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How to Apply UAE Visa For Jordan Citizens in 2024?

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Are you a Jordan National and planning your wonderful trip to UAE? Then you got to have a visa for the same. And you get the benefit of applying for your visa hustle free through the e-visa application. The e-visa UAE application gives you access to apply for your UAE Visa from Jordan. Thinking, how is that possible? You need to surf more about the information on UAE Visa Online, and you’ll get all answers. 

You can get the tourist visa quickly your application for the UAE visa online. Just follow the easy application steps to apply for a UAE visa online

Categories for UAE Tourist Visa:- 

  • 14 Days Single Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 30 Days Single Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 30 Days Multiple Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 60 Days Single Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 60 Days Multiple Entry UAE Tourist Visa.

  • 30 Days of the Extension for your UAE Tourist Visa.

  • A to A, i.e. Airport to Airport UAE visa.

If you are planning to Transit to UAE, then you'll get these categories of visa:

  • 48 Hours UAE Transit Visa.

  • 96 Hours UAE Transit Visa.

You can even apply for a transit visa if you have a business meeting, conference, seminar, brief meeting, or any work to be done in 2-4 days, depending upon the situation.

  • The Airport to Airport Visa is a visa you can apply for if you want to extend your stay in UAE but can’t do so because of any guidelines or the rules imposed for the Visa Extension. 

  • Most visas, which are for the long term or the short term in the Visit Visa Category, condition you to leave the boundaries of UAE and return to your country before you apply for your new visa.

  • It is also costly and can cost you a lot. 

  • So, to make you save your money, the government launched this A to A, i.e. Airport to Airport Visa. 

  • It’s not that expensive, and you’ll get the extension.

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