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United Arab Emirates Visa for Ghana Nationals

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If you are going from Ghana to UAE, this is the finished guide for creating a UAE visa for Ghana nationals. UAE is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known vacation locations in the Middle East. Many individuals from outside visit this city in the United Arab Emirates. UAE is known for its advanced design and culture, from the tallest structure to the biggest shopping centre. To travel to this beautiful land, one can apply for a visa through a Uae visa online, with great offers and facilities. 

Residents from the Republic of Ghana, South Africa, can likewise apply for a visa to venture out to UAE. They can use different sorts of Visas for relying upon their length of remain. 


  • Types Of Visas For Citizens Of Ghana
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Tourist Visa 

Traveller visas (otherwise called Travel visas) are those allowed to residents for recreation purposes. These visas ensure it remains just for a foreordained measure of time. 

Types of Tourist Visas are: 

  • 14 Days 
  • 30 Days (Single section) 
  • 30 Days (Multiple selections) 
  • 60 Days (Single unit) 
  • 60 Days (Multiple choices) 

Transit Visa 

A Transit visa is a visa that keeps going for an exceptionally brief timeframe. Let's assume you have a delay and need to investigate that city instead of going through hours in the air terminal; this is the Visa you need. 

  • 48 Hours Transit Visa 
  • 96 Hours Transit Visa 

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