can cost you a lot. 

  • So, to make you save your money, the government launched this A to A i.e. Airport to Airport Visa. 

  • It’s not that expensive and you’ll get the extension.



Q1. Will e-visa to UAE for Jordan nationals guarantee my entry in UAE?

A1. No, the e-visa won’t give you the entry to the UAE. It’s just the visa, but the final decision for your entry in the UAE will be made by the Immigration Officers when you are there at the entry further at the airport.

Q2. How does the UAE Visa Copy look like?


I want to visit Dubai by tourist visa from India along with my ...

Q3. Should I undergo for a vaccine for traveling abroad?

A3. Yes, it may be possible that you may be asked for the proof of yellow fever vaccination if you are traveling from the country which is prone to yellow fever and that country has a risk of yellow fever. 

You can read more about this at and you can check accordingly for the regulations for your confirmation before you travel.

Q4. Unknowingly if I made an error in my personal information, can I edit my form?


  • If your application form isn't submitted to the government processing then, it's completely fine, we'll incorporate the changes. We always double-check all the information with you after you have submitted them. 
  • But if we have processed your application and submitted the same to the government agencies then it’s not sure that all of the agencies will allow you to change the information. 
  • We suggest that you can any time contact us for any error or the mistakes in your information. We're there for your assistance. 

Q5. Is shipping time included in the visa processing time?

A5. No, when the visa is shipped to your address it doesn’t include any of the shipping time. The time is only considered for the period when you have applied for the form and we have received and then the approval has been made by the agencies finally.

It is forwarded through e-mail only so the shipping time doesn’t apply.

Q6. Is UAE Visa Online affiliated with any government agency?

A6. No, we aren’t affiliated with the government agencies. We at UAE Visa Online run a private company that is dealing with the travel visas processing for all the lovely travel freaks.

Q7. How can I pay for my application fees?

A7. You can use Debit Card/ Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Account.

Q8. What can I do if my visa is not approved?

A8. We suggest that you can contact and get in touch with the embassy/consulate near you for further information regarding the same.

Q9. What is the visa validity of my 14 Days UAE Tourist Visa?

A9. Your 14 Days UAE Tourist Visa has a visa valid for 58 days. 

Q10. What is the UAE Visa fee for the 30 Days UAE Tourist Visa?

A10. The Visa Fees for 30 Days UAE Tourist Visa is 154.00 USD.

Q11. Can my UAE visa be extended?

A11. Yes, you can apply for UAE Visa Extension for more than 30 days, twice.

Q12. What is the validity of my extension?

A12. The UAE visa extension has the 58 days Visa Validity and 30 days of stay validity. It implies that you can visit UAE for more than 30 Days in the valid period of 58 days, any time.

Q13. Where can I apply for my UAE visa?

A13. Just apply hustle free with us at UAE Visa Online.

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