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How To Apply UAE Visa For Afghanistan Nationals

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If you are an Afghanistan citizen planning to visit UAE soon, then you would need your tourist visa for UAE as an Afghanistan Citizen. The stay in UAE is usually short, only about 30 days. 

You have to make sure that you have that proper series of documents handy in whatever category you apply. 

  • The UAE embassy won't issue a tourist visa to you. You can request a visa through any UAE-based airline company for the same or any tour agency or hotel agency providing you with the service (in which you plan to stay in UAE). 

  • They will apply for the visa on your behalf to the designated authorities who handle visa applications in UAE.

  • If you are going through Airlines, you should know they have some rules and regulations. 

  • They have to be met before you apply for the visa through them. And it may be one that you need to fly with them to UAE.

  • The travel agencies that are licensed and the hotels in UAE can also arrange the visa for you through the authorities. Still, you need to purchase the ticket through them and make hotel reservations as your package develops.

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