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Apply UAE Visa for Germany Nationals in 2024

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Everyone wants to visit the UAE, the United Arab Emirates, in their leisure time. Travellers can apply for a UAE visa online. Depending on their purpose of entry into the UAE, several types of tickets are included for German citizens. The immigration department in the UAE took an allowance for German citizens for the UAE visa issuance. 

German citizens will be accepted a visit visa for nothing on their appearance in the UAE. It is a free-of-charge UAE visa for the citizens of Germany. The formal identification will be stepped with the visit visa when going through the migration area at any air terminal of the UAE. German citizens might remain for 60 days in any 180–day term. 

German citizens travelling as tourists to Dubai (DXB) or Sharjah (SHJ) must have health insurance before applying for a UAE visa. They are subject to medical screening and other essentials for COVID-19. 

Before applying for the UAE visa 

  • The German citizens needed Ordinary-Diplomatic - Service identification will be taken from them. 
  • The passport validity for only six months from the date of takeoff. 
  • Entry with temporary travel papers or passports is no longer possible. 
  • The foreign partner of German citizens needed a visa before takeoff, which relies upon the travellers' nationality. Kindly check the table for non-German residents for additional subtleties. 
  • The European Union and the Schengen area are excluded from the state's entrance visa on the correspondence standard. 

Note:- For other nationalities, more information about the UAE visa requirements is different, so every traveller can check the details before applying for a UAE visa. 

Documents Required for UAE Visa 

German citizens need a passport to travel to the United Arab Emirates. 

A passport is a must with other documents granted to entry in the UAE, and the validity of a ticket is for a minimum of 6 months only from the arrival date of a German citizen. 

  1. Passport size scanned coloured image. 
  2. Passport regarding details for particular travellers. 
  3. Select the visa type as per your purpose of entry on uae.
  4. There are two types of visas with different validates. 
  5. For transit visa and tourist visa, choose the visa type as per your requirement. 

Important points to know before applying for a UAE visa online 

Every German citizen should know all the details for applying for a Uae visa online. They should travel with all essential documents that are requested to have in their hands. 

Travellers from Germany must have a handwritten passport and are not allowed to enter the UAE. 

Service and diplomatic passport holders kindly email the Embassy for additional subtleties. 

Standard identification holders are mentioned to get a visa per the migration law in the United Arab Emirates preceding their takeoff to the UAE. 

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How to apply for a UAE visa from Germany 

German citizens can apply for a UAE visa online by filling out or submitting the application form. Travellers are required to complete their application form online with detailed documents. We recommend going with a UAE visa online for 100% visa approval to apply for a Uae visa online. 

Apply for a UAE visa online for German citizens by following the application form. Travellers are required to fill each and everything carefully. 

Step - 1 

German citizens must fill in all the personal information by selecting the citizenship country and then Full name, nationality, permanent address, date of birth, National ID, gender, Passport details, passport type, identification details, etc. 

Complete the application form for a UAE visa online. And also the type of visa for entry. Upload all the document files in the application form. 


1. Select the particular payment mode as per their convenience. 

2. The payment methods for the Uae visa processing application form are Credit card, Debit card, and PayPal. 

3. Select the option for the application and pay the exact amount. 

4. The confirmation mail is sent in your provided email. 

5. Now, you can get your application ID for the Uae visa. 


1. Check out the status of your UAE visa online. 

2. After getting approval for a Uae visa. 

3. Now, you can download the particular Uae visa. 

4. Verify the visa through the link sent in your email. 

5. Please do not include any handwritten documents. 

Note:- Please fill in everything very carefully. Small mistakes may be a distraction for your Uae visa. 

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Follow every step of the application form and get your UAE visa online. We recommend applying for a Uae visa through Uaevisaonline to get the best experience and 100% Uae visa approval with the best experiences and minimum documents required for a Uae visa online. Get your Uae visa within 48 to 72 hours.

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