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UAE Visa for Israeli Citizens

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE)  has the best tourist attractions in the world, but for this country, you need to know some requirements before travelling. It would be best always to carry your passport because it's the most important document. Also, it's required for entering any public place or business establishment.

During your stay in the UAE, you can take pictures of people and places. However, to travel through the beautiful country, one must have a visa with them. Yes, if you are an Israeli citizen and wish to travel through UAE beauties. A visa is a must. For a UAE visa for Israeli citizens, one must have the required documents to get selected in the tourist visa criteria. Below are some essential points to jot down before applying for a UAE visa Online.


UAE Tourist Visa Requirements for Israeli Citizens

  • A valid Israeli passport with a six-month validity period.
  • To complete the e-Visa processing charge, use a prepaid debit card.
  • A valid email address is required.
  • Flight tickets, including return flights, have been confirmed.
  • Information about making a hotel booking
  • Electronic Travel Visa Authorizations for Israeli nationals allow stays of up to 120 days, depending on the issuing country, and are most commonly used for UAE tourist visas, UAE business visas, or transit, as well as medical treatment in specific situations.
  • It is said that UAE as a country allow Israelis to enter without even a visa enabling them to remain in UAE  for 30 to 360 days (approx a year), depending on the destination or reason for the visit.
  • To visit any of these countries for longer lengths of time or objectives other than tourism, such as employment or study, Israeli residents must apply for a consular or embassy visa through the destination's closest diplomatic government office.

Furthermore, Israeli citizens must get an embassy visa to visit up to 90 countries worldwide, regardless of the length of stay or reason for the trip.

The Israeli passport is currently ranked 24th in terms of location freedom, shared with Barbados, according to the Henley passport ranking, with residents of Israel being allowed to travel to about 120 countries around the world visa-free either with a visa on arrival.

However, Israelis can visit around 20 countries worldwide with an electronic travel permit, or eVisa, obtained through a streamlined application procedure that eliminates the need to wait for hours at crossing points to receive a travel visa at entry points.


Things to Know Before Applying for UAE Visa. 

Even after Dubai reduced these risks for Israel citizens is introduced, Israeli citizens who intend to travel to the UAE for even more than 60 days on business or tourism but who are coming into the country for the aims of the study, work, medical treatment, visiting relatives, or immigration will need to qualify for a traditional visa for Dubai from Israel. 

A candidate should submit a standard visa application and undergo an in-person screening at a UAE embassy or consulate. Because this is not an electronic process, applicants should allow longer for a traditional visa application than for a Schengen visa for Israeli nationals in the UAE.

It's worth noting that Israelis can enter the UAE using either their Israeli passport or a UAE visa. UAE residents and people with Israeli passports will no longer be able to visit the UAE before August 2020. Both foreign sites have formally committed to normalizing their business and changing relations. Israelis can enter Dubai and enjoy a long life and layover time within the emirate because daily flights are permitted to enter the UAE.

How to Fill out the UAE Tourist Visa Form,

  • Go to the UAE Visa Online website.
  • Choose your preferred nation of residence and citizenship.
  • Choose a visa type for Dubai.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Attach the required documents for a UAE visa.
  • Pay the visa cost for Dubai.
  • Choose your charging mode.
  • Visa costs must be paid.

When the payment is shown, you will receive an acknowledgement email with your application ID. To check the status of your visa online, use the Application ID.



If you are an Israeli resident who wishes to visit the UAE, you must first get a tourist visa. This sort of visa must be applied for online through UAE Visa Online. You'll have to fill out almost all the needed personal and professional information and pay for the service—contact us to know more.

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