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How to Apply UAE Visa for Azerbaijan Nationals in 2024?

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The United Arab Emirates is a famous tourist spot for travellers who enjoy the luxury lifestyle. To look at great architecture, visit a renowned mosque and other religious and cultural places, enjoy camping and sports activities on a safari tour, and trace the history and culture of the Arab world. Tourists and travellers can explore the wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, skyscrapers, and Burj Khalifa (the highest building and the centre of attraction for travellers). The UAE visa rules state that foreign individuals moving or entering the country should follow the entry requirements and regulations. A UAE visa for Azerbaijani citizens is needed. Azerbaijan nationals cannot enter the United Arab Emirates without a tourist visa, visit visa, transit visa, etc. Azerbaijan is not eligible and is not part of the UAE visa-free visit.

UAE Tourist Visa For Azerbaijan Nationals

Tourists and travellers from Azerbaijan need to apply for UAE online visas. The United Arab Emirates government initiated the issuance of UAE e-Visa for foreign nationals to expedite the procedure. The UAE e-Visa is the travel document obtained online for short-term entries into the country for tourism purposes. The passport holders of the eligible nation for UAE online visa or UAE tourist visa can acquire it online with easy application and process once the travellers from foreign countries or travellers from Azerbaijan will get the electronic visa for the United Arab Emirates. Then, Azerbaijan nationals can enjoy their vacation in UAE without any troubles.


UAE Tourist Visa Validity

The UAE online visa validity can be 58 days, 68 days, or 180 days according to the UAE e-Visa selection or type. The UAE online visa stay validity can be 14 days, 30 days, or 60 days as per the UAE e-Visa type the applicant has selected. There is a difference between visa validity and stay validity of the UAE online visa obtained by tourists. Stay validity is the period you can travel and live inside the Emirates. The visa validity states the time the visa can be used after issuance. 

UAE Tourist Visa Single Or Multiple Entries

The UAE tourist visa for Azerbaijan citizens can be obtained for single or multiple visits. Azerbaijan passport holders with single entry UAE e-Visa can enter once. Azerbaijan nationals seeking to visit more than one time can enter the Emirates with multiple visits UAE e-Visa.

UAE e-Visa Online Fee For Azerbaijan Nationals

The UAE e- Online visa fee for Azerbaijan citizens will vary according to the visa validity and Stay Validity.


Single Entry UAE online visa fee

UAE Visa Type for Azerbaijan Citizens

UAE tourist visa Stay Validity

UAE tourist visa validity

UAE visa fee 

14 days tourist visa for UAE

14 days

58 days 

130.0 USD

30 days tourist visa for UAE

30 days

60 days

145.0 USD

60 days tourist visa for UAE

60 days

180 days

400.0 USD

Multiple Entry UAE Online Visa Fee

UAE Visa Type for Azerbaijan Citizens

UAE tourist visa Stay Validity

UAE tourist visa validity

UAE visa fee 

30 days tourist visa for UAE



450.0 USD

60 days tourist visa for UAE



800.0 USD

Documents required for UAE tourist visa online for Azerbaijani citizens

Essential documents for Azerbaijan passport holders to apply for UAE e-Visa are:

  • Azerbaijan Passport- Azerbaijan nationals should CHECK the passport validity before applying for UAE e-Visa, which should be six months or more.
  • Recent Photo- Azerbaijan nationals will also need a recent photograph to apply for UAE e- visa for tourism.
  • Online mode of payment to pay the UAE e-Visa fee.
  • Email address of the Azerbaijan Applicant.

Steps to apply for UAE online visa for Azerbaijan citizens:

  • Azerbaijan can visit UAE visa online to apply for an e-Visa to the Emirates. 
  • Fill in and provide all the personal and other data required for UAE online visas for Azerbaijan tourists.
  • Upload the scanned digital images of the required documents for verification with the UAE e-Visa application form.
  • Complete the payment procedures; the applicant can online monitor their UAE tourist visa status after approval of the Azerbaijan national's UAE tourist visa, an approved UAE electronic visa will be sent to them on the applicant's Email ID.


Entry Requirements for Azerbaijan Citizens to UAE

  • Valid UAE tourist visa
  • Valid Azerbaijan passport
  • Sufficient funds
  • Hotel reservations
  • COVID vaccination certificate
  • COVID RT PCR reports


The United Arab Emirates visa for Azerbaijan citizens or republics is required regardless of purpose and duration of stay inside the country. Azerbaijan citizens must have valid UAE e-Visa and meet other requirements to gain entry into the UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The national and passport holders of the UAE are eligible and can obtain the United Arab Emirates online tourist visa.

Azerbaijan nationals can extend the visa validity of their UAE tourist visa for 30 days or 90 days.

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