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Complete Guide on Book UAE Visa Online in 2024

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Are you planning a travel to UAE? But not sure how to go about with the UAE Visa Online bookings. Well, here is how you can go about it. Here is your chance to travel to the UAE, and that too comfortably. UAE Visa Online offers excellent UAE Visa services for travellers who wish to travel abroad and make their trips exciting and memorable. UAE visa online offers convenience to customers. They help you generate a visa to UAE in a hassle-free and seamless manner. Tourists can avail of a valid visa by just being at home. Every traveller’s visa is just a click away by applying through UAE Visa Online.

UAE visa online has made online booking very easy by following just 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose your living and  citizenship country
  2. Select the valid type of visa
  3. Fill in the Application Form on the online portal
  4. Pay the relevant visa fee
  5. Track the status of your Visa and download

Choose Living and Citizenship Country

Before proceeding with online booking, when you visit the website of UAE visa online, you first need to select the appropriate option for Citizenship country and Living country. The website portal has more comprehensive options to select from. You need to select the country you have citizenship under the citizenship country option and the country you currently reside in for the Living country option. After filling in the two blanks, you need to click the Apply UAE Visa option on the website. The Website has listed almost all countries to apply for a visa. You have to choose your country from the list and proceed further.

Select Visa Type

UAE visa online provides you with various types of UAE visas, including business visas, tourist visas and transit visas. Again you have options to select from. The portal has listed down visa plans for its customers. Based on your preferred type, you can select your visa plan accordingly.

UAE Visa Types

Yes, it is that convenient. From the various options that UAE visa online offers, select your plan and move ahead towards filling out the application form.

Fill Application Form

Filling UAE Visa Application Form is the third and most crucial step while applying for an online booking for a UAE visa. You have to fill in the relevant detail as advised on the portal. The form should not have any mistakes. So you have to ensure that you check twice while filling out the form. If you wish to apply for multiple users, you can add more applicants along with your application. The portal ensures that all the data you share is safe and secure and cannot be misused by anyone else.

While filling out the application form, certain documents also need to be submitted/attached along with the application form. Documents required are:-

  • One passport-size photograph
  • Both side flight bookings
  • Passport bio page scan copy
  • Hotel booking detail or close detail.

Pay Visa Fee

After submitting the application form, you will be asked to pay the fee. The visa application payment can be made offline or online, depending on your comfort. Upon submission of the form, you will get a Payment option to select from. If you choose online payment, the payment can be made through your debit/credit card or even through PayPal.

On completion of payment, you will get a confirmation mail, and your application ID will be generated.

Track Visa Status and Download Visa

Once the application ID is generated, you can use that ID to track the UAE Visa Status.

You must visit UAE Visa Online and fill in your application id and passport number. Fill in those details and then click on check UAE visa status. This way it is easier to track your visa status in the comfort of your home. After the approval of your visa, you will have to download the visa and get it printed. UAE visa online will also email the visa.

Wasn’t this easy? By applying through the UAE visa online portal, you will get your visa at your comfort. All you need to do is plan your itinerary, manage flight booking and not worry about a visa.

All you need to consider while applying for a visa online is the age limitation.

Age limitation: Female

  • 11 or below-year-old girls can travel along with their parents.
  • 12 – 25-year-old females can travel along with their parents/husbands
  • Above 25-year-old females can travel alone.

Age Limitation: Male

  • 18 years or below must travel with their parents.
  • Above 18 can travel alone.

UAE visa processing will take just 3 – 5 days. In the meantime, start packing your bags because your dream of visiting the UAE is just a click away.

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